The Good Girl Dress Code

Become a proper pet girl by knowing what to wear and when. Follow these guidelines to learn how to dress and present your body to the world. Stop using underwear. Put on skirts and see-through dresses to tease your naked body underneath. Reveal more and more skin. Get horny and wet from breaking the rules of society. Unveil your sweetest treasures to seduce and please your lovers.

Last update
2020-11-25 01:20:32

    Outfit of the Day

    Simple and effective, wearing a flimsy top without a bra doesn’t necessarily need to be translucently see-through as well to turn heads. The fact that you can see she’s not wearing something else underneath by how the fabric enhances the tip of her nipples is hint and seduction enough.

    This is a great everyday outfit when you’re with friends you want to torture, to encourage a potential lover, or to please your Alpha.