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    Last night I was up to 5 in the morning looking at people pages out of nowhere I started thinking about the rest of my life I went to meditation that's when I realize I've been sidetracked on my missions disconnecting myself from higher power which I do not want to do and all of a suddenly a flashlight hit me that's when I realize I woke the hell up questioning myself what the hell am I'm doing I let technology site track me this didn't happen one time this happened a couple times in my journey because I have given up each time now that I know I took a hundred steps back it's time to start running forward and find out what God wants me to do this goes to everybody wake up and stop disconnecting yourself from your higher. Power the world and the new generation we all in serious trouble the truth is right there in front of our eyes but we ignoring it wake up people we are being attacked spiritually if we are not doing our part why should we be here our history is being erased from those two steps back we can't go forward I pray for a whole world to wake up because time is running out and it won't be a second chance by tomorrow 12 I will be deleting this I want this message to get out pray for me