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    are there actually people who don’t have any stuffed animals? like real people who decided once they hit middle school or something that they needed to sell all their cuddly friends because adorable plush puppies and bears are for children only? where are they? are they ok? do they need someone to talk to

    yea me lol , I swapped them out for Dumbbells at age 11 . theres a reason why u nerds are so scrawny and fragile , and im one of the biggest muscle guys in Oceania

    🌊🏊Sharks are nice!🏄

    Since its summertime and people are gonna be hitting the beach to swim and/or surf, i decided to make this informative shark post. In the media sharks are portrayed as mean bloodthirsty and vicious creatures. Such as in movies like “The Shallows” and “Jaws”. But are sharks really that vicious? The answer is no. No they are not. Sharks are really nice and sweet creatures. I am a surfer and have been bitten a couple of times by sharks but i still know the truth… sharks aren’t evil creatures. You may be thinking “but you’ve been bitten by one! How can they not be evil!?” Well the answer to that my bro is simple, its all a misunderstanding. You see, sharks dont have great eyesight. They are blind as fuck. So they rely on other senses to find food. They see the silhouette of us surfers on our boards and they see it from a below angle and they think we kind look like seals, their favourite meal (as seen in the pics above). So they take just a nibble to see what the fuck we are. Once they realize we aint a seal, they go away. Why? Sharks HATE the taste of human meat. We disgusting af to them. Thats why the majority of shark attacks are just sharks bitting once and then leaving. They just wanted to know what the fuck we are bro. Its a case of mistaken identity. A misunderstanding. Have there been shark attacks where the shark bites more than once? Yeah. But thats rare and it only happens if the shark is either (1) feeling threatened or provoked. Or (2) very hungry. Like, i mean STARVING.

    Sharks just wanna eat but they dont wanna eat us. Its just a simple misunderstanding. As you can see in the photos above, people can swim with sharks and nothing happens. Its totally fine my dudes. So there you have it, sharks are homies, not hostile.

    Jaws- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaws_(film)

    The Shallows- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shallows_(film)


    The likelihood of being attacked by a shark is thought to be 1 in 11.5 million, and only 4 or 5 people in the entire world die each year from shark attacks.[1]. If you’re still nervous about meeting one of these ocean predators, check out these guidelines to help you further minimize the chances of an encounter- http://m.wikihow.com/Avoid-Sharks-While-Surfing


    I love this, I love sharks, and I agree with this post. However, the sharks for most of the pictures are nurse sharks. Which will not hurt you, however the people swimming with the other types of sharks are PROFESSIONALS who work with sharks and know what they’re doing!! Please do not jump into a damn shark frenzy and just appreciate these beautiful creatures from a distance unless you are trained and have to knowledge to be safe around them. Thank you.

    Sharks are not monsters! They are, however, wild animals that need to be treated with distance and respect.


    Sorry but that trim is sharrrrrrrrp

    Is he even real??



    That last one is literally tripping me the fuck out.

    I can see from the unfinished part that it’s 2D but I CAN’T look at the rest of it and not see a full 3D human. Like there are are perfectly rendered and real SHADOWS on the wall behind them HOW is that not photoshopped??

    I’m losing it.


    <>The artist’s name is Kelvin Okafor!

    Give a link to the guy’s website. He gives tutorials on how to work in a hypwr-rwalistic style, and sells prints of his work. 💕


    not a dream

    I keep reading horrible, fake stories about Naya Rivera’s ex husband (YOU CAN LITERALLY GOOGLE THEIR RELATIONSHIP BEFORE POSTING LIES AND FACT CHECK, BUT OKAY) Ryan Dorsey on Twitter and I just want to clarify some stuff (and I say this as a fan of neither one of them):

    • He was never, EVER, EVER, EVER accused of abusing her. Never. There was no investigation against him, no rumors. No bad rumors about him came out ever, in general. She was accused of assaulting him, and he dropped the charges against her in the end. Saying she was a victim of domestic abuse in their marriage is simply backed by no evidence and is a false narrative to shift the blame on him because people want to be the first to discover the “truth” about what has happened to her, no matter if it’s actually true or not. It’s weird. 
    • They divorced amicably and finalized their divorce in 2018. They shared custody of their son and nothing suggest they had a bad relationship. Her family follows him on social media. They seemed to have made their relations work for their son, or maybe they divorced on friendly terms. People can do that, you know.
    • No outlets ever reported that he rented the boat with her and was there. I don’t even know where people got that information from, but no officials have ever said that. I’d like to see some sources if you’re saying stuff like that first. I checked everywhere, and I can’t find a peep about it. Their son was found alone on the boat, wearing a life jacket and he said that it was just the two of them and that Naya jumped into the water and never resurfaced back up. I’m pretty sure the people she rented the boat from can also confirm whether she was with anyone else, other than her child, so stop spreading unconfirmed information apparently and allegedly coming from a singular British tabloid.
    • He was never accused of having cp found on his computer, that was another ex of hers, and that situation should not be brought back right now. She had long broken up with that other guy by the time his case happened, and he was with someone else when his crimes were discovered. Ryan Dorsey is not every single ex of Naya’s, he’s one person and other people’s crimes should not be attributed to him.
    • He’s not “suspiciously staying quiet on social media”. The guy barely posts as is. This is real life for him, while this just might be a celebrity case for you. He does not owe you anything. He’s likely comforting their son at this moment and being comforted himself and he should not be expected to tweet anything to satisfy people’s morbid curiosity. What do you want him to do? Tweet #FINDNAYA so you could decide he’s not suspicious? I’m pretty sure even if he did tweet something, people would find ways to twist it and find faults in what he has said.
    • Commenting under articles and tweets about her disappearance saying the police should find her ex husband as well is tasteless, too. He is not missing. She is. You don’t know where he is, but to immediately point fingers at him and assume the worst is also weird. TV shows really convinced people they know everything? “But my favorite show said that the ex is always the guilty one!” It’s a show. This is somebody’s real life. Have empathy.
    • This is not Law & Order. You are not detectives. Are you working this case? No? Why are you speculating then?

    Though I don’t have a big platform there, I also posted this to my Twitter.

    God, now there are paparazzi photos of Ryan coming to pick up their son Josey from Naya’s sister’s home and the child has a smile on his face that is so innocent and pure, he is only four, he doesn’t understand the full extent of the situation, and Ryan put on a strained little smile that doesn’t reach his eyes, which look broken, because he is clearly trying to be strong for their baby boy, and some people are going off in the comments, calling him suspicious for smiling at his child????? When everyone with a heart can see that he’s struggling so hard in those photos, which should have never been taken, because he was very far away when all of this has happened, and he rushed there to be with Josey and to comfort him???? Security photos and people working on the rental there prove Naya and Josey were alone. Wannabe internet detectives are being so out of line, so hurtful. People need to stop pointing fingers and realize this is real life for Ryan and his child is hurting and so is he and he doesn’t need more pain. Horrible.

    How can people be this disgusting? And when OP got called out, suddenly she’s “not reading that paragraph” (which just proves she does not care about Naya whatsoever) and is making other posts insinuating the user that called her out was Ryan behind a burner account? You think a man who is grieving and comforting his child and barely uses social media as is is replying to your garbage thread on Twitter under a fake account?

    Since she has a problem with people not using their pictures for their dps, I replied to her too, that’s a picture of me in my avatar, maybe she’ll read this paragraph then.

    It’s literally that simple

    <>Friend: “hey my son can’t concentrate on his homework. He chooses to do literally anything else everytime. He said his head doesn’t feel like it.”

    <>Me: “Did you give him music?”

    <>Friend: “No! No tech until he’s done! He doesn’t need more distracted.”


    “k, bring me the child”

    *Go to her house*

    *points to the obviously ADHD boy struggling with his homework*

    <>Me: “so your head doesn’t feel like doing homework?”

    <>Son: “yeah. It would rather do ANYTHING else.”

    <>Me: *unwrapping earbuds* here, listen to this for an hour while you do it.

    <>French voice: 1hr later

    <>Son: “k I’m done! :-)”

    <>Friend: “wow, what’d you give him? Concentra, Adderall, Ritalin‽”

    <>Me: “Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics” and some lo-fi.

    I-I’m gonna try this for myself

    Go for it! From what I’ve seen, everyone has a different genre but instrumental (no words) seems to be key. I guess Sweet Dreams words are so ethereal, ADHD just rolls with it????

    For me, orchestral covers of songs I <>know work best since my ADHD is using the extra hyperfocus to remember and keep up with words. Have fun experimenting!!


    I have some arrangements of songs I did that I just loop. Mind you, these are, like, 1-3 minutes long, but the drone really helps with focus


    Y'all I just listen to Lana Del Rey. Would recommend because with instrumentals I tend to focus on where actual words would be but with Lana’s stuff her vocals sound like music but it’s words

    really wish I could’ve done this when I was spending 4 hours on every page of math homework in the 90′s. Fast forward to my last year of college when I finally figured out I could just listen to Blackmill and blaze through an entire semester of college math like it was nothing.  Find the study methods that work for you!!! Help kids find the study methods that work for them!  

    It takes me all day to do simple chores because i keep getting distracted. If i put in earbuds with upbeat music I’m done with everything in a couple hours AND i feel really good and probably danced a little i.e. exercised.

    Try songs in another language - one you don’t speak. The idea is that since you don’t understand the words, your brain doesn’t go “Oh hey, someone is talking to me” and thus you can maintain your focus. Although, this is something probably  best suited to writing. But on the other hand, if it works, it works.  Personally, I like Opera. BUT, I advise against using Pandora’s Opera Station. At least in the free version, it either cycles through the same ten Singers/Albums or drifts off into instrumental covers.  On the other hand, it’s great for background noise when gaming. Just be sure you have an ad blocker running. You will also have to confirm that you are listening every hour or so. 

    Followup on the lofi front:

    I recommend the following channels.
    <>Chillhop Music:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOxqgCwgOqC2lMqC5PYz_Dg

    In particular, I recommend the relax/study livestream radio. Or just about any of their mixes.

    <>Fantasic Music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZyyXrEF2WCZbI653PFNBbA
    th the Chill and the Jazz playlists are excellent. <>

    Jazzhop Cafe:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi8wqezBudeAiTdKOX571ug

    Their ChillMix videos are the best. 
    Jazzhop Cafe Archive:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKbD–QKXKosHmSXarqYUeg
    Name is self-evident. 

    I believe ChilledCow also has a livestream, but I honestly prefer Chillhop. YMMV

    EDIT: Oh, Pandora’s Vitamin String Quartet IS good, but it tends to drift off into New Age type stuff. Adblocker thing still applies though. 

    Here is my personal ADHD get shit done playlist. It’s mostly film and game soundtracks. 

    ya’ll know this can work for sleep, too, right? Different people need different things, but I typically play albums I know very well (but NOT movie soundtracks, then I keep trying to figure out where in the movie it belongs). I basically sing along in my head and crash right out. Also, the Soothing Relaxation channel on YouTube has a lot of really good meditation/study music. Personally, I prefer the ones with rain or water sounds as well as the music, but ymmv

    …i didn’t know this was an adhd thing. at some point i’ll stop being surprised?

    Music as the Great Concentration Enabler, oh hell yes. Especially when writing or coding, it’s kind of mandatory.

    Having said that: I don’t know if it’s so much helping me focus as the equivalent of sending part of my brain to the corner and giving it something to fiddle with–rather like dealing with a toddler–so the rest of my brain can get down to business without it–them?–screaming at everything shiny.  Which argues that during the brain design phase they enabled multitasking in the firmware without assuring the hardware could handle it.

    I mean, this is how I end up having memorized the lyrics to a vast number of songs that I don’t remember having listened to recently (or ever) and only discover I know the lyrics because I’m singing along when it comes up (cannot do this without music playing or on purpose).

    (This is distinct from hyperfocus, which is like ALL THE BRAIN wants to do ONLY THIS THING forever and forgets food, sleep, healthy blood flow to limbs, the passage of time, and say, bathrooms.  Coming out of that is always an adventure.)

    Audiobooks are the only thing that gets me through housework - my brain can pay attention to the story and not the boring business my hands are doing - and they help me sleep. I can lie with my eyes shut listening to a nice bedtime story and drop off with it playing.

    I can’t use a sleep timer, though - I wake up if it stops. So I have to choose my bedtime books carefully or I’ll wind up with some very strange and intense Guided Dreaming. On the upside, when I’ve chosen well I have solved murders with Hercule Poirot, ridden dragons, argued with Amelia Peabody and punched Mr Willoughby RIGHT IN HIS STUPID ASSHOLE FACE, which was delightful.

    For soothing music, you really can’t go past the Finding Neverland soundtrack. There’s a lot of sweet, peaceful music and piano variations and it’s super soothing. ‘The Theory of Everything’ is really nice too but if I listen to it for too long I wind up in a depressive episode. I don’t know why, but apparently something about the music is a Real Downer.  (It helps that I haven’t seen either movie, so there are no Scene Associations when I listen to the music)

    hey all, here's a petition to the Honolulu City Council, the Kailua Neighborhood Board, and Kailua and Oahu residents, urging them to support the Kawainui Street Apartments project in Kailua:

    <>this petition only has 310 signatures.

    and here's another petition (with 5 signatures at the time of posting this) by a group of volunteers working with the Faith Action for Community Equity group that made the other petition:

    <>if reading the above post bothered you, do something about it!

    <>sign the petitions before August 2nd and share this post.

    want to do more?

    <>write an email to a member of the council urging them to support affordable housing for Kailua residents.

    here's the contact information for the council members!

    do some good today!

    hey so uh

    Since the referendum in Russia has approved of Putin’s changes to Constituition, letting him stay in power until 2035, redefining marriage as “union of man and woman” and the government literally having talks about banning rainbow and comparing rainbow flags to nazi symbolism, it’s not been great for the LGBT+ community here.

    In addition to that, we had the awful “Gay Propaganda” law since 2013 and the number of hate crimes towards LGBT+ Russians has increased greatly since then, and it’s likely to increase even more now.

    So maybe consider donating to Russian LGBT Network to help us Russian gays out?