Good Girl, Grow
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2020-10-31 14:54:10

    What’s it honestly like being in a relationship? I’m sure it’s fun. But for me, being a top in a long distance relationship with someone special means my smashometer levels are through the roof 24/7...

    It’s tough. I’m (obviously) incredibly sexual. It’s hard to not be physical. A huge part of how I express affection is non-verbal. So it’s difficult to translate that.


    just out of curiosity, what got you into feedism? I may have missed it if it were stated somewhere in the past

    I’ve always been into it abstractly, even super duper young, but I stumbled on it why I started JO at 13. Those fateful key words.

    Fuck yeah, weigh-in time 😈 did a lil picture-in-picture for you, too ❤️