He threw me down onto the couch. As I landed, my chest bounced off my face. I avoided making eye contact, desperately trying to think of a reason to refuse him, but I couldn’t. Every one of my thoughts redirected me to him, and how much I wanted him.

    He pulled up my dress with one hand, while he wrestled out his enormous cock with the other. I didn’t resist, though. I felt that I should, but I couldn’t, or didn’t want to. So I let him touch me. And then I let him put it in me. Since then, I’ve never looked back. And that is how my son and I became lovers.


    “Thanks for being our designated driver for us tonight, bro... Big sis and I have been wanting to get proper drunk together for ages.”

    “Heehee, we do get pretty wild... You ever had a threesome, little brother? Cause that’s the type of shit we get up to... And who could say no? Our sister’s ass is so fuckable!”

    “You know, I’ve heard from a couple of the girls here that you’re not too bad in the sack, bro. Something about you being hung like a fucking donkey?”

    “Yeah, I heard that too. Maybe if we drink a little more, our brother could find out just what kind of people his sisters are...”

    “Like maybe the kind of girls who would go for anyone with a big cock... Does that sound like you, bro?”


    “I... I can’t believe this... This... This is your last chance, to... to back out, honey...If I let go of this towel, I don’t think there’s any going back... You’re sure you want to let this happen? Are you sure you want to see your Auntie as a woman?”

    “Yes. I need you, Auntie, and if I have to wait one more second, I’m going to explode.”

    “You... You had better take your cock out now, because you and I have a long night ahead of us...”


    Normally, my little brother is the sweetest, most polite, kindest guy I’ve ever met. He smiles at me, talks to me, treats me with respect, sticks up for me, notices when I’m sad or angry, he helps me when I need it and lets me vent when I don’t... He’s gentle, attentive, and calm. For the longest time, I wanted to show him how I felt about him. I wanted him to see how much I loved him. One day, I got on my knees and showed him.

    We grew even more intimate. We loved it. It became part of our daily ritual. Sometimes multiple times a day. But the more I did things for him, the more... assertive he became. When he fucked my pussy, my mouth, or my ass, he got rougher, harder, more determined. When we fooled around, he wasn’t the same person. I would have been terrified of him... if I didn’t love it so much. The way he treats me, when we fuck, is so exhilarating.

    Then, when we finish, he turns back into the sweet, kind, little brother I fell in love with. The changes confuse me, but... I don’t think I’d have it any other way.


    I panted heavily as I faced down the biggest cock I’ve seen in my life. I just had this thing lodged in my throat, and I needed to breathe for a bit... I hoped that if I stroked him well, he wouldn’t mind me having the break. That said, it is intoxicatingly good. I love the taste, I love the sensation, I love the way he looks down at me with his lovely grin. I would gladly suck him all day, every day, just to see that look of satisfaction in his eye. I hope he hangs out with my every day... My little nephew and his magnificent cock...


    “Quickly, honey, stick it in! I need it!”

    “Mom, dad is in the other room! You know how loud you are! He’ll hear you!”

    “I don’t care, I’m dying for it! Fuck your mother!”

    And I did. I pulled out my cock, and stuck it deep into her ass. Before she could scream, I tightly gripped her mouth shut. Some moans escaped through my fingers, but for the most part, she was quiet. She didn’t scream like a banshee like she normally does when we fuck. I pressed my face close against her cheek, and I watched as her eyes rolled back in her head. I have to admit, I was craving that amazing feeling of her plump ass squeezing my cock.

    I only wish I didn’t have to do it behind my dad’s back. Not that I have any sympathy for him, mind you. But I relish the sound of her screams, her frantic and lustful moans as my cock invades her. I fucking love it.


    I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve only had a couple girlfriends, but they were busty. I watch porn. I’ve been to a strip club. And yet, nothing, in my entire life, has ever come close to this. It’s what I’ve wanted, ever since I was a child. For this to happen, it’s like all my Christmases at once. For my big sister to acknlowedge my lust for her, for her to respond positively, for her to do THIS for me... It’s incredible.

    “Now, little brother, I can see from that... ENORMOUS bulge... that you are really, REALLY enjoying this...” She spoke, softly but sensually. My cock ached and throbbed in desire. “So, here‘s what’s going to happen. I am going to take my tits out. You are going to grab them, knead them, feel them. Then, I’ll wrap them around your lustful sister-loving cock, and I’m going to squeeze all of the cum out of you. Do you understand?” I nodded sheepishly, and she gave me a devilish smile, as she slowly pulled her shirt up.


    She led me inside, her heavy, bouncing ass hypnotizing me every step of the way. She knew I was into her, and she always enjoyed teasing me about it. I had gotten used to that. She’d brush into me, she’d compliment me, she’d invite me over to her pool, just general stuff that anyone else wouldn’t notice was weird, but she and I both knew what she was doing.

    Today was different, though. She was more determined, more shameless. She was trying to get me hard, trying to force me to come to terms with what I want. It was pure torture, and I eventually gave in. She saw the size of my erection, and she insisted on leading me to her bed. I silently followed her, soaking in the sight of her heavenly behind... And I knew that my aunt and I were going to have a good time.


    [Text says]

    “Hey, little bro. I just wanted to say thank you. You make me so happy, on so many levels. Promise me we can do that every day, and I’ll do whatever you want, whenever you want. I love you, bro.”

    I could barely believe my eyes as I read it. We fucked, all night long, and she liked it. She actually liked it. More than that, she loved it. My big sister loved how I fucked her... A smile crept across my face as I thought of her, and my dick instinctively got hard again. I knew that, as soon as she got home from work, she’d want me to take her all over again. And honestly, I can’t wait.


    When I walked in the room, and fount our aunt sucking off my sweet little brother... I was shocked. But, when they noticed me, I was even more shocked. He was huge. Literally, the biggest I’ve ever seen. I’d broken up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and had been sleeping around, and I found a few really big ones but... none of them compared to what my brother was packing.

    My brother’s instinct was to cover up and hide, but auntie had different ideas. She pushed him down, and told him to stay. She held his cock in her hand, and waved it at me. Without really thinking about it, I walked over to them, and climbed onto the sofa with them. I cautiously brought my lips in close to my baby brother’s member. A quick glance at him, and I could tell he was just as shocked as I was.

    “Now, suck him!” Auntie said. Maybe it was even a command. I didn’t care, because I wanted to. I opened my mouth to accommodate the giant head, brought my tongue to make the entrance sweet for him, and then clasped my lips around it. Next thing I knew, I felt a hand on the back of my neck, pushing me down deep, impaling me on it. It was auntie’s, and she taunted me, urged me on, spoke dirty to both of us. With one hand using me as a masturbatory toy for my brother, and the other stroking his thick cock, he looked like he was going to die of shock and pleasure.

    Auntie leaves in a couple nights, but... I think she’s ignited something between me and him.


    The way her ass moved... I’d never thought this way about my older sister before, but god, I guess she thought that way about me. He ass was so beautiful, so perfectly shaped, so soft. My cock was getting harder and harder underneath my jeans. She knew, too. She looked back at me, with an evilly seductive smirk. I felt my hand go up to squeeze one of her cheeks, and she rolled up her dress for me. I had a clearer view of it, and it was taking all of my concentration and willpower to keep me from throwing her to the floor and drilling her senseless.

    Then I realized, why on earth wouldn’t I? Spontaneously, I lost all traces of an excuse not to do this. So I did it. I threw her off me and onto the floor, and she landed in a position with her ass hanging in the air. I got up and undid my belt, revealing what she had wanted. She let out a terrified gasp as she saw it, and another one when I pushed it all inside her.


    My baby brother and I have been going to the gym together, lately. At first, I thought it was just because it would be nice to have some company. But... the more we went, the more I realized the truth.

    As I did my thing on the exercise bike, I had an unimpeded view of him, while he worked out with the weights. His big, toned muscles... The sweat falling off his face... The manly, powerful grunts he made as he hauled up a weight I’d never be able to carry... I was getting hot, flustered, and I knew deep down, that I WANTED him. I was only working so hard so that I could disguise the breathlessness, the arousal, the flushed cheeks, the nervousness I had as I watched him.

    Every once in a while, he’d look over at me, and give me a friendly smile. I’d end up giggling and waving back, like an innocent, virgin, schoolgirl. I’d had boyfriends before, though. I’ve fucked tons of guys, met loads of really, really attractive men... And I’ve never felt this -enamored- before. My little brother has this strange way of turning me into this lustful creature I barely even recognize...

    I’d heard that he’s pretty good in bed, too... I’m so awful, but all I want is for... is for him to want me like that. I just... I need to build up the courage to... tell him...



    “Honey... Your father is gone! Mommy wants to play! You promised her you’d take care of her more often...” I sing-song reminded him.

    Ever since he and I started fucking, I’ve turned into a ravenous whore, and I delight in having my son use me as such. Only, he’s got such a guilty conscience, he feels bad about it... until his enormous cock cums down my throat, while I swallow it all. Then, he makes promises to satisfy me. Most of the time, I let it slide, but right now, I am MELTING. I NEED his cock in me.

    “Please, honey. Don’t you think your mom’s pretty?” I swung my tits back and forth for him, and I could see his face - and his cock- stand to attention. I could see him try to resist, but I knew I’d won when he stood up. He walked up close to me, until my chest pressed against his, and I was balancing precariously over the pool.

    “You’re such a slut.” He whispered, right before he pushed me in. I gasped in shock, ready to scream at him, until I saw him slowly and confidently step toward me, like a movie character. The anticipation made me freeze, and I quivered when he scooped me in his arms, and placed a huge, passionate kiss on me.

    “I know, honey.” I said, between breaths. “But I’m yours.” With that, he smiled, and pulled off my bikini. I reached down to feel his dick, and it was harder than iron, and I almost came, then and there. I knew I was about to be ravaged, and I couldn’t wait.


    I kneeled on the couch, facing away from him. I didn’t need to touch him to make him want me. I didn’t even need to say a word. All I had to do, was to shake my ass for him. He’d hesitate and stutter and try to resist, but once he saw my ass bounce, my nephew was putty in my hands. Watching my butt jiggle turned him into the devoted, ravenous, passionate stallion that I needed. The kind of love that I could never get from my husband, I could coax out of my nephew with just a few bounces.


    My big sister and I had taken a weekend trip into the city. We were hours away from our home, so we had a couple of hotel rooms... Except this time, my sister had convinced my parents that we only needed the one. She claimed that she and I were both mature enough to share a room without it being weird, and they bought it. I knew the truth, however. Each time she and I have gone into the city, we’ve always spent time at the club. We danced, we drank, we did everything you do in a club. I thought she convinced our parents to get the one room, so it wouldn’t be wasteful when she went home with some guy she found. She always used to. And how couldn’t she? She’s so beautiful, so kind, so fun.

    This time, however, the one and only time she’s convinced our parents that we can share a room, was the one time she came back with me. I was surprised and a bit weirded out, because I honestly wasn’t expecting to have to room with her. I had a crush on her, so sleeping in the same bed as her was... unsettling. When we got up to our room, we helped ourselves to the minibar, continuing our drunken evening. I was mainly doing it to stall... I hoped she would go to bed earlier than me, and I’d just take up residence on the floor. But for most of the night, we hung out on the balcony, talking.

    When I finally realized that I was going to pass out before her, she giggled and held onto my shirt, trying to keep me from falling. I was only half-conscious when she bit her lip, and told me she had something she wanted to tell me, but couldn’t find the words. Then she leaned in, and gave me a great kiss. I would have sworn it was a dream... If the next morning, I didn’t wake up in bed, next to her, both of us completely nude, and her breasts resting on my chest.


    When auntie walked in the room, it was standard family greetings for everyone. Great, big, enormous hugs. She hugged my mom, her sister, first. Then it was my sister. She gave my dad a handshake, and then she turned her attention to me. She gave me a mischevious smile, pulled me in tight for my hug, and exclaimed how cute I was becoming. She had pulled my face in right into her cleavage, and I knew what was going to happen. Tonight, after everyone else is in bed, she’s going to visit me in my room, and she’s going to ask me to show her what I can do. I look forward to showing her what I’ve learned, especially since I’ve been practicing with my mom and sister.


    Ever since I could remember, my big sister has always been my best friend in the whole world. Some of the fondest memories I have is her and I, when we were both younger, playing under the sheets of mom and dad’s huge bed. Now that we’re both older, and she confessed her feelings for me, we’ve been recreating some of those memories I have of her... Except this time, they’re a little bit more... adult...

    She tensed her ass... One cheek at a time, it bounced, creating this mesmerizing motion that I couldn’t take my eyes away from. Her ass was so big, so round, so squishy, so fit... No sane man could resist. But I had to. What she wanted was wrong, and I needed to stop this from going too far, but... I’m weak. I love her so much, she’s so beautiful, and I’d do anything for her... Absolutely... Anything.

    “So... Do I have your answer?” She gloated. She put one hand to her hair, tussling it slightly, and ever-so-provocatively. “By the look of the bulge in your pants, I’d say you were leaning toward what I want. What do you say? Will you fuck me?” She asked firmly, biting her lip. At least I knew she actually wanted this.

    “Okay... Okay, I’ll fuck you. I’ll fuck my own big sister.” I finally responded, my reluctance only barely losing to my lust. But... the smile that crept across her face when I said that was so satisfying. I do love my sister, and all I want is to see her happy. If she’s really that happy that I’d do this for her... I suppose it’s not so bad.