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    The difference between my summer skin tone and my winter skin tone makes me hesitant to believe any skin bleaching rumors about celebrities tbh


    You look better light skinned tbh


    Ya know at first I was just gonna reply with a clever retort along the lines of “you would sound a lot smarter with your mouth closed”, and call it a day. But tbh I’m not mad at you for saying that, I pity you. You’re just another black woman thats been brainwashed by the media into having that “lightskin is the rightskin” mentality. Hopefully one day you’ll open your eyes and realize that beauty isn’t just Beyonce and Rihanna but also Naomi Campbell, Gabrielle Union and Lupita Nyong’o.😊😌


    ^^^^^^ and Kelly Rowland

    Idc he looks hella cute both light and tanned. I’d date him if he was cool w it.

    Well he’s actually a she now so

    and she’s gorgeous

    *insert heart eyes emoji*

    She’s so pretty

    I saw this moving in my notes again and thought wow this post is where majority of my followers came from, I should update it.

    eXCUSE ME SHE’S BEAUTIFUL???????????????

    Yes, she is!!!!! And in both skintones!!!!!


    So beautiful…..

    ima go ahead and leave this here for you friendly philanthropist types❣️

    But imagine if you lived in a country where the color of your skin got you killed for driving, jogging, sleeping, yelling, parking, babysitting, sitting in a van, selling CDs, selling cigarettes, opening the door, walking at night, wearing a hoodie at night, holding a toy gun, lying on the ground, being homeless, being in a dark stairwell, holding a cell phone, having a broken taillight, exercising horses, having a bottle of pills, shopping at Walmart, holding a BB gun at Walmart, holding a phone in your own backyard, eating ice cream in your own house, and shopping, you would say,<>“That is a lawless country<>.” 

    — Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (x)

    When I took sociology my junior year of high school, fall of 2016, we had to do this project where we split into groups and rewrote the requirements for running for president. I don’t remember everything we said, but basically it was:

  • Must have at least a masters in either law, or American History
  • Must have held a lesser, publicly elected, office, such as mayor or governor
  • Must pass a psych evaluation, which is repeated every year that the candidate is in office
  • I stand by all of these rulings, and I hope at least one of the girls in my group became a politician

    <>Heather Stamper (31)<> was brutally murdered by her boyfriend <>Steven Pierce (45) inside her own home on <>July 9th, 2016. The couple lived in Delaware City, Delaware at the time. On the evening of the murder, Steven was sent into a jealous rage after he thought he saw Heather texting her ex-boyfriend. Heather and Steven got into a heated argument that resulted in Heather ending the relationship. The two were reportedly seen arguing in the street that night before Heather returned home.

    Still fueled by his jealous rage, Steven went to a friend’s house and asked to borrow a gun. His request was declined. Said friend then observed Steven angrily ripping up his car seat covers. He also reportedly told his friend he wanted to kill Heather. The friend refused to provide Steven with a weapon, so he then went to another friend’s house. There, Steven asked for a gun and a rosary. He was then heard sayi<>ng, “This is my last night of freedom. I am going to be a lifer come tomorrow.“ 

    Later that evening, Steven went to Heather’s house. Her roommate let him inside, and later reported hearing loud noises coming from Heather’s basement bedroom. Around 15 minutes later, Steven emerged from Heather’s room crying, saying that his relationship with Heather was over. Before leaving, he<> said ”We broke up. I’ll never see that bitch again.“ Unbeknownst to Heather’s roommate, Heather was dead. Steven had bludgeoned her to death. 

    Steven returned to Heather’s home the following day and called 911, stating that he had found his girlfriend dead in her bedroom. Police arrived on the scene, and it was immediately clear to them that Heather had been murdered. Her cause of death was eventually ruled as blunt force trauma. However, no arrests were made at the time. Finally, though, in October 2016, Steven was arrested and charged with Heather’s murder.

    Steven went to trial in April 2019. <>He was ultimately found guilty of first-degree murder. In July 2019, he was sentenced to life in prison plus an additional 25 years.

    Big Dave. One of the good ones. 

    guys batista is honestly one of the greatest human beings alive ude

    Dave Bautista cried when he got the role of Drax in GotG and then threw himself into acting classes to prepare.

    I love him 

    Just wanted to add a more recent awesome post of his.

    There are very few people I admire more than this man. He lets nothing hold him back from being the person his moms raised him to be.

    The <>Himba (singular: <>OmuHimba, plural: <>OvaHimba) are indigenous peoples with an estimated population of about 50,000 people living in northern Namibia, in the Kunene Region (formerly Kaokoland) and on the other side of the Kunene River in Angola. The OvaHimba are a semi-nomadic, pastoralist people, culturally distinguishable from the Herero people in northern Namibia and southern Angola, and speak OtjiHimba, a variety of Herero, which belongs to the Bantu family within Niger–Congo. The OvaHimba are considered the last (semi-) nomadic people of Namibia.

    The Himba often cover themselves with otjize paste, a cosmetic mixture of butterfat and ochre pigment, to cleanse the skin over long periods due to water scarcity and protect themselves from the extremely hot and dry climate of the Kaokoland as well as against mosquito insect bites. The cosmetic mixture, often perfumed with the aromatic resin of the omuzumba shrub, gives their skin and hair plaits a distinctive orange or red-tinge characteristic, as well as texture and style. Otjize is considered foremost a highly desirable aesthetic beauty cosmetic, symbolizing earth’s rich red color and blood the essence of life, and is consistent with the OvaHimba ideal of beauty. The OvaHimba are also accustomed to use wood ash for hair cleansing due to water scarcity.

    Hairstyle and jewelry play a significant role among the OvaHimba, it indicates age and social status within their community. An infant or child will generally have his head kept shaven of hair or a small crop of hair on his head crown. This soon is sculptured to one braided hair plait extended to the rear of the head for young boys and young girls have two braided hair plaits extended forward towards the face often parallel to their eyes. This style is called ozondato, the form of wear being determined by the oruzo membership (patrilineal descent group). The style remains during preadolescence until reaching puberty. Some young girls, with exception, may also have one braided hair plait extended forwards, which means they are one of a pair of twins.

    OvaHimba girl

    OvaHimba girl dancing

    OvaHimba boy

    OvaHimba girl, one of a set of twins!

    OvaHimba children, both boys and girls, removing ticks from goats.

    From pubescence, boys continue to have one braided hair plait.

    A young man wearing a braid known as ondatu. Namibia. Photo by Nigel Pavitt

    Once they reach puberty, OvaHimba girls will have many otjize textured hair plaits, some arranged to veil the girl’s face. 

    This girl is going through puberty, a fact made plain by her hairstyle, which has been designed to cover her face and help her avoid male attention. The puffs at the bottom are either goat hair or synthetic.

    (In daily practice, the hair plaits are often tied together and held parted back from the face.) 

    This girl’s braids are arranged to reveal her face, indicating that she’s ready to be married.

    Women who have been married for about a year, or have had a child, wear an ornate headpiece called the Erembe, sculptured from sheepskin, with many streams of braided hair, coloured and put in shape with otjize paste. 

    Married women wearing erembe

    Unmarried young men continue to wear one braided hair plait extended to the rear of the head. When Himba men marry, they start wearing turbans, which they never take off unless someone in the village dies. After a death, their heads are shaved.  Because the turbans are never removed, things can get a little itchy underneath, so men carry pointed arrow-like instruments to scratch it with.

    Married OvaHimba men. #s 1 and 3 wear a scratching implement in their turbans.

    Widowed men will remove their cap or head-wrap and expose un-braided hair. 

    Himba widower. The habit of using a head-scratching implement is hard to break.


    Wow this is the first time I’ve seen a culture where men are required to wear a headdress after marriage.


    every single person in this post is absolutely stunning

    Nnedi Okorafor’s novella trilogy Binti has a Himba main character. Otijze is even a plot point.

    This is the first time I’m seeing my culture on Tumblr and I feel so proud!!! 🥺🥺👏🏾👏🏾❤❤

    It’s always fascinating to learn more about different cultures. And this one is beautiful 👏🏻

     Another thing I hate is how people also hate on katara for saying sokka didn’t love their mother which she never did. People are all like “Katara is denying Sokka his trauma” and she isn’t. what she told him t<>hen was “then you didn’t love her the way I did”. and the context was—Katara wanted to get revenge for their mother—her death drove Katara through the series. And when she was finally able to get closure for it, Sokka told her no. Sokka attempted to deny her that healing knowing how much it affected her.

    The whole “you didn’t love her the same way I did”, isnt’ saying that he doesn’t love her as much as Ktara. It’s saying that he doesn’t love her in a way where he would risk death to avenge her. and is that a bad thing, no. because some things Sokka would do for closure (i.e go to boiling rock to save suki, and eventually stay to save their father) Katara wouldn’t do, because those are not her personal traumas. Sokka’s father was his trauma, and whenever it came to healing from that and eventually growing past that—in any way he could—no one ever stopped him, least of all not Katara.

    Katara’s mother was her personal trauma, avenging her and finding closure was her form of healing. What Katara saw was Sokka and Aang attempting to deny her that closure which they were. Was it harsh what she said—of course. But it was true. She loved her mother in a different way than Sokka, while Sokka obviously loved their father in a different way. Again the same people who hate Katara for that one line are the same people who stan Azula and pre-redeemed Zuko so it’s hella suspicious to me. I love Sokka and Katara, but there is clearly a standard in the way people hold her accountable for things to the point of stretching one of  her quotes to make it something she never said.

    Josey was found 3 hours after they rented the boat, alone, asleep and wearing a life jacket, and he told the police that Naya jumped into the water and never resurfaced, and it's sickening that people are making jokes about it now when a four year old might have lost his mother and that will be something that will haunt him for the rest of his life!!!! Do not make light of this situation!!!! You don't have to like her, just don't say anything then, if I see one more post being like, "I don't like Naya Rivera and she is a bad person who did this and that, BUT..." JUST SHUT UP!! I hope that she is found.