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    Heya Gato! It's me again! I was wondering if the "Night" version of the basement in the original BTD was Its own uniquely made background, or if it was normal Basement background with a sort of filter placed over it? Either way, I was wondering if you had it laying around somewhere!

    Had to do some digging for this one! I am SHOCKED at how bad the file organization was in that first game x'DDD All the images are just dumped together with absolutely no file naming standard!

    Anyway, I found the pics!

    I don't think I have the original .psds, so I can't be totally sure of what I did [ I genuinely do not remember I'm sorry x'D ] but knowing me, and looking at the evidence, I think it was mostly a filter laid over everything. I might have gone in and tweaked some shading but it really just looks like a general blanket filter to me.


    Hi hi Donny! What’s your favorite kind of diapers??

    oooohhh tough choice! Theres sooo many cute adult diapers out there!! :o

    Irl I’ve tried Drynites, ABU Space diapers, Little Paws, Crinklz, and Preschools.

    I think Preschools are my favorite! I just like that I got a few designs in one pack, that’s nice if you’re like me and can only afford to buy a few as a treat every now and then X3 Plus to me they still feel just as soft and squishy and thick as the less ‘slim’ adult diapers! They make me feel so cute and safe! My favorite design out of the preschools was this one:

    But all the designs on the diapers I’ve tried are super cuuuute!

    The ones I wear the most are Drynites though~ They feel just as soft and safe as diapers, and because I’m short they fit me a little better then most diapers. Plus they’re pretty absorbant so I don’t feel when I have any accidents, just like other diapers~

    Unfortunately, being pull ups n’ all, Drynites can’t take big accidents, which means they get a little leaky when I forget I’m supposed to be a big boy and try make it to the toilet when I’m having an accident in them u////u

    AU where Kai actually isn’t a bad guy, just a serial cleaner but he has that VIBE that makes his and Deku’s meeting just as spooky as it was in canon.

    He’s just trying to do his job and Eri always points out nobody likes him and sometimes he feels like he’s being punished for something horrible he did in a different life. Probably vibes with Aizawa. I drew this in early september but never finished it so look out for part 2 and 3 one day?? featuring aizawa and all might?? gotta learn to draw them haha