is Artoria Lancer really showing Mordred the right things by letting the Saber of Red service a horse? is Mordred even interested in that sort of thing, or does Artoria just want to use it as bonding time?

    “Of course I am, if she doesn’t know how to properly tend to her steed, how could I ever expect her to properly conduct herself on the battlefield? I’m not going to compromise my training just because she’s my son.”

    In fact, it was much the opposite, Artoria casually pressing a hand against the back of Mordred’s head to force the knight down, the Saber long since having left the ability to even breathe around the gigantic horsecock that was fucking her face, her lips stretched out into a perfect O-shape as she submissively blew the hung stallion.

    Mordred had no idea Artoria was going to be instructing her on something like this when she had invited her to the stables! She wasn’t even sucking off the king’s prized steed, demoted to one of the grossest horses in the barn, its enormous cock practically oozing precum without her having even done anything. She was gulping down as much precum as she could manage, cheeks bulging from the hot liquid while she did her best to swallow it, preparing for the actual load that was going to erupt from the cock that was making her throat visibly bulge. 

    Clearly dissatisfied with Mordred’s failure to make the horse cum yet, Artoria decided to get involved herself, not wanting to waste any time waiting for her son to get the first taste of thick, addicting horse seed. Kneeling behind the horse, she pushed her head between its hind legs, planting wet, sloppy kisses over its swinging sack, her bust pushing against Mordred’s smaller chest as father and son alike worshipped the horse’s enormous dick, both working in tandem to get it off.

    It wasn’t long until they both succeeded in said conquest, the addition of Artoria’s lips meaning that the horse was quick to get even rougher in pounding Mordred’s face, slamming even deeper until her face was pushed to the base, that horsecock feeling as if it was reaching down into her stomach as she desperately swallowed the thick, hot cum that was beginning to pump down her throat.

    Both of them pulled away, panting heavily as the horse’s dick gave Mordred a heavy facial, her small chest similarly coated in thick, white cum, oozing down her abs as she hung her head back, body slumping over as she tried to recover from how much cum had creampied her throat. Of course, Artoria wasn’t going to let her take a break yet, pulling away to grab her son by the hips, getting ready for the next stage of their so-called training as their bodies squished together, Mordred’s fat ass raised high in the air.


    Instant loss Jack the Ripper! Ritsuka accidentally sends her against a male berserker, who shows the difference between the two~

    “You want us to take care of him, mommy? Understood, we’ll deal with them as fast as we can.” Jack nods, making use of her presence concealment to hide herself, determined to get the advantage upon the rampaging Berserker.


    “Ah-ah-ah~! Mommy, he’s defeated us, we’re gonna be ruined~!” Jack squealed as she was pinned down, Lancelot’s hands grabbing her arms and pinning her to the ground like a pair of claws while his wild cock slammed into her cunt with unfiltered lust. Her knives did practically nothing against his armor, and as soon as he laid his eyes on the Assassin’s massive ass, her fate was all but sealed.

    She gasped and squealed, any resistance soon gone as she lost control of her voice, each part of her body being claimed by his rampage. Her insides were being reshaped, stretched out permanently to accommodate the Berserker’s enormous, throbbing cock while he pressed down against her each time he slammed inside. 

    Every thrust made her cheeks jiggle and smack together as her moans gradually got even more incoherent, turning into blissful squeals leaving her lips as her body was rocked with pleasure, pinned down against the hard ground with nothing to do but take every last inch of Lancelot’s cock.

    He eventually came, but one load wasn’t enough to satiate his lust, continuing to thrust into her tight cunt, stirring up the load that was bloating out her womb, making Jack’s moas get considerably louder, squeals practically flooding from her lips as she began to shake her hips back against him, body losing any control over itself as she gave herself up to the hung Berserker, no longer capable of even thinking about fighting back.

    She didn’t have any idea how long he kept pounding her for, her huge ass marked red by his brutal thrusts as her tiny body went limp beneath him, completely giving into the pleasure even as Ritsuka watched, her Servant having completely been defeated by the powerful Berserker. Lancelot eventually pulled out of Jack’s cunt with a roar, cum overflowing from her overstuffed pussy as his dick throbbed with lust, attention clearly turning to the curvy bitch who had been watching him mate with the slutty Assassin.


    Tamamo Cat, why are you mashing Gudako’s face against your fat nuts?

    “Myaster was complaining about the smell in the kitchen, so I’m just doing my part to help her get used to it~! Cat doesn’t wanna disappoint Master, so I’m giving her a thorough demonstration of my new seasoning!” 

    Cat’s shameless declaration is juxtaposed by the fact that she’s practically smacking Ritsuka in the face with her enormous balls, shoving her Master’s face into her swollen nutsack in the middle of the kitchen. Ever since she forcefully became the new official head chef of Chaldea, the Berserker didn’t even bother hiding her cock - not that she did much to begin with - but now her massive cock was on display so much that the kitchen had permanently begun to reek of her musk. 

    Helped in no small part to the sheer amount of fucking that went on in there, and the amount of girls that had unwittingly gotten addicted to her ‘seasoning’ every time she fucked a girl too close to whatever she was cooking.

    Regardless, Ritsuka’s initial complaints of the stench as soon as she walked in were appeased by Cat giving a visual explanation for the cause of the scent, Rituska unable to even protest as her face was almost completely covered by Cat’s sack. Her makeup was a mess, already looking disheveled as lipstick marks coated both of those enormous nuts, showing how devotedly the Master was already worshipping the Servant’s dick. 

    Ritsuka had quickly retracted any complaint she might’ve had about the smell as it rotted her mind, tongue sticking out to clean up some of the sweat from her cock like the devoted bitch she was. already addicted to that scent. She had barely paid any attention to the shaft that laid above her balls, which was smearing precum into her hair, although most if it was dripping onto the bench above them, Cat clearly lacking any concern for the possible mess that was going to happen if she didn’t stop this.

    It took several minutes, but Cat eventually reached her limit, pulling away from Ritsuka’s face to give her a taste of the even more pervasive scent, her insanely virile seed soon pumping from the tip of her cock. The scent alone made Ritsuka’s body throb, feeling herself squirt from being coated in such a thick, potent-smelling load, unable to do anything other than moan as it covered her in white.

    It was clear that she had no more complaints about the smell of the kitchen, and she’d be making plenty more visits to get treated like this from now on~.