I am not here looking for a Mistress or Goddess. I am here to simply follow blogs, enjoy the content and admire beautiful Mistresses. I am fascinated by the BDSM lifestyle and that it entails.

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    Yesterday I did what I had to do. If I were to listen to her, she might’ve fooled me. She was saying:

    Eeek, hey I’m changing! You can’t just barge in my room like this without knocking! Now, what? Wait! No, put that away. You can’t expose yourself like that in front of me! No, what are you doing, no stop touching me there! No get out of my room! Oh my god, what has gotten into you? Stop this! No leave me be oh god you just ripped my panties! Stop this right now!!! I am your mother! No… you can’t… no don’t put that thing in…! No, ah, ah, ah… you should not… ah, ah, ah… be doing… ah, ah, ah… this is so… ah, ah, ah… wrong… ah, ah, ah… take it out… ah, ah, ah… I’m too old for you… ah,ah, ah… you are so… ah, ah, ah… perverted… ah, ah, ah… oh… my… god…d…d… d… drghhh… haaahh!!!!

    Oh my god, what just happened? I can’t believe you did this to me. I’m your mother, how could you even be attracted to me? Oh god, this better be the first and the last time. And you better not tell anybody about this.

    Today I was walking past as she was changing in her room. This time her doors were wide open. I walked in and she had the lacey underwear on. Her make up was carefully applied. Her hair was made. I cornered her against the wall, took my dick out and it waved at her eagerly. Today she did not say a word of protest. She was just stating an obvious fact while smiling at my dick.

    Are you gonna make a habit of coming to mom’s room whenever you want? Does your mom make your thing so hard? You know, you are going to make a whore out of your mom, is that what you want?

    I did not say anything. No need to. Mom figured it all out.

    Jen gets me something I've wanted for a long time.

    We sat in the chairs at the funeral home catching up on the last ten years or so. My cousin Cathy sat in the row in front of us and Jen and I sat with one chair between us. We formed kind of a triangle sitting there at my uncle's funeral. Cathy and I had grown up together and we had always been close. We haven't stayed in touch as much as I would have liked but life seems to turn out that way sometimes. But here we were, laughing and smiling and just trading stories about our kids, our jobs, our relationships and just everything that has happened since we last spoke at any length. It was going so well that I barely realized that we hadn't really spoken to anyone else throughout the entire wake. When it was time to leave, we said our good-byes and hugged tightly. I knew I would see her tomorrow at the funeral, so it was short and sweet.

    Then something odd happened. Jen, my long-time girlfriend and sexual soul mate asked me something.

    "So, Cathy....did you have sex with her?"

    I had just started my truck and was about to back out of the parking space when I jerked my eyes up to meet her gaze.

    "Excuse me?", I asked surprised.

    "You two have a history, I can tell. Don't be upset, I'm not mad, I just want to know."

    I backed out of the space and dismissively told her, "She's my first cousin."

    "I don't believe you", she said with conviction.

    "She turns completely toward you; her legs are open, she makes total eye contact and you lean in so close that it is obvious that you two are into one another."

    I thought about that for a second as I felt her eyes penetrating my uncomfortable silence.

    Let me explain a little history that Jen was not aware of that took place about 20+ years ago. Cathy lived just down the block from me and we were the same age. Her father and my mother were brother and sister and so they were always over at our house. We had a Nintendo back then and nobody else did so she would come play it occasionally with me. I would always sit on this little padded bench to play and one day, I had her sit, straddling the bench with me between my legs and I wrapped my arms around her so that the controller was in front of her and my arms were around her waist. She leaned back into me and it was very arousing for a 13 yo boy like me. It didn't bother me at all that she was my cousin then. I remember smelling her hair and feeling her sexy young body against my own. When my turn was over, she took over and my hands fell between her thighs. At that age I had no idea what to do with them and they would sometimes rest on her tan thighs and other times I would just wrap them around her waist and hold her.

    This happened more and more often and I got more and more brave every time it occurred. One day, I remember squeezing and massaging the inside of her thighs maybe 2 inches from her young pussy. I know she felt my hard on against her back and I was very disappointed when she had to leave. I had to wait for some time before I could get up and walk back into the family living room. There were times when I was able to grab her young ass and I even, a time or two, grabbed her wrist and forced her hand behind her back and between my legs where she rubbed my hard on through my shorts. But we never took it farther than that.

    Back to that night at the wake. Jen and I have had an open relationship for years and she loves to role play with me often. I have been many guys she has desired and she has been even more women I have desired. That night, on the drive home, she told me that she wanted to be Cathy and asked me how I felt about it. I have to admit, I was rock hard when she mentioned it and I managed to agree in a way as if I was doing it for her.

    Yeah, right!!! I have always been excited by the prospect of having sex with my cousin, but I would never expect anything to happen. That night, Jen pretended she was Cathy and I told her everything! I told her about the bench and about how I had all but forced her to rub my cock when we were both around 13 years old. She was so hot, and she got so wet that by the time I got out of the shower and got my cockring on, she was naked on the padded bench at the foot of our bed.

    We sat exactly like I had with my cousin all those years ago but this time, I got to have my way with her. I whispered in her ear how badly I have wanted to touch her for the past 20+ year and told her how I couldn't wait to feel my cousin's pussy squeezing me. I took her shirt off and played with her nipples as I kissed her over her shoulder and spoke "Cathy" as often as I could fit it in. I told her to stand up and I took her shorts off.

    "Cathy, your body is so sexy", I reassured her.

    "Joe, we are cousins, we shouldn't."

    I pulled her to me and she instinctively straddled the bench and me. I immediately slid into her dripping pussy and I passionately told "Cathy" that nothing was stopping us now.

    "Joe, no. Joe, stop. Joe you're my cousin."

    She pleaded with me to stop, and I loved her every word.

    I fucked Jen all over our bedroom and in every position you can imagine all while she played the part of my sexy cousin Cathy. It was the most taboo thing I had ever done with her.

    We smiled so big seeing Cathy the following day at the funeral through our tears. Afterwards, we attended a huge family dinner in town and we sat with Cathy and her husband. The conversation was really mundane and they ended up leaving early. Slightly disappointing but that is not where the story ends.

    Fast forward two weeks and I get a text while I am at the gym.

    "Your cousin is coming up this evening to go out with us."

    I immediately was curious. Apparently, Jen and Cathy had been chatting on Facebook for the last few weeks and she talked her into coming up and seeing us on a night when her husband had to work. The thoughts that entered my mind were ridiculous. I put them out of my head as I knew they could never happen.

    I had to run a few errands and I got home as the girls were getting ready in the master bedroom. I grabbed my clothes and ran down to the basement to shower and clean up. When I came back up, I saw that they both had a few glasses of wine already in them and we hadn't even left yet.

    We went to a nice restaurant in town and sat in the corner. The conversation and the wine flowed freely until Jen told me to walk with her to the bathroom. I held her hand as we neared the door. Just before she entered, she turned to me and gave me a quick kiss. I love when she does this as she normally tends to be the hottest woman in the room wherever we are. As we broke from our kiss, she pulled me back in and whispered in my ear...

    "I want to watch you fuck Cathy in our bed tonight."

    I stood there, staring at the closing door and couldn't believe she had just said that to me. I mean she has watched me with other women before, including her best friend, but this could never happen, right?

    We returned and Cathy had picked up the check. We tried to make split it but she said how we had invited her up and how nice we were being for getting her out of the house tonight and she couldn't let us pay for dinner too. We walked down to a nearby dance club with a huge outdoor patio with a DJ playing some music that the girls were giddy over. I don't mind dancing and I am actually decent at it but I love to let the girls do their thing on the dance floor. I will make it out as guys close in so as to mark my territory every few songs, but I stay out of their way for the most part.

    I could see it happening before my eyes and I simply could not believe it. Jen was dancing closer and closer, and her hand were exploring Cathy more and more as the evening went on. I found myself between them a few times and then finally, Jen turned me. I was no longer dancing with her but now Cathy and I were face to face. I felt her body grinding on me and I began to get very aroused. Jen took my hands and guided them to Cathy's hips. She was laughing and smiling, and I treated her just like I would Jen. I pulled her hips into me and we rocked back and forth, grinding on each other as if we were just friends. Jen moved around behind Cathy and pushed my hands down until I was cupping my cousin's incredible ass in my hands. I was rock hard now and she HAD to know. Her thigh was pressed against my erection so often it was as if we were dry humping one another on the dance floor.

    I couldn't take it anymore. I spun Cathy around, slid my hands down the front of her body as I pulled her ass back into my groin. She gasped slightly and as her head turned over her shoulder, I quickly reached up and grabbed her chin before she could resist, I kissed her passionately over her shoulder. She struggled oh so briefly before giving into me and returning my passion. Without breaking the kiss, she turned her body into me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I slid my hand under her ass and down the back of her thigh forcing her to lift it against my body.

    As we broke, our eyes were locked and I felt Jen tugging at my hand with one of hers and Cathy's with the other. We followed her to the car. She put us in the backseat and jumped in the driver's seat. Cathy and I were like two high school teenagers going at one another in the backseat. I had her shirt unbuttoned and her bra up over her breasts in seconds. I cupped her left tit and sucked her nipple into my mouth. It tasted so sweet and was so perfect that I barely managed to let it go for a second before I had the other one in my mouth. She was tugging at my shirt. It was over my head as I went back and forth between her tiny, sexy nipples.

    We made it home and I carried her into the house. I cupped her round, muscular ass in my hands as she wrapped her powerful thighs around my waist. Jen managed to light some candles and I heard her vibrator start up but I couldn't stop what I was doing. I had wanted to taste my cousin's pussy for more than 2 decades and I threw her onto the bed and pulled her sexy ass jeans off in a rush. I sucked each of her thighs just below her sweet spot for about 3 seconds each to let her know what was coming. My mouth touched her warm, moist pussy and she groaned my name. I gently sucked, licked, and enjoyed her body for what seemed like forever. I could have gone on for the entire night. Cathy's skin tasted so sweet, and she was so pretty down there that it was just exquisite eating my cousin's cunt

    She pulled me by my hair until she kissed her own wetness off my lips. She rolled me over and never broke eye contact as she licked a trail down my chest and stomach until she took my throbbing cock in her hand and slowly, deliberately took me deep into the back of her throat. My eyes rolled back and I deeply enjoyed my cousin working my cock like I expected she would in my many fantasies. As she sucked me, I had the chance to look over and see Jen sitting in the loveseat playing with her pussy frantically. She was biting her bottom lip and her eyes were closed. I knew she was about to cum. How hot to watch her cum to the idea of me fucking my hot ass cousin in our bed right in front of her.

    Cathy was ready and I returned the favor from earlier. I wrapped my hand in her hair and pulled her directly up to my mouth so I could taste my precum on her lips and tongue. She slid down on me as I kissed her passionately. My hands found her hips and I gripped them tightly and rocked her violently back and forth as I tongue fucked her mouth. She was gasping and panting, and she called out my name.

    "Oh, Fuck Joe! Damnit Joe, fuck me. Fuck your cousin's pussy!"

    And I did. I squeezed my aching cock and pushed it as deeply into her as I could and still grind her onto me. Her hips felt very similar to Jen’s, but Cathy fucked me with 20 years of desire.

    I turned her over and put my hands on the back of her knees and pushed them against her chest.

    "Oh my God Cathy, I wanted you since we were kids", I cried.

    "Deeper, deeper Joe, fuck your cousin the way she wants you to."

    I knew I couldn't last but I also knew I could do it again.

    "I want to cum in you Cathy. I have always wanted to cum in my cousin's pussy. Tell me I can Cathy?"

    She pulled me down onto her and kissed me. She looked me in the eye and begged me in a quiet but direct voice, "Please cum in me Joe. I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel you collapse onto me and milk every drop out of you."

    I couldn't hold back. I thrust into her deep as I could and cried out as I emptied my load into my cousin's silky pussy. I contracted and pulsed for longer than any other time I can remember. Then I collapsed onto her panting as she wrapped her arms around me. She rubbed the back of my head and squeezed me as my overly sensitive organ began to cause my whole body to convulse. She spoke softly to me like only another family member can.

    "There, there Joe, it's okay. Let Cathy have it all, let her have all of you."

    I felt Jen's hands on my back and she rubbed my shoulders and Cathy's hands. I heard her whisper to her as I caught my breath,

    "He wanted you since he was 13 and now I know why. I'm next cousin." I turned to see them smile and kiss gently....

    I can't give either of them up now. I love my girl for getting me my cousin!!!

    Once, I came home from school early because a class got cancelled. I went upstairs to put my backpack in my room and heard moaning coming from Mom’s room. I knew what was probably going on but the curiosity was overwhelming. It had my blood rushing. I’d never thought of Mom that way, but the sound of her moaning with pleasure… I couldn’t help opening the door for a peek.

    What I saw was shocking: Mom was kneeling on her bed, dressed in stunning lingerie, fishnet stockings, garter belt and see-through pumps. Her long platinum-blonde hair spilled over her bare shoulders and the thin, black-lace cups holding her tits were see through, teasing me with the outline of her nipples. That top was straining to contain my mother’s enormous globes and I could see the shadow of her belly button and the golden color of her tanned skin through the material. It was incredible. Mom had one arm cradled under her breasts and the other hand was buried under black g-string panties, fingers vigorously shifting around what lay under the cotton. She freed one breast and pressed it to herself while she sucked in air and got herself going. Even from the door I could see the panties were wet.

    Mom looked absolutely stunning, curvy, wobbling around on her knees with pleasure. She’d done her makeup like a dancer or something. I didn’t know she could do that. “Daniel! Jesus.” She covered up the exposed nipple, but her huge breasts were still spilling out—I couldn’t believe how hot my own mother looked so I stammered and nothing came out of my mouth to explain why I was standing there, watching my mother masturbating. The surprise of being caught like this faded so fast though, and mom smiled and seemed at ease. She sat across the bed on her side and gave me a reassuring smile. I couldn’t believe it. Like she was suddenly glad to see me. The effect was… “Mom, you look like a stripper!“ She laughed. “I… Well, actually. Sit down, Daniel,” she said, and she moved over to sit beside me.

    I was looking at the floor and trying not to stare. In truth, I was hoping for a better look, which surprised me. The sight of Mom’s creamy inner thighs, her massive,pillowy breasts had my ears hot and my groin tingling with pressure. Mom confessed: she used to be a stripper in her home town for a few years. That she did it so she could get the two of us out of there. I reeled, but also started to imagine my mother, dancing on a stage, and it was so hot to picture. The whole time she was explaining this, she was still wearing this crazy outfit, and didn’t seem embarrassed. I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell her to change. “So I guess I was going through some old boxes and I found some things,” she said. “I wanted to see if it still fit.” You bet your ass it fit. I smiled like I understood and took the mention of her outfit as an invitation to freely stare at my delicious mother, her enormous tits that begged for play, for hands to try and take them up. She sat up on her knees, smoothing the camisole over her belly and we admired the outfit together in silence for a moment. When she straightened the g-string she was wearing it reminded me of what she was doing when I peeked in. “So putting on the dress, it felt good?” Mom flashed me a smile. It took me a few seconds to realize my mother was totally aware of the effect she was having on me. In fact, she was encouraging it. “Son, I am so turned on right now and I can see that you are too. Don’t be embarrassed. I’m your mother, but I’m a woman, with all the needs of any other woman. It’s normal. And you’re becoming a sexy young man.” It was hard to believe the words were coming out of my mother, but I knew she was giving herself to me and my dick started to swell at the thought. She freed her breasts from the flimsy cups. I moved closer and the exhilaration of her in front of me, tantalizing, dressed in a ridiculous stripper’s getup, got my dick throbbing with painful pleasure. I took a breast in each hand and played with them, teasing the sides, pushing them up, stoking her fat nipples to fullness. Mom’s hand was on my cock, pressing its outline in my jeans, using solid pressure and a steady grip. I moaned and mom moaned back softly at me. We met eyes and I was overwhelmed by what a beautiful woman my mother is. The beaded pearl choker around her neck looked so elegant. We kissed and in that moment my mother turned into someone new for me. I couldn’t believe it. She had my fly down and was freeing my cock. She got my balls out too, and went two handed stroking its length, cupping my sack while I sucked on first one and then the other nipple. I gave them a gentle nip or two. Both of us were moaning slowly, faces close. I moved a hand down to her wet pussy. It was shaved bare under the panties and the nub of her clit was swollen and easy to find with my fingers. Her moaning turned to low growls as I ran across her clit, keeping a steady speed. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she said. I could tell Mom was going to be a wildcat. It was a side of her that really helped to see her as a sexy woman and not just my mother. She put up a leg and gently pushed my head down toward her pussy. The hint was enough and I was eager to get my face on Mom’s wet vag. I started to work my tongue over her lips and clit, while my hands roved over her legs and thighs and inner things. “Oh son, that feels amazing.” After a minute of that position, she flopped back, legs wide. “Oh god, Daniel, keep doing that. Keep eating mommy’s pussy.” It was an incredible sight, Mom’s sexy fishnet-and-garter legs splayed up in the air and her sweet pink pussy spread open. I moved over her slit, breathing on it, knowing every second I kept my tongue away was becoming an agony for her. I didn’t make her wait long. My lips came gently down on hers and her hands clamped onto the back of my head pulling me in. I took that as a sign to waste no time. I licked against her clit a while, loving the sounds of her moaning and her trembling legs quaking under my stroking hands. Soon I had a finger and then two in as I licked. She moved a hand up to cup one of her huge breasts. I started to flick her clit with my tongue over and over. “Yes. Oh fuck yes. Keep doing that to mommy’s clit.” I was watching the ecstasy on her face, the site of her heaving, lost to my pleasuring tongue exploring her clit. I was hard as a rock. My tongue was flashing away now, the feel her pussy clamping madly on my fingers inside mom as she got close, wow. I kept the speed of my fingering even, but my clit flicking got faster and faster. She was writhing around, her back arched. “Uhff, Oh, oh.” Her hips were rocking onto my hand and face until she burst open, grunting and spasming. “Fuuuuck, uhn, uhn, unuuuuhn. Shit.” Her orgasm came in screams. It was incredibly hot to hear my mother cursing at the pleasure of my ministrations. I slowed my tongue when the flicks started to make her convulse and I could tell she was winding down. Her pussy eased up on my fingers and I took them out. For kicks, I decided to taste them. It was good, so good. Mom was panting. “Daniel! Oh fuck, I needed that.” “Oh Mom, I love you.” “You’re the best son a mother could ask for, taking care of mommy’s pussy. Let me return the favor.”

    Like that, mom had my dick in her mouth. It was a hot and intense feeling. I’d never imagined a blow job could feel so good. She sucked in the head, and I groaned, watching it slide between her painted red lips. Leaning over my cock, Mom’s huge tits dangled free and I cupped one, feeling its weight as Mom sucked me up and down. Her ass was up in the air and I took in its beautiful roundness as mom brought more and more of my dick into her mouth each time, moving lower and lower on my shaft, slurping and sucking. Lapping her tongue over the head. I could tell Mom had given a lot of blowjobs just by comparing this to what I’d seen in porn. Mom was a talent and she was milking my shaft and balls with both hands as she sucked. She pulled off and lapped at my balls and then buried my shaft back in her throat. I cupped her huge tits and she moaned in a way that told me she liked her son’s hands playing with her massive tits. They felt so heavy and soft and large, big nipples pinched hard and pressing back at my hands.  Mom looked up at me, sly, her beautiful eyes decorated by long black lashes as she slurped on my dick. “Mom. Can I suck your clit some more while you do that?” I was already missing the sweet taste of her pussy. I wanted it in my mouth again. She smacked her lips as I left her mouth, still pumping me with her hands, and swung herself around, almost laying on her back so that I could get at her beautiful pussy. “Oh son, I can tell you’re a giver in bed, and that means I’m a lucky mommy.” Encouraged, I eased myself over Mom’s pussy again. At the same time, she was sucking away on me, going deep, deep on my shaft at a slow, determined speed that felt incredible. “Gentle at first,,Sweety,” she said. I started off slow, licking in from her hole up to her clit and over her hood, ranging around there and moving back down to her wet hole. Mom had my balls in one hand and was using them as leverage to pull her throat deep down on my cock. Each time she was about to take me in I could feel her hand tug on my balls. Then her glorious hot, wet mouth would move down my dick to the bottom. It felt like every inch of my shaft was being milked by her motions as I slid through her full red lips over and over. Eating mom’s pussy was helping me last in this super-hot situation. In steady licks, my tongue played over her sensitive clit and in no time she was moaning and grinding into my face. I slid two fingers into her and curled them back–doing the come hither I’d learned would get her good spot. Now her sweet pussy was smacking against my licks, but I was careful not to go too fast, too soon. Mom was groaning on my dick and grinding against my face. She took me out of her mouth for a second, lathering the slick spit around my head and shaft. I could feel it dripping down to my taught balls. The change in sensation got me closer and I picked up the pace. Mom’s moans got louder and she started to suck again. “Mmph, mmph, mmmm.” she said through a mouthful of dick. Suddenly Mom stopped sucking and lifted up onto her knees, away from my face. She peeled off the panties I had been pushing to the side and ditched the pumps off her feet. The camisole had slipped down her shoulders and sat over her thighs and ass so that it just covered her tummy. Her tits were so glorious and beautiful. I looked up at her face, gone red and hot, my orgasmic mother grinning back at me. “What’s wrong, Mom?” “Nothing at all.” She had a hand sliding around my cock head. “Lie back.” I did as I was told and my busty mother swung a leg over me so that her pussy held down my dick flat against my stomach. She slid her slit up and down my length, leaning forward to kiss me both of us moaning as our lips met and our groins mashed together. She bit my lower lip and our tongues crashed while her pussy lips slid from balls to tip to balls again. Mom pushed her hands on my stomach to prop herself up. She pulled her lace top over her head in one motion. As she did her breast were raised up in the most beautiful way. I cupped them and mom pushed herself into my willing hands, mashing her breasts to her torso. She was still sliding around on my shaft as I did this and I was feeling like the luckiest son in the world. Mom lifted up and reached down to where our genitals were pressed together. She propped up my dick and lifted herself down, slowly onto my head. Her pussy felt incredible and hot. She was clamping that shaft as she eased herself lower until she reached the balls. I was bent up into her and the pull and heat was astounding as I looked up at my beautiful mother, sitting on me, great tits jiggling just above my face. I sat up with my hands clamped to her hips and took one of her hard-as-a-rock nipples into my wet mouth. Mom moaned at this looking up at the ceiling. I wrapped my hands around her arching back and moved my tongue over that swollen nipple, savoring the feeling of being inside my own mother’s hot pussy at the same time. Her silky skin and beautiful curves surrounded me as my dick lit up with sensation. Mom put her hands on my chest then, pushing me down onto my back. With her arms outstretched like that, her beautiful mounds pushed out front and center. She lifted up, slow, slow, rising up so that her beautiful ass crested up and back. I thought I was going to go insane. We were both moaning. I couldn’t believe my mother and I were sharing this fantastic, slow penetration together. It was mind blowing. When I was nearly popped out of her, she dropped down again, taking my full length balls deep. Our eyes met together, faces a glorious mixture of mirth and agonizing pleasure. Mom rode me slow. Up, almost to the top, then I was piercing her right to my balls. I caught the rhythm and began to work with her pace in my hips. Slap, we would come together, then a slow, slow withdrawal. Her hands were planted on my pecks as she rose and fell, rose and fell, gigantic tits flopping around over my face. “Oh Mom, you’re so beautiful!” Mom beamed down at me and pinched one of my nipples. I was surprised by how cool that felt as she rode my dick, searing me with the heat of her soaking pussy. She was moaning so loudly I was going bananas. Mom leaned over top of me and buried my face in the softness of her tits. They banged against my ears and cheeks and chin while her pussy rose and fell on my dick. She hissed as she fell down and we slapped together. I could tell she was getting close again. “Uh. Uh. Uh.” she said with each sink-down. Soon, mom changed tact and she was grinding her clit against me, rocking back and forth with all of me in her. She worked her clit against my pubis, rocking away on my cock. “Ahh, unh, unh… Oh Daniel, you’re making… mommy’s… pussy… feel so good.” It was unbelievable hearing my own mother lose her mind riding my pole. We turned up the pace. Grinding away, lost in the glorious heat and friction, the pent up forbidden moment brought us both so near, but wanting to linger on the edge. Mom came first. She was racking herself on my shaft throwing her weight down on me as the rubbing brought her clit to the edge and over. My dick was alight with the spasms of her pussy. “Ohhh ohh ohhhhh OHHHH!” She cried. That was too much for me. I reached down, grabbed her hips and began to pump up into her. The angle felt amazing and her busty tits wobbled with my thrusts, swinging out and then falling back. Seeing my fucking play out on my mother’s massive globes put me over and I thrust and thrust up into her faster and faster, over and over. Mom’s orgasm still seemed to be rolling away as my dick began shooting out spurting streams of cum into my mother’s vag. She bobbed up and down on me furiously, screaming. “Ooh son. Cum in mommy’s pussy. Give mommy your cum That’s a good boy… Ohhh god. That’s gooood.” I unloaded streams into the heat of her slit. Finally, after what seemed like an age, Mom stopped riding, eased her massive tits down to my chest and lay her head on my shoulder. The heat and sweat of our bodies, skin meeting skin, was outstanding. I was still inside of her and relished the boiling wetness of our genitals entwined. I felt our juices slippery and mixed together as we lay there, holding each other. Every little movement a circus of pleasure.

    “What a good son you are. Mommy is so glad you found her being dirty.” She lay her head back down on my shoulder and I stared in wonder at her beautiful ass. Her pussy was still milking the last drops of semen from my pulsing rod. Suddenly Mom pushed up from me again, hanging her tits in the air between us. She grinned. “I have other outfits, you know.”