“I love the look of shock you get as you realize your diaper is suddenly getting warm. You look down and desperately try to stop yourself from peeing, but you’re not strong enough and your diaper is getting wetter by the second. My favorite part is right now when you look up at me in defeat as your diaper is swelling up inside your pants. You’re just a helpless little boy in a man’s body with an empty bladder and a full diaper… the way I’ve trained you to be. Soon I’ll have you grabbing your diaper after you’ve had an accident, crying tears and chanting the words…‘I couldn’t hold it’. People will look over at you and know exactly what you are… a weak and helpless diaper wetting wimp who needs his girlfriend to save the day with a diaper change. So get ready sweetie, your life is about to change”


    A bit more humiliation for poor A, huh?

    This afternoon, for some entertainment, I decided to try out my over-the-door bondage attachment points with A’s poor wrists. Only wearing a wet diaper, his wrists were restrained to the door while I used cuffs on a spreader bar to restrain his ankles. He certainly wasn’t going to be going anywhere looking like that. ;)

    Honestly, I had just planned on enjoying his struggles and annoyance as he continually had to stand in the corner, but Brianna had other plans. She had to pee, and an evil plan was hatched. I told her she wouldn’t be allowed to go in the toilet - only using the funnel to use A’s diaper for him. After all, it’s not like he could disagree. ;)

    Pulling down her panties, Brianna did exactly as she was commanded - adding even more bulk to his already-wet diapers. Giggling while she did it, she emptied her entire bladder into his diaper.

    Now that she was on a roll, though, she had her own ideas. Without any prompting from me, she got a glass of cold water from the kitchen - and guess what went into his diaper next? She even had fun pouring some down his back too.

    Poor A.

    Well, I mean, her attention span, didn’t last long, so after she pulled out the funnel from the cold water, she went about doing something else.

    But yeah, my plans weren’t going to be ruined, so then he had to kneel there for another hour with his soaking wet (and cold!) diaper. I ended up adding a blanket under his knees for comfort as well as pulling his wrists off the door for comfort.

    Then I certainly wasn’t going to change him right after, so even after he was released from his restraints, he was still stuck in that diaper.


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    That looks amazing