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2021-05-09 11:29:59

    You like Arm Anderson now or when he was young? If you could be with him what would you do?

    Think you mean *Arn .......Anderson, the wrestler. Young or current age? My answer is just a YES. Absofuckinglutely. Yes. lol If you go through some of my posts, you'll see I try to celebrate that man in every stage of his career and age doesn't really matter if I think someone is attractive. As with many with a soft spot for bears, he was an early crush for me.

    The funny thing with Arn is that even in his late 20s and early 30s he already looked like he was 50 and not in a bad way. He just always had that everyman hairy muscled dad bod and it only got hotter as he got older.

    There was prime Arn though, and I would be lying if I didn't admit there would have been a poster of his in my room if it didn't always cause me to get hard. πŸ˜…

    And the weathered and tough Arn of today is still a man I connect back to this first crush, so I still drool over the stocky, hairy bear of a wrestler whenever I see him...He still inspires more than a swoon.

    As for what I would do with him... I would like to enjoy this man thoroughly, thanking him physically for the years of entertainment and for the years of aiding my budding sexuality with his burly, sweaty fist fights, flexes, and promos.

    RIP Aaron "The Rage" Page

    I just learned of the passing of one of the men I admired on this thirst trap of a blog who was of greater significance to me because of who he was and the direct kindness he showed me and a lot of others in this community. It is devastating to learn that someone who you would look at and think "invincible" became very ill after developing COVID-19 and was unable to recover after going into an induced coma. 😭

    Condolences to his family and friends. The big man knew how to have fun in his life and was fueled by photography, motorcycles, fatherhood, and his undeniable rise in the world of strongman and powerlifting. He was always aware of us drooling over him, but that only made him laugh and encouraged him to tease us and poke fun at himself. If you were able to get past his intimidating presence, his personality and his heart were bigger than he was. One of a kind. Rest in peace, Aaron.