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2018-12-17 05:32:30

    FutaCR Taokaka Public release

    Looks like tumblr started to hide my posts, so, to make sure that everyone can read this, i will not post nsfw images on this FutaCR release.

    Here is FutaCR Taokaka, she has 4 moves Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggystyle and Mating Press If you dont have a good amount of Ram, you will need the “4GB mugen patch”, you can search it on google. FutaCR Taokaka doesn´t work on MUGEN 1.0 or any MUGEN with custom screenpack, so i will not answer any question related to crashes.

    Now, probably i will stop posting here, i have good memories of this site, not just porn, also people helping each other to grow as artist, to make friends with the same interest and the happiness of seing your work being aprecciated. Thanks to tumblr, most of the people had a chance to know me, to know about my work, to know about this small community of NSFW MUGEN. Of course, thanks to @gettag too, who helped me by reblogging my stuff with no conditions or interests, probably he is the main reason of our meet, without him, probably i have abandoned this job very long ago, so thanks gettag!.

    We aren´t perverts (maybe a bit XD), we are people who find happiness on porn, after a long day of work, watching porn is one of the most relaxing things to do. When everything is going down, there is always something that still being worth it, that you know will make you happy. This can sound slighty cringe, but is what i think XD.

    Now, for what you came:

    FutaCR Taokaka:


    Twitter (i will start sharing my chars here)

    CREDITS to: SXVector (Character) mugenfutacharsmaker (Victim and Futa Edit) mugenfutacharsmaker (Feliciamaru v2) Shanafenix/Xionfenix (Palettes AI fix) And the artist of the image.

    Also thanks everyone for support my work and being respectful (at least most of you). That´s all, enjoy!.


    one last reblog


    Despite this is coming to an end before it goes in effect tomorrow and I don't know if you answer right away. You plan to do a blogspot site for your own or just stay by two things with twitter and patreon? I love seeing the sex samples on videos you done on the work you did.

    For now twitter and patreon, I can post videos and stuff on twitter

    Newcomer poll is up! Contestants are:
    Archetype Earth (Melty Blood)
    Nami (One Piece)
    Blake x2 (Blazblue/RWBY)
    Kai x2(Tower of Drugia(?))
    Christie (Tekken)
    Karin Kanzuki(Street Fighter)
    Ruby Rose(Blazblue/RWBY)
    Weiss Schnee(Blazblue/RWBY)
    Kokonoe x2(Blazblue)
    Tiffany Lords (Project Justice/Rival Schools)
    Es x3(Blazblue)
    Natsume Mai x3(Blazblue)
    Tessa x2(Red Earth/Warzard)
    Keyfear(Final Fuck)
    Izayoi x2(Blazblue)


    It's such a shame that tumblr is banning NSFW stuff.. I just hope no other sites you use(Twitter,Patreon,MEGA) do the same. I was kinda spooked when I saw that MEGA also changed their terms of service, which will be effective from december 17 as well.. Does this effect you? I hope it doesn't.. Thanks always for your work on NSFW Mugen and I wish you the best of luck. I'll be sure to follow you on twitter!

    “I was kinda spooked when I saw that MEGA also changed their terms of service“

    wait, what? I didn’t see anyhting about that, do you happen to have a link?

    And thanks! :)


    i hope this isn't a dumb question, but what IS that black eyeball floating around?? What is it for?

    It’s basically the camera when player control is on. I chose the eye because I thought it functionally made sense and I couldn’t find something more mechanical to use instead


    Chalk another up on o'l Tungle for this "fantastic" blog wipeout. Despite still "new" to the hentai mugen, found your sprite edits to be eye-candy. (Like, Blazblue ones must take forever to do) Looking forward to seeing what'll come next, wherever it may be. (Even more so if you ever tackle Yang/RWBY.)



    You are probably going to hear it a lot but, condolences about Tumblr pulling an early Christmas bullshit, (17th December, no more adult content on Tumblr). I suppose you will start using this as a mirror, see how far this censorship goes (if you are allowed to link the other one at all). I hope enough bloggers get mad at this that an alternative arises. So much for merry Christmas eh?

    Thanks, it’s just a small hiccup in the long run, i think everyone will do fine, mugen wise anyway