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    “Twelve in the corner pocket,” he announced as he made his shot and sunk the ball. Warren looked hot as fuck with a cigar gripped firmly between his teeth. He was good at pool, but even better at fucking.

    Warren and I had been in the same fraternity. Shit, I wanted him from the moment I first saw him. We were in the same pledge class and, to my great fortune, we became best buds. We were inseparable, Siamese twins. The only fault I found in Warren was that he was straight. He loved pussy, and got a lot of it. But I never lost faith that his cock would eventually find his way to my hole.

    We were playing pool, just the two of us, down in the fraternity house basement one night. Warren had just returned from a sorority semi-formal, where he had failed to score.

    “The bitch said she was on the rag,” Warren recounted, his boner straining through his pants. “I told her I didn’t mind surfing the crimson tide, but she told me to fuck off. Man, I just needed to dump a load.”

    “You can dump your load in me,” I offered, dropping my pants as I bent over the pool table. I couldn’t believe I had finally found the nerve to offer up my hole to Warren. I half expected him to laugh at me, thinking it was a joke, or to get angry and call me a faggot. So I was shocked when Warren, without uttering a word, pulled out his hard eight-incher, spit on it, and then jammed it up my ass.

    Fucking me on the basement pool table became a nightly ritual after that. Even on nights when Warren scored pussy, he’d always have another load in his balls for me. It kept up until graduation when, like many college buds, we went our separate ways. Warren got a job on Wall Street, and I found myself working for a public interest group in DC.

    Warren didn’t tell me when he got engaged a few years later, I saw it on Instagram. He looked hot as fuck in a photo of him with his blushing fiancée Bella, her hand held toward the camera to show off the sparkling diamond ring he had given her. I knew I had to have his big cock just one more time before he tied the knot.

    “Dude. Let me throw you a bachelor party,” I offered Warren in a congratulatory text. “Come down to DC and I’ll invite all our old fraternity brothers.” Not one to refuse a party, especially one in his honor, Warren eagerly offered up a date. My plan to get his big cock inside me again was in action.

    “Twelve in the corner pocket,” he announced, a cigar between his teeth, as Warren and I played pool in the penthouse clubroom of my apartment building, reserved for his bachelor party. “When are the other guys getting here?” he asked, surveying the empty room.

    “Uh … The guys aren’t coming,” I admitted, steeling my nerves with a sip of whiskey.

    “What?” asked Warren incredulously as he put down his pool stick. “I thought you said you invited all our old brothers. None of them could make it for my bachelor party?”

    “I didn’t … I didn’t invite them,” I stammered. “I wanted this to be just you and me, like old times.” And with that said, I started to undo my pants.

    “Wait … Hold up,” Warren commanded. “Is that what this is about? You want me to fuck you?”

    “Yes,” I answered sheepishly. “You used to love my hole. You fucked me every night on the basement pool table.”

    “Jesus, man,” he smirked. “We were just horny frat boys back then. I was a ball of testosterone, eager to stick my dick in any warm hole. I’m not like that now. I’ve grown up. I don’t fuck guys anymore. I’m getting married for Chrissake.”

    “That’s why I planned this,” I tried to explain. “Once you’re married, you won’t want to fuck me anymore. I need this, man. I need you inside me one last time. I was your cum dump for years. You owe me this, bro.”

    “Fine,” Warren acquiesced, putting down his cigar and undoing his pants. “I’ll fuck you one last time.”

    Despite his avid protests, Warren’s cock was rock hard. My ass twitched upon seeing his big dick in its full glory again. I promptly dropped my pants and bent over the pool table for him. And like that first time, nearly ten years ago, Warren was silent as he approached my hole, spit on his cock, and then jammed it up my ass.

    “Christ, I forgot how tight you are,” exclaimed Warren as he drove balls deep inside me. “You were always a slut for my cock. Is it as good as you remembered?”

    “Fuck yes,” I moaned, gripping the pool table. His cock was even better than I remembered. We used to fuck like rabbits in college. Frantic pump and dumps. But there was a certain maturity in the way in which Warren was now fucking me. His strokes were more deliberate, his pressure more certain. His hands moved from my hips up to my shoulders, gripping me with a strength he lacked before.

    “Your hole was always my favorite,” Warren shared while increasing his pace, pummeling me hard. “I used to think about pounding your tight cunt even when I was fucking actually pussy. Do you know I even stopped jacking off back then? I didn’t need to rub one out when I had your ass always open and ready for me.” None of his revelations were a shock to me, but I was surprised when Warren was ready to bust his nut.

    “Fuck. I’m about to cum,” Warren announced urgently as he jackhammered me hard.

    “Yeah, fucking seed my hole,” I begged, eager to be his cum dump one last time.

    “SHIT … FUCK,” Warren bellowed, thrusting balls deep inside me as he flooded my guts. He held still as his cock throbbed and pulsed, emptying his balls.

    “Thank you,” I exhaled as Warren pulled out of me, his load dripping from my wrecked hole.

    “Nah, man,” he objected. “I should be thanking you. I’d forgotten how much I loved breeding your tight hole.”

    “You sure you still want to get married?” I joked.

    “Yeah. I love Bella,” he answered. “But what do you think about maybe moving up to NYC? I’ve got a lot of connections and could help you find a job. It would be great to have your ass around for … well, you know.”

    “I’m game for that,” I answered turning to face Warren and then boldly giving him a kiss.

    “You know I don’t kiss,” Warren chided playfully as he spun me around and pushed me back down on the pool table, his cock pushing inside me to dump another load.

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    He has a long pool stick. Love it.


    “FUCK,” I gasped turning my head away from the young, hung stud who was ripping my hole apart. I knew I needed to be quiet, that I couldn’t let my son know that one of his buds was railing my ass upstairs, but silence was impossible with that huge cock up my ass.

    “Hey, Dad? Can I invite some buddies over to hang out tonight?” my son had asked earlier that day while home on break from college. Asking was just a courtesy, as my son knew I was known as the “Cool Dad” who would always allow him and his buddies to party at my house. I would stock the fridge with beer and the liquor cabinet with Jack and tequila. I’ve always felt it was safer for the guys to drink and crash here for the night instead of being drunk out on the streets.

    It was after 11 pm, and I was reading upstairs while the party raged down in the basement, when my son came to find me. “Some of the guys are asking about you,” he said. “Why don’t you come join us for a little while?” I tried to decline, but my son insisted. And so I followed him down to the basement.

    Jesus, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I hadn’t seen a number of these boys since my son’s high school graduation. After a few years in college, they had all matured into muscular young men who were hot as fuck. My ass started to twitch, recalling taking cock from studs like them at frat parties during my own college years.

    “Have a shot of tequila, Mr. Foster,” a boy I barely recognized as Teddy Olsen, my son’s old baseball teammate, invited while thrusting a shot glass in my face.

    “I really shouldn’t,” I tried to decline, but Teddy was insistent. What Teddy didn’t know is that tequila always turns me into a slutty bottom. Two shots of the stuff at a fraternity party, and I would soon be gripping my ankles in some dark corner while a line of frat guys took turns breeding me.

    “Let’s get this man another,” Teddy boomed as another shot of tequila was thrust in my face as soon as I had downed the first shot. And then another. And another. The crowd of guys, including my son, cheered me on as I downed shot after shot, my ass twitching as the devilish drink coursed through my veins.

    I spent the next hour chatting with Teddy on a basement couch as the party surged around us. Plying me with more tequila, he bitched about some of the girls back at school, finally admitting that he hadn’t had pussy in months.

    “You can fuck my pussy,” I invited a little too loudly, my eyes on his generous bulge.

    “Shit, man. You serious?” Teddy asked, leaning in close. “I really need to drop a load.”

    “My room is at the top of the stairs,” I stated, rising from the couch. My son was in a corner laughing drunkenly with some buds, but gave me a nod as I climbed the basement stairs, presumably to hit the sack. But sleeping was the farthest thing from my mind. Undressing quickly, I lubed up my hole and planted myself upon the bed on all fours in eager anticipation of Teddy.

    “Fuck yeah,” Teddy exclaimed upon cresting the stairs and finding me waiting for him like a bitch in heat. I could hear him undoing his pants and his clothes hitting the floor as he stripped down. His index finger quickly explored my wet hole and then, WHAM, Teddy was inside me.

    “FUCK,” I screamed, my hole ripped apart by a massive cock. I knew I needed to be quiet, that I couldn’t let my son know that one of his buds was railing my ass upstairs, but silence was impossible with that huge dick inside me.

    “Jesus. How big are you?” I demanded as Teddy gripped me by the hips and proceeded to pound the living shit out of me.

    “It’s just over ten inches,” Teddy boasted. “That’s why I can never get any pussy. None of them sorority bitches at school will let me get near them when they see this big fucker. But don’t worry, Mr. Foster. I usually nut fast.”

    I prayed for Teddy to nut fast. Sure, I was loving his massive cock up my ass, but I also wanted to be able to walk the next day. His balls were slapping my ass hard and I could sense Teddy’s load was imminent, when a voice suddenly sounded from the doorway.

    “Aww, yeah. Looks like we got a cum dump in the house,” one of my son’s friends called out, summoning the party upstairs to my bedroom.

    “Oh SHIT … FUCK,” Teddy grunted, flooding my guts as a crowd of guys formed around the bed. Teddy had no sooner seeded my hole and pulled out, when another one of the guys jumped in and mounted my used, wet cunt.

    “I call dibs on him next,” my son announced upon entering the bedroom and pulling out his rock hard cock. “He’s my dad, after all.”

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    I wish I was that Dad


    “I just don’t know,” my hot co-worker replied, stroking his beard as he pondered my offer to suck him off.

    “Why not?” I inquired, brazenly. “Your girlfriend is out of town, and you just told me your balls are full.”

    “It’s just that . . . I don’t usually get head from guys,” he replied.

    Usually?” I asked, homing in on that word. “Are you saying you have let a dude suck you off before?”

    “Well, yeah,” he laughed. “I mean, look at me. I’m hot as fuck. I can’t go to the gym without some twink faggot offering to blow me.”

    “I’m not some novice twink cocksucker,” I argued. “I’ve got mad skills.”

    “Oh, yeah? You think you can handle this?” he taunted, unzipping his pants and pulling out a thick nine-incher.

    “Damn,” I gasped, undoing my pants. “Fuck the blow job. I want that big dick up my ass,” I declared, bending over his desk.

    “I don’t know,” he demurred, standing up and teasing my hole with his big dick. “I don’t usually fuck guys.”

    Usually?!” I gasped as he shoved his big dick in my ass, splitting me in two.

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    WOW fuck.


    “Fuck,” he exclaimed looking down at his raging boner. I knew I had him, that he’d have no choice but to give me that big dick.

    After Mom and Dad divorced, my dad’s old college buddy Griff started coming down from San Jose to spend the weekends with us. Griff was a man’s man. Never married, his life revolved around football, beer, cigars, dirty jokes, and chasing pussy. Add in the fact that he had a hot body and a huge bulge, and it’s no mystery that I wanted Griff in the worst way.

    “Maybe you shouldn’t tell Griff that you’re gay,” my dad had warned me when I first came out to him. “Griff’s, well, a bit more old school about these things.” And my dad was right. Griff loved telling faggot jokes and always complained if some dude tried to glimpse his cock at a urinal. There was no denying he was a homophobe, but that wasn’t going to deter me.

    “You gettin’ a lot of pussy at UCLA?” Griff asked one weekend when we were hanging in the pool. That was the opening I needed. It was time to bait the trap.

    “Yeah, man,” I lied, “I’m getting loads of pussy. It’s fuckin’ crazy.”

    “That’s a boy,” Griff praised. “Tell me about them bitches. You know I love this shit.”

    “Okay … Well, there’s this one bitch in my dorm who loves my cock,” I began with a total line of bullshit. “All I gotta do is drop by her room and she’ll immediately spread her legs and give up her wet cunt to me.”

    “Jesus, that hot,” Griff replied, tugging at his junk through his swim trunks.

    “And there’s this other bitch in my bio lab,” I continued. “She’s got a boyfriend but loves to take my cock doggy-style when he’s in class. She said my dick is the biggest she’s ever had.”

    “Damn,” Griff exhaled. “Tell me more.”

    “There are also these two sorority bitches who sneak me into their sorority house late at night for a three way,” I fibbed. “The one will ride my cock while the other sits on my face while I eat her pussy, and then they switch.”

    “Christ almighty, that’s hot,” Griff exclaimed. His cock was rock hard by that point, straining against his wet swim trunks. The outline of his thick helmet head was so apparent, I could even make out his cum slit. It was time to make my move.

    “Damn, Griff. Looks like all this pussy talk has got you worked up,” I observed, pointing at his crotch.

    “Fuck,” he exclaimed looking down at his raging boner. “Wish I had me some of that pussy right now.”

    “You can have my pussy,” I offered, pulling off my swim trunks and bending over the edge of the pool, the waterline just below my eager hole.

    “Fuck, boy,” Griff uttered. “You take cock?” But before I could answer, he looked around and asked, “Where’s your dad?”

    “Dad’s gone to pick up more beer and some steaks to grill for dinner,” I answered. “He won’t know a thing. Now get that big dick in me.”

    “Shit,” Griff muttered, pulling down his trunks and releasing his big, hard cock. “There’s something you don’t know about me, boy. I ain’t too picky about where I’ll stick my dick. And your tight, little hole looks damn good to me right now.”

    Placing his hands on my shoulders, Griff spit on his cock and began to work it into me. Christ, his thick helmet head was a hole-splitter, but I fucking loved feeling it breaching my cunt.

    “I’m gonna show you how a real man fucks pussy,” Griff advised, thrusting all the way inside me. Pulling out ever slightly, he hawked another wad of spit onto his big cock and thrust into me once more. His hands sunk deeper into my shoulders as he began to pound my ass with a fevered intensity. Water from the pool sloshed around us and splashed onto the pool deck as Griff destroyed my hole.

    “You gonna let me cum in your pussy?” Griff demanded, his balls slapping just below my hole.

    “Yes,” I begged. “Fucking breed me.”

    “Like you had a choice,” he laughed, his rhythm a frantic jackhammer. “FUCK, boy. Here it comes. CHRIST … DAMN.” Griff’s body rocked and convulsed as his balls emptied inside me. I could feel each spurt of his cock as his cum filled my void. I didn’t want the feeling to end.

    “Now THAT is how you fuck a pussy, boy,” Griff announced, pulling out of me as his cum slid out of my wrecked hole and splashed into the pool, taking a ropey form in the cool water.

    Griff then pulled up his swim trunks and instructed me to do the same. “Hurry up before your dad comes home and catches us,” Griff ordered.

    “Too late,” came Dad’s voice as he reclined in a deck chair, his arms propped behind his head. “I already saw everything.”

    “What the fuck?” demanded Griff incredulously as he turned to face Dad. “I thought you were gone?”

    “Nah,” Dad laughed. “I’ve been watching the whole time. My son bet me a hundred bucks that he could get you to fuck him. I didn’t think he could do it, but I underestimated him.”

    “Well, shit,” Griff shrugged. “Since you know that I fucked him, you mind if I pump another load into the boy?”

    “Have at it,” I answered on my dad’s behalf, pulling down my swim trunks again as Griff mounted me. Turning my head back towards Dad, I gave him a wink. Dad had pulled out his thick cock and had started stroking while watching me getting fucked by Griff, water splashing the pool deck once more.

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    Very hot Daddies two for the price of one.


    “Whatcha looking for, bro?”

    “My lube. It’s not in my locker. You seen it?”

    “That big-ass, purple tube of Astroglide? How the fuck could you lose it?”

    “I dunno. I must have left it in the sauna when I got fucked in there yesterday. I need to find it, man. That married dude with the huge cock is in there now and I want to ride him.”

    “Calm down, bro. You got any lotion? That can work just as well.”

    “No, man. I don’t have any lotion.”

    “I’ve got some hair gel. That might work.”

    “No. That shit is too sticky. Fuck. I need to find something before that twink Tristan beats me into the sauna. He cock blocks me every time.”

    “Forget the lube, bro. Just use spit.”

    “Yeah, I guess I have no other option. Shit! Is that Tristan heading into the sauna now?”

    “Damn, bro. That’s definitely Tristan. And he’s carrying your big-ass tube of Astroglide.”

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.




    “Shit, son. What are you doing here?”

    “I come here every Thursday for ‘Jockstrap Night.’ But … Why are you here, Dad? I thought you said you were working late tonight.”

    “Yeah … that was just a cover. You can’t tell your mother you saw me here.”

    “I guess that can be arranged.”


    “Yeah. How ‘bout I don’t tell Mom you were here, if you fuck me with that big cock in the back room?”

    “Damn, son. You seriously want my cock?”

    “Yeah, Dad. Do you know how much daddy dick I’ve taken in college, just thinking about having your big cock inside me?”

    “Fuck, that’s hot. I’m game. But that back room is crazy. There are at least forty guys back there who are gonna want to tap your hole once they see me plugging you.”

    “Dad … Why the fuck do you think I come here every Thursday night?”

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    Hot dad


    “Oh . . . Fuuuck,” the married stud moaned, his toes curling from his first-ever blow job from a guy. “You gonna eat my cum when I bust?” he asked, his head tilted over the edge of the bed. “Mmm, hmm,” I agreed, not taking my lips off his big dick. I was bluffing, as I had no plans to eat his cum. I wanted that married load up my ass.

    My husband and I hired Dustin to paint the interior and exterior of our new house. It was a big job, requiring Dustin to be at our home for several days. His bid for the job wasn’t the cheapest estimate we received, but I hired him because he’s cute as fuck. With his muscular bod, his boyish looks, and his killer smile, I wanted to bend over for Dustin the moment he walked in the door.

    “You married . . . or have a girlfriend?” I asked Dustin with interest, not seeing a wedding band on his hand. “Yeah. Marissa and I have been married five years,” he replied. “I don’t wear a ring, as it just gets covered in paint.” He then pulled out his phone to show me a picture of his lovely wife. “And that’s our daughter Juliette,” he said while swiping to reveal a cute toddler in a pink dress. “Marissa is pregnant again. I’m hoping for a boy this time,” he beamed. My ass twitched, as I fucking love getting dicked down by a breeder.

    “They’re adorable,” I smiled, commenting on his family. “One kid and another on the way. Damn. You certainly know how to get the job done,” I joked, staring down at his package. Dustin gave an awkward laugh, but I was certain the bulge in his jeans had enlarged. “How about you? How long have you and . . . uh . . . your husband been married?” Dustin asked, trying to be polite. “Ted and I have been married a year,” I replied. “And Ted has two kids from a prior marriage, but they don’t live with us.” Dustin looked confused.

    “So your husband was married to a woman? He wasn’t gay before?” Dustin asked with the naivety of a child. “Well, I think Ted was always gay, or at last bi,” I responded. “Ted and I met at the gym while he was still married to his wife, and he started fucking me on the side.” Dustin looked crushed, like I had told him that Santa is a fake. “You mean, he cheated on his wife with you?” Dustin asked, still processing. “Yeah,” I admitted. “A lot of married guys have a fuck bud on the side. Life is too short to always stick your dick in the same hole.”

    “I . . . uh . . . I think I’d better get to work,” Dustin suddenly announced, looking eager to change the subject. I got the impression that he saw me as a whore, which isn’t far from the truth. Mission accomplished. I was determined to have Dustin’s cock, but I knew an indirect approach is always best with married men. One can’t come on too strong. He has to think it was his idea to give you his cock. And so I waited another day.

    FUCK, you’ve got a tight hole, faggot . . . I’m gonna cum up your ass,” grunted a muscled, hung pornstar on the television, his cock buried in some twink, as Dustin entered the living room to start his second day of painting. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” I apologized insincerely as I scrambled to find the TV remote that I’d buried purposely under a sofa cushion. “Yeah, cum up my ass,” the twink screamed. Breed this tight cunt.” Dustin stood transfixed, taking in the scene. He reminded me of someone watching a car wreck; he was startled, but couldn’t look away. His jeans were tenting.

    “I . . . uh . . . I’d better get to work,” Dustin stammered as the hung pornstar sprayed his load all over the twink’s ass and then shoved it back into his hole. Once Dustin left the room, I finally located the remote and turned off the TV. I had hoped that Dustin would sit on the couch, pull out his cock, and then feed me a load while watching the porn. Alas, my scheme hadn’t worked. But I was undeterred. I had other plans. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all.

    “You’re not painting in the master bedroom today, are you?” I asked Dustin when he arrived on the third day. “No. I’m mostly doing the stairs and the upstairs hall today,” he replied. “Whew,” I exhaled with relief. “This is a bit awkward,” I explained. “I have a hookup on the way.” Dustin look confused. “Kurt is just another married guy who fucks my ass a few times a month. It’s no big deal,” I laughed. “But what about your husband?” Dustin asked, concerned. “Oh, Ted knows all about my hookups,” I answered. “We have an open marriage. He’s in Boston this week on business, and I have no doubt his cock has been in a bellboy or two. Ted has a weakness for hotel staff when he travels.” But before Dustin could make any response, the doorbell rang.

    “I . . . uh . . . I’d better get to work,” Dustin once again stammered as I raced downstairs to greet my fuck bud Kurt at the door. “Damn, you didn’t tell me we’re having a threesome today,” Kurt exclaimed upon seeing Dustin on the stairs. “He’s fuckin’ hot. Are we gonna tag team your hole?” Dustin looked bashful and stared downward. “No threesome today,” I bemoaned as Kurt and I passed Dustin on the staircase. “Dustin is my house painter. He’s married to a woman.” Kurt gave out a boisterous laugh. “Shit. I’m married to a woman, too. But that doesn’t stop me from fucking your tight ass,” Kurt exclaimed.

    “Damn, I love your ass,” Kurt bellowed moments later upon sliding into me, standing at the end of the bed with my ass perched at the edge of the mattress for him. “Dude. You forgot to close the door,” Kurt observed. “That was no mistake,” I admitted. “I’m hoping we might have an audience.” Kurt gave me a playful slap on the ass. “You’re such a slut,” he groaned with a deep thrust inside me. Two minutes later while pounding my hole, Kurt whispered in my ear, “We’ve got an audience.” Sure enough, lurking in the doorway was Dustin rubbing his crotch through his jeans.

    “Come join us,” I called to Dustin. “I’ll suck you while Kurt fucks me, and then you can jump in after he seeds me.” But Dustin remained frozen in the doorway, content to watch the show with a raging boner in his pants. “I’m gonna bust,” Kurt announced urgently. And by the time he’d emptied his balls in me, Dustin was no longer there. Dammit. “I can let myself out,” Kurt stated while pulling on his clothes. And so I remained in bed, reveling in the feeling of a fresh load up my ass . . . until I realized Dustin had returned to the doorway. A thick eight-incher was protruding from his unzipped jeans. Game on, motherfucker.

    “Bring that big dick here,” I gestured. Dustin stood at the edge of the bed as I took his cock down my throat. “Shit, that feels good,” Dustin exhaled. “I’ve never been sucked by a guy.” Releasing his cock from my mouth, I instructed Dustin to strip down and stretch out on the bed. “I wanna ride your big cock,” I declared. “I . . . uh . . . I don’t think I’m ready for that,” Dustin stammered while climbing naked onto the bed. “Can you just suck me? I want to watch you swallow my load. My wife won’t swallow my cum.” I forced a smile without agreeing to his request, knowing I wanted his load up my ass and not down my throat.

    “Oh . . . Fuuuck,” Dustin moaned, his head hanging over the side of the bed as I slobbered all over his big cock. “You gonna eat my cum when I bust?” he asked. “Mmm, hmm,” I agreed, not taking my lips off his big dick. I lied, for that big dick was about to go up my ass. With his eyes still closed, I released him from my mouth, jacking him with my right hand to maintain continuity. With my left hand on his chest, I pushed myself up and straddled Dustin. Releasing his cock from my hand, I then promptly sat upon his big dick, riding him at the same pace at which I had just jacked him. The transition was seamless.

    “Fuuuck. Your mouth is incredible,” Dustin moaned, clueless to the fact that his cock was now up my ass. I proceeded to ride him hard, my cock and balls slapping against his tight abs, which is when he finally noticed something was different. “Oh, SHIT,” Dustin exclaimed upon opening his eyes and finding his cock up my ass. I expected him to push me off his cock, to tell me to fuck off, but that didn’t happen. “Damn, that’s hot,” he exclaimed as I cupped my cock and balls, giving Dustin a better view of his cock gliding in and out of my eager cunt. Dustin then grabbed me by the hips, jackhammering his cock into me at a frenzied pace.

    “Fuck, I’m close,” Dustin announced urgently. “You want me to shoot up your ass?” he asked. I nodded in assent, trying to steady myself as he continued to pummel my hole. “Aww, SHIT,” Dustin soon roared, his body shaking under me as he flooded my guts with his warm load. I collapsed upon him as his balls finished emptying inside me. “Fuck, that was amazing,” Dustin exhaled as I popped off him and licked his cummy cock clean. I then lied beside him, my head on his sweaty chest, as our breathing returned to normal.

    “Fuck,” Dustin exclaimed, looking at the clock on the bed table. “It’s almost lunch and I haven’t painted shit today.” My hand traveling down his abs, I found his cock was still hard. “Just one more load,” I begged, climbing back on top of him, “and then I promise I’ll let you work.” I lied. The only work Dustin accomplished upon leaving my house late that day was four more loads up my ass.

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    What is the number of this painter. Four loads in my ass


    “Psst … Dude? You wanna jack?” I asked the beefy stud sitting in the corner of the sauna.

    “Yeah. But what about that older guy?” he asked, gesturing to the dude stretched out in the opposite corner.

    “He’s asleep,” I assured as I opened my towel and began to stroke my cock.

    “You wanna suck me?” the beefy stud asked as he pulled down his towel and began to jack his thick dick.

    “Fuck YES,” I whispered, inching over to him and taking his big cock down my throat.

    “Christ, you’re good,” the stud exclaimed. “Just try to be quiet so we don’t wake that older dude.”

    “Mmm hmm,” I agreed, deep throating him to the balls.

    “Fuck,” the stud exhaled, a little too loudly. The older guy in the corner started to rouse from his slumber.

    “What the fuck?” demanded the older guy, sitting up and rubbing his eyes in disbelief.

    “You oughta try his mouth,” said the beefy stud to the older guy. “He sucks like a champ.”

    “I’d rather fuck him,” he replied. “You want this cock up your ass?” asked the older guy as he opened his towel and released an eight-incher.

    “Fuck YES,” I exclaimed, releasing the beefy stud’s cock from my mouth briefly. “Get that big dick in my hole.”

    “Shit, you’ve gotta tight cunt,” the older guy exclaimed as he pushed his spit-lubed cock into me, pummeling my hole as I continued to suck the beefy stud.

    Just then a bearded bear walked into the sauna, his flimsy towel barely containing his bulging bear cock.

    “We gotta horny faggot in here,” announced the bear to the busy locker room outside the sauna door. “Line up, guys, if you wanna get your balls drained.”

    I looked back briefly as twelve guys started to crowd into the sauna, hard cocks in hand, with several more guys lined up eagerly outside the door.

    “Looks like you’re gonna be here awhile,” the beefy stud laughed. He pushed my head back down on his cock and emptied his balls down my throat just as the older guy seeded my hole.

    “Next!” I called out to the roomful of guys, each jockeying to use me.

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    Wish that was me with a room of hairy big dick Daddies using my holes in a sauna. Very freaking hot.


    As Keith fucked the slut up against the wall of the hotel suite, she wrapped her arms around him and whispered, “There’s a man in that chair … and he’s watching us.” Keith raised her leg higher to get his big cock deeper inside her wet pussy and replied, “I know. He’s my husband.”

    Keith and Nelson had been married a year when Keith’s boss invited them to his daughter’s wedding. It was to be a big society event with the reception held in the ballroom of an historic hotel near Central Park. Black tie. No expense spared. “Let’s do this right and get a suite there for the night,” Keith suggested when they received the invitation. “We can party, get trashed, and then fuck our brains out upstairs when it’s over.” Needless to say, Nelson loved the idea.

    Nelson also loved Keith — from the moment he first saw him. Fuck, he’s gorgeous, was Nelson’s initial thought. It was only a bonus that Keith also happened to be a brilliant young lawyer. They met on a hot summer day on the F train when it stalled for nearly an hour just short of Nelson’s station. The subway car was hot and crowded. Keith and Nelson found their sweaty bodies pressed together. Keith was on his way to a first date. Claustrophobic, Nelson was struggling not to lose it. Keith, a total stranger to Nelson, rubbed his back and kept him calm.

    When they finally made it to the fresh, open air of the next station, Keith informed Nelson that his date had rudely canceled by text because he was late. “Just as well,” Keith joked. “I’m a sweaty mess.” Nelson tried to hide his excitement at Keith’s misfortune. “My place is just a block away. You’re welcome to my shower,” Nelson offered casually. Keith didn’t take a shower. Well, not right away. Instead, he fucked Nelson’s brains out.

    After Keith collapsed upon Nelson, their sweaty bodies once again pressed together like in the subway, Keith kept his big cock inside Nelson’s used hole as he slowly went soft. Stroking Keith’s sweaty back, Nelson was certain he’d finally found the one.” Keith finally pulled out of him, his load trickling out of Nelson’s hole, and went to piss. Nelson nearly texted all his friends to tell them he’d met the love of his life. When Keith returned from the bathroom, Nelson joked, “I need to send your date a thank you note for canceling. He made my day.” Keith laughed and replied, “That’s sweet, but you mean she made your day. I only date women. I just fuck guys for fun.”

    Nelson felt his world crashing upon him, but it wasn’t the first time he’d fallen for a “straight” guy who likes to fuck guys on the side. Keith asked if they could be fuck buds, and Nelson readily agreed. He’s gorgeous for fuck’s sake, thought Nelson. And if he couldn’t have Keith’s heart, at least Nelson could have his big cock.

    Nelson just never expected to have Keith’s big cock every night. After two months, Keith moved in. After another six months, he proposed. As it turned out, Nelson had Keith’s heart after all. “I guess I’ve always known I’m gay,” he admitted to Nelson one night after they had fucked. “I just needed to burn through enough pussy to finally admit the truth to myself.”

    Thus, pussy was the furthest thing from either of their minds, or so they thought, when they attended the big wedding for the daughter of Keith’s boss. The ceremony had been beautiful. The lavish ballroom reception was coursing around them when Keith leaned over and whispered to Nelson, “I’m so lucky to have you. I used to hate weddings.” Nelson was surprised by this admission, for he knew Keith to be a social guy. “I always felt pressure to get laid at these things,” Keith explained. “It was like I had to prove my manhood by scoring pussy. I’d spend the entire time chasing tail.”

    Nelson knew it was fucked up, but imagining his gorgeous husband fucking some slutty bitch at a wedding was a huge turn on. “I think that’s hot,” he shared with Keith. Egging him on, Nelson asked, “Which bitch here would you fuck if you were still that same guy?” Keith laughed. “I’m not gonna play that game. You don’t want to go down that road.” Nelson placed his hand on Keith’s crotch under the table and whispered, “I do. It turns me on.”

    With Keith’s cock hardening to Nelson’s touch, Keith began to scan the room. His eyes settled on a beautiful woman on the dance floor. She was in a floor-length, silk, champagne-colored, slip gown that Nelson recognized from last spring’s Chanel collection. With a blonde, bobbed haircut, she looked nearly ethereal as she danced in her strappy pair of Louboutins. “Her,” Keith said decisively as he gestured her way. “I would fuck her.” Nelson was taken aback. “Sure, she’s gorgeous, Keith. But she’s married. That’s her husband she’s dancing with.” Keith gave a devious smile and said, “I know. That’s what makes her so desirable.”

    “Pick someone else,” Nelson demanded. “Someone accessible. I want to watch you fuck some bitch in our room tonight.” Keith was floored. “Wait a minute. You’re serious about this? You want to watch me fucking a woman?!” Nelson moved Keith’s hand to his crotch so he could feel his hard cock. “I’m dead serious,” Nelson replied. “I know about all the pussy in your past, and I’ve often fantasized about it. And it’s not like I haven’t seen straight porn. Without straight porn and beer, I’d never have sucked off so many frat boys in college.”

    Keith laughed. “OK then. I’ll do it,” he agreed. “But just this once. And it has to be that woman or the deal is off,” he said while gesturing once again to the married blonde on the dance floor. The two men developed a plan. Nelson was to go upstairs and wait in their darkened hotel suite. Keith had thirty minutes to seduce the ethereal married woman and get her upstairs to the suite. It seemed an impossible task to Nelson, who grossly underestimated his husband.

    Nelson had waited barely fifteen minutes, seated in a darkened chair at the far corner of the suite, when he heard the key card opening the door. A woman’s laugh shattered the silence of the room. And then Nelson saw her, the ethereal married woman, being escorted across the threshold into the suite by Keith. “You’re so naughty,” she panted while Keith kissed her neck and pushed her up against the wall of the vestibule.

    Keith gave a subtle look in Nelson’s direction as he slid the right strap of the woman’s gown downward, exposing her right breast. He bent down, and took her hardening nipple into his mouth. “Oh, fuck,” she moaned. “You’ll get me wet in a hurry doing that.” Keith gave a devious laugh, saying, “I know. That’s the plan.” As Keith continued to work her right nipple, the woman reached down and began to undo his belt and zipper. Keith’s pants dropped slightly as she took his hard cock in her hand. “Fuck, you’re big,” she exclaimed. “I’m going to love this big dick inside me.”

    Keith made her request his immediate mission as he began to lift her dress. “No panties?” he chided. “You little slut.” She gave him a playful slap as she informed him it was to avoid panty lines. His hand was soon up her dress. “Fuck,” Keith exclaimed. “You are wet.” Her head rolled back as he fingered her eager pussy. “I can’t take it anymore,” she moaned. “Get that big dick inside me.”

    The woman gasped as Keith began to work his big cock inside her. Nelson’s ass twitched, knowing the way it feels to take Keith’s big cock. This is all so fucking hot, thought Nelson. The woman’s back arched slightly, signaling Keith was fully inside of her. “Jesus,” she moaned. “You feel so good.” With her body pressed against the wall, Keith began to rhythmically grind his cock in and out of the woman, which is when she slowly turned her head and saw Nelson.

    “There’s a man in that chair … and he’s watching us,” she said urgently. Keith raised her leg to go deeper and replied, “I know. He’s my husband.” Her face turned back to Keith. “Wait? You’re gay?!” she asked incredulously. With his big cock still working her pussy, Keith replied, “Yeah. Is that OK?” A smile spread across her face as she laughed and said, “Are you telling me I’m so fucking HOT that even gay guys want to fuck me?!” Keith returned her smile and replied, “Yeah. That sounds about right. So … You cool with my husband watching us?” She glanced briefly toward Nelson and answered, “The whole damn hotel can watch us as long as you keep giving me that big cock.”

    Keith took that as his cue and began to work her pussy hard. Of course, he had fucked Nelson with the same intensity on many occasions, but it was fun for Nelson to be a spectator this time. The way Keith’s body moved and swayed in response to her was a master class in fucking. Nelson realized that his hung, handsome husband was truly a fuck machine.

    But what happened next transfixed Nelson. The woman began to emit a low moan. It was gutteral and almost primeval at the start, but began to grow in both pitch and intensity. “Oh … Oh … Oh … OH GOD,” she screamed as her body shuddered orgasmically. Keith began to pick up the pace as he jackhammered her against the wall. His thrusting suddenly slowed, and Nelson could tell by Keith’s breathing that he was cumming in her pussy. The woman slumped against Keith. Nelson thought she had passed out, but her arms held steadfast around Keith’s neck as he finished emptying his balls inside her.

    Keith pulled out of her and stuffed his wet cock back in his pants as she pulled down her dress and bolted into the bathroom. Two minutes later, she emerged with her hair fixed and her lipstick reapplied. “You look ravishing,” Keith told her. “I should,” she joked. “You just ravaged me.” She then slipped Keith her business card from her beaded clutch and said, “Call me. Would love to see you again.” As she opened the door, she turned back and called to Nelson, “You’re a lucky man. Thanks for sharing him.”

    Keith sauntered toward Nelson. “So what do you think, lucky man?” he asked. “Did you enjoy the show?” Nelson was nearly speechless, but told Keith it had to be one of the hottest things he’d ever witnessed. “But enough about me,” Nelson insisted. “Did you like her pussy?” Keith paused before finally answering with, “Her cunt felt good. But so does my right hand. What feels the best … is you.” Tossing her card in the trash, Keith came closer to Nelson and kissed him. Nelson could tell by Keith’s tenting tuxedo pants that he was hard again.

    “How about we blow off the rest of that stuffy reception downstairs, and I fuck you in this plush, overpriced hotel bed?” Keith asked while undoing his pants again. Nelson stood up to kiss him and replied, “Nah. I want you to fuck me up against that wall.”

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    He can have me anyway he wants.


    “What do you think of these briefs, son?”

    “Damn, Dad. Those are fucking hot. You gotta date tonight?”

    “Yeah. That bitch with the big tits who hit me up on Tinder last night.”

    “Awesome. You gonna fuck her pussy?”

    “That’s the plan, son.”

    “Did you empty the chamber?”


    “You know … did you jack off and empty your balls so you can last longer with her.”

    “Shit, no. That’s a thing?”

    “Yeah. When did you cum last?”

    “Uh … like five days ago.”

    “Damn, Dad. You need to bust that nut before you fuck her or you’re gonna shoot your wad as soon as you get inside that snatch.”

    “Fuck. I’m supposed to pick her up in like thirty minutes, and it takes me forever to shoot my load when I jack myself.”

    “You wanna fuck my ass real quick? My tight hole will have you nutting in no time.”

    “Shit, son. That’d be great. Can I … uh … what’s the word you faggots use for cumming in the guy’s ass?”

    Breed? Yeah, Dad. You can definitely breed my cunt with that big, hairy dick.”

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    I love Daddies


    “That what you needed, boy? A big dick up your ass?” he asked, nibbling on my ear after he had destroyed my hole. “Yeah,” I moaned, reveling in the feeling of his warm load inside me. “Your cock was exactly what I needed.”

    I had never liked Mr. Kowalski. He and his wife lived next to my parents and he tormented me throughout my childhood. He’d yell at me for playing too close to his precious yard. He wouldn’t return my baseballs when they went over his fence. And he’d tell me to get the fuck off his porch whenever I came by selling popcorn and shit for school. By the time I was in high school, Mr. Kowalski would just stare me down with a look telling me that he knew I was a faggot.

    Mr. Kowalski became a distant memory when I left for college. My freshman year, I met Carter, who became the love of my life. Carter was a year ahead of me and the hottest jock I’d ever met. We got an apartment together sophomore year. I was happy beyond belief . . . until I found out Carter was sticking his big dick in just about every twink who lived in our complex. I was devastated and returned home to spend the summer with my family.

    “You gotta get out of the house, Robby,” my dad urged me after a week of wallowing at home. “Go for a run,” Dad suggested as he and Mom were leaving for work one morning. “It’ll help to clear your mind.” So I took my dad’s advice, laced up my runners, and hit the pavement. On the run, I tried not to think of Carter and all the other boys he fucked behind my back, but it was useless. I was an emotional wreck again by the time I arrived back to the house.

    “Hey . . . uh . . . Robby,” a voice called as I walked up the driveway. It was Mr. Kowalski. Fuck. No good had ever come from an interaction with him. I gave a polite wave and attempted to hurry into the house, but Mr. Kowalski followed me up to the door. “Your father told me about what happened with your boyfriend,” Mr. Kowalski began. “That’s a damn shame.” I nodded, wondering why the fuck my dad had discussed my troubled love life with Mr. Kowalski. “Well, you know the old saying,” Mr. Kowalski proffered. “The best way to get over one guy is to get under another.” And then he winked. What the fuck was happening? I stood there dumbfounded until things became abundantly clear.

    “You want this cock, boy?” asked Mr. Kowalski, gripping the bulge in his pants. “Because I think you could use some dick right now.” Jesus, he was right. I really did need some dick to take my mind off Carter. But Mr. Kowalski?! Time seemed to stand still as I weighed his offer. Sure, the guy had always been a total asshole, but I had to admit Mr. Kowalski was kinda hot with his manly scruff and his muscular body. His bulge also looked promising. And I couldn’t deny that I’ve always had a soft spot for daddies. “Sure,” I finally agreed, opening the door for us. “You can come in and fuck me.”

    “Jesus H. Christ, you’re tight,” Mr. Kowalski gasped moments later upon working his cock into me with just his spit, pinning me down on my twin bed. My hole is known to be tight, but the larger issue was the size of his cock. Fuck, he was huge. “All these years I’ve known you were a faggot,” he hissed in my ear. “And I knew one day I’d get this big dick inside you.” He was pounding me hard, all his weight upon me. “Yeah, faggot. My wife won’t let me fuck her pussy hard like this . . . but you ain’t my wife,” he laughed. I couldn’t imagine his wife taking his big dick at all. Maybe that’s why they never had kids. Fuck, he was pulverizing me. I didn’t know how much longer I could take it, but that mystery was soon solved.

    “FUCK,” Mr. Kowalski suddenly bellowed. “I’m about to bust in your hole, faggot. You hear me? I’m gonna fuckin’ cum inside your tight cunt.”Immediately, he began to grunt as his whole body convulsed on top of me. It felt like a cum cannon had erupted inside of me, his cock pulsing and throbbing in my hole. As his balls reached empty, he collapsed upon me, a sweaty mess. Pulling his cock out of me, a wave of post-coital ecstasy appeared to wash over him as he began to softly kiss my neck. I was delighted that I had not thought of Carter at all while getting railed by Mr. Kowalski. It was a small step in getting past my break-up with Carter, but an important one.

    “That what you needed, boy? A big dick up your ass?” Mr. Kowalski asked, nibbling on my ear after he had destroyed my hole. “Yeah,” I moaned, reveling in the feeling of his warm load inside me. “Your cock was exactly what I needed.” He gave a stretch, standing to get dressed, a drip of cum still dangling from his cock head.

    “What time your parents get home?” he asked, stuffing his cock back into his shorts. “Uh . . . Usually around 5 pm,” I replied. “Why? You need to talk to them or something?” A devious smile spread across Mr. Kowalski’s face. “No, boy,” he replied. “I want to pound another load into you before they get home. I’ll come by around 4 pm. Find some lube before then, so I don’t rub my dick raw in that tight hole.”

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    Yes sir I will get some lube you are very big.


    “Fuck you’re big,” I exclaimed, barging in on my sister’s hairy, college boyfriend who was staying with us and using my shower.

    “Nah. I’m pretty average,” he laughed, tossing his head back to wash his hair.

    “Average?! Dude, the average guy’s cock doesn’t hang down to his knees,” I informed him.

    “I suppose you would know,” he teased. “Your sister tells me you’re a slut for dick.”

    “Ha!” I laughed. “My sister speaks the truth. How ‘bout I suck that big cock for you?”

    “If I wanted a blow job, I could get any faggot at the gym to suck me,” he stated, soaping up his hard cock. “What I’d really like is to fuck your ass.”

    “Have at it, bro,” I offered, pulling off my clothes and presenting my ass to him in the shower.

    “Fuck, man. You’re hole is tight,” he exhaled, pushing into me, his hands on my shoulders.

    “Christ,” I gasped, my hole stretched beyond its limit. “Just promise me you won’t tell my sister you fucked me. She’ll fuckin’ kill me.”

    “No can do,” he laughed, pounding the shit out of me. “If you can handle my big dick up your ass, then she needs to finally let me have a crack at her back door.”

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    With a cock that big I know I would have it up my ass.


    “Are you sure about this, Dad?” I asked with him kneeling before me, looking up into my eyes.

    “Yes, son,” he affirmed. “You’re eighteen today. I sucked off your older brother when he turned eighteen, and now it’s your turn.”

    “How come you guys never told me about this?” I inquired in disbelief.

    “It’s a discreet family tradition. Your grandpa serviced both Uncle Ted and me when we reached maturity. Now I get to service you and your brother, as often as you like.”

    “OK,” I agreed hesitantly, pulling out my cock.

    “Nice,” Dad exclaimed, grasping for it. “I see you inherited my big dick. I’m gonna enjoy this. You’re brother isn’t endowed like us. But don’t tell him I said that,” Dad said with a wink.

    “Fuck, Dad,” I moaned as he went to work on my big dick, taking me to the balls. “Where do you want me to cum?”

    “Wherever you want,” Dad assured me. “You can shoot down my throat or on my face. Your brother actually likes to spray my hairy chest with his wad.”

    “That all sounds hot, Dad,” I replied. “But what if I might rather cum up your ass?”

    “Damn, boy,” Dad exclaimed, undoing his pants. “You’ve always been my favorite.”

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    Like to be Daddy, that’s it boy seed my hole good.


    “Hold there guys,” the photographer ordered, readjusting his camera for the photo shoot. “You’re hard as a rock,” the nude model straddling me observed, my big cock pressed firmly against his tight hole. “Slide it in,” the model encouraged me. “You know you want it inside me.”

    I needed the money. I could barely afford my college tuition and books. But when you tossed in beer money and trying to keep up with my fraternity brothers, I was constantly in need of cash. So when I saw a flyer posted on a bulletin board at the campus gym that advertised in big letters “EASY MONEY,” my interest was piqued.

    The fine print on the flyer didn’t seem so bad. A local photographer was looking for male models for “athletic photos,” whatever the fuck that meant. You had to be 18 to 25. Check. You had to be attractive. Check. And you had to be muscular and fit. Check.

    I called the number on the flyer, and the deal seemed legit. The photographer offered me $200 bucks for a two-hour photo session. I’d have to strip down and show my body, but my cock would never be exposed. “I do tasteful black and white nude photos,” he informed me over the phone. “I celebrate the athletic shape of the male body through my work.” I told him I was game and he invited me to his home studio the next day.

    The photographer was not what I anticipated when he opened the door. I guess I expected some sissy faggot who just likes taking pictures of hot guys, but this guy didn’t seem that. He was tall and muscular. Deep voice. Definitely over 50. He looked like a retired football coach. But the pink, leopard-print sofa in his living room told me he was definitely a faggot.

    “You’ve got the look I like,” the photographer said while inspecting me up and down. “Let’s get you upstairs in my studio and see what you’ve got.” Two minutes later I was upstairs and removing my clothes for him. “Yes, you will work quite well,” he assured me. “You’ve got great definition, which shows up nicely in black and white. And I’m glad you’re a bit hairy. Too many guys your age shave their bodies. I want my men to look like men.” Then looking down at my cock, he exclaimed, “Fuck, you’re hung. You straight?” When I nodded yes, he chuckled and said, “I bet the bitches love getting fucked by that piece of meat.” I felt certain he would also love it, so I kept my mouth shut.

    The photo shoot itself was pretty easy. As the photographer promised, my cock was covered the entire time, or my body was angled so you couldn’t see my junk in the photo. He put me through a variety of poses and backdrops. “You’re a natural,” he told me. “The camera loves you.” What I loved was the $200 bucks he handed me at the end of the session. “So when can I come back?” I asked eagerly. “Next week?” He laughed and said no, that he might not need me for another month. I was disappointed and told him I needed more money.

    “Well,” the photographer began with some hesitation. “I do have another project on which I’m working.” He then pulled out a portfolio containing black and white photos of guys fucking. “Porn?” I asked incredulously. “No fucking way. I’m not doing gay porn,” I protested. The photographer raised his hand to stop me. “It isn’t pornography,” he insisted. “This is erotica. Look closely at the photos. You cant see if the men are actually fucking. It’s all simulated. The suggestion of sex can be more powerful than seeing the act itself.”

    Real or not, I still had no interest in doing erotica or whatever the fuck he called it. It was gay porn to me. I turned to leave, saying, “No thanks.” But before I was out the door, the photographer called out, “It pays $500 for two hours work.” I stopped dead in my tracks. “OK. I’ll do it. But I’m NOT sticking my dick in some guy. It’s all pretend, right?” He nodded in agreement. “Come back tomorrow. 2 pm,” he instructed. “You’ll be with Eros. $500 bucks.”

    Eros was already upstairs in the studio when I arrived the next day. I was relieved to find he also looked masculine, but his sexuality was unquestionable when he got a look at my cock and said, “Damn, you’re hung. I wish you were gonna fuck me for real. Would love to have that up my ass.” His candor embarrassed me, and I instinctively covered my cock with my hand. “I’m sorry,” he apologized. “The photographer told me you’re straight. I’ve worked with a lot of straight models before. I promise to be on good behavior.” I was dubious, but thanked him.

    The photographer soon arrived upstairs, and began to set up the shots. We began with a series of photos in which Eros simulated sucking me off. It was a little uncomfortable, as Eros had to have his face in my crotch, mere inches from my cock. Most of the photos were taken with Eros kneeling before me with my hands on his head and my head arched back as if he was giving me the best head of my life, even though Eros was really just staring at my pubes. It all seemed a bit cheesy to me, but the photographer seemed happy with the shots.

    “OK … Now time for you two to fuck,” the photographer announced. My face turned pale white as he laughed and said, “Relax. It’s just simulated, remember?” We started with some shots in which Eros was bent over a couch with me pretending to fuck him from behind. Once again, my head was arched back in faux ecstasy. My cock had to be close to his hole, but not touching. That would soon change.

    The next shot required us to be on the floor with Eros straddling me. As the photographer prepped the scene, Eros grabbed some lotion from his bag and began to slather his hole and ass crack with it. “What the fuck is that for?” I demanded. “To prevent chafing,” he replied. “Your cock is going to be rubbing against me a lot in this next position. Trust me. You’ll thank me for the lotion.”

    Sure enough, as Eros promised, my cock had to rub up against his hole in the next series of shots as we simulated intense fucking. It was unavoidable. What was also unavoidable is that I started to get hard. I had no problem staying soft when we had no contact in the earlier shots, but that had changed. And the lotion that Eros slathered all over his ass wasn’t helping things. “Mmm,” Eros began to moan at the touch of my hard cock against his hole. “It feels to me like the straight guy is getting turned on.” I wanted to push him off me and bolt out the door, but then I remembered the $500 bucks. I ignored Eros, focused on the money, and tried to zone out as he gyrated against my hard cock through a series of photos.

    But my concentration was broken when the photographer announced he was having an issue with his camera. “Hold there guys,” the photographer ordered. “This will only take a moment, and I don’t want you guys to move and fuck up the continuity of the shots.” I held still, but Eros didn’t. He began to grind hard against my cock, pressing his hole firmly at my cock head. And as much as I wanted to deny it, it felt fucking incredible. I’m not gay. But I dare you to find any guy who could withstand a wet, puckered hole rubbing up against his hard cock without wanting to be inside it. I wanted to be in that hole. And Eros knew it.

    “You’re hard as a rock,” Eros whispered. “Come on. Slide it in me.” I couldn’t take it anymore. As he continued to grind against me, I raised my hips and allowed my big cock to penetrate his hole. Instantly discovering that his tight hole had been breached, Eros took over and began to bare down on my cock. I was soon balls deep inside him. “Fuck,” he cried out. “Your cock is so big. Damn.” His outburst soon had the photographer’s attention. “Well, well, well,” he chuckled while licking his lips. “This just got interesting. Keep fucking him,” he directed. “I love when my work has authenticity.”

    Not needing any further approval than that, I began to work Eros’s hole while he straddled me. “Kiss,” the photographer ordered, and Eros leaned forward and kissed me. I could hear the photographer’s camera clicking furiously. “Yes,” the photographer roared. “Fuck that faggot’s hole. These photos are going to be fucking awesome.” Eros began to work in concert with me while he supported himself on his muscular legs. As I raised my hips to go deeper inside him, Eros came down hard on my cock, bobbing up and down. My balls were getting tight. “You got enough film yet?” I called out urgently to the photographer. “Because I’m about to bust.” The photographer nodded while calling out, “Yeah, breed that faggot. Give him your load.” I did just as I was told, and soon flooded Eros’s guts.

    Eros soon collapsed upon me. We were both sweaty and sticky. He pulled off my cock, and I could feel my load washing out of his hole and covering my cock and balls. As Eros leaned down to lick me clean, the photographer kept snapping away. “I thought you didn’t like to have a cock in your photos,” I asked the photographer. “Yes,” he admitted. “But these last shots will be for my own spank bank.” After we had cleaned up and dressed, the photographer handed us our cash for the session. Eros said goodbye, but the photographer asked me to hang back for a minute.

    “You’ve got some real talent,” the photographer complimented. “And I don’t mean just that big cock. You know how to fuck and the camera loves you.” I thanked him, but didn’t know where this was going. “I have a colleague who produces gay porn films. I could pass his number along to you.” I scrunched up my face. “No thanks,” I protested. “Fucking Eros was a one and done. Sure, it felt good, but I’m not gay.” The photographer gave a twisted smile. “My boy, you don’t have to be gay to do gay porn. Half of the guys in gay porn are straight. They call it ‘gay for pay,’ you know.” I still had no interest, but asked how much it would pay. “Well,” he answered. “My colleague pays newcomers $1,800 a scene. It goes up from there. And you can demand more money with that big cock. Maybe $2,500 a scene.” My jaw dropped. “Lemme get you his number,” the photographer insisted. “I’ll tell him to anticipate your call.”

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    Wish I was Eros , this sounds very HOT.



    “Congrats, man. Golf and cigars are in order. I heard you popped the question last night, and that Lisa said yes!”

    “Thanks, bro. But I’m regretting it now.”

    “Aww. Don’t say that, man. It’s only natural to have cold feet. Lisa is a total catch.”

    “I know. It’s not that. Now that we’re engaged, she wants to have a ‘second virginity.’ Can you fucking believe it?”

    “Second virginity? What the fuck is that?!”

    “It means no more sex until the wedding. No fucking. No blow jobs. No hand jobs. Nothing. She wants to feel ‘pure’ again when she walks down the aisle.”

    “How long is that gonna be?”

    “A year. Next June is the wedding. My balls are gonna fucking pop by then.”

    “Uh … I used to bend over for a few frat buds in college. I’ll gladly be your cum dump for the next year, man.”

    “Christ. Are you serious, bro? That would be fucking awesome. I just need an easy, warm hole to dump my load. How about right now?”

    “Fuck yeah! But don’t you wanna finish our golf game first?”

    “Fuck that, bro. I need to drop a load. How ‘bout you bend over for my big cock in the clubhouse sauna?”

    “Works for me, as long as you breed my hole.”

    “You know it, bro. I’ve got a 4-day load for you, and I fucking shoot like a cannon.”

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    Bro’s before hoe’s


    His hand braced against the bathroom wall, his thick cock in hand, he let out a grunt as the last of his load blasted my face. With his cum streaming down my bearded chin, I looked up into his eyes and asked, “So does this mean I got it? I’m a partner now?”

    It was perhaps the biggest day of my law career. I had been an associate attorney with the law firm of Morehead & Cox for ten years when I was invited to interview for partner. Making partner in such a prestigious firm is a big deal, and I was determined not to blow it.

    Digby Morehead was the managing partner of the firm. Shortly before my interview with the other partners, he showed up to my office to escort me to the boardroom. Dressed in a bespoke suit, a Rolex clasped to his wrist, Mr. Morehead exuded the success I hoped to achieve as a partner.

    “I need to make a pit stop, son,” he announced as we passed the men’s room on our way to the boardroom. “Join me.” I dutifully followed him into the men’s room as he sidled up to a urinal to take a piss.

    “Thank you for this opportunity to interview for partner, Mr. Morehead,” I ingratiated, the sound of his forceful stream echoing through the men’s room as he drained his bladder.

    “You’re not getting partner today, son,” he announced, his back to me has he continued to piss.

    “What do you mean?” I asked incredulously. “I haven’t even had my interview yet.”

    “The interview is just a courtesy,” he replied. “The other partners feel you’re not ready yet. I’m sorry, but you don’t have enough votes to be partner.”

    “Please, Mr. Morehead,” I begged. “I want to make partner today. I’m willing to do anything.”

    “Anything?” he asked, turning to face me, his pants still undone with a drop of piss dangling from the tip of his big, floppy cock.

    A moral dilemma raged in my brain. I wanted to be partner more than anything, but I wanted to achieve the distinction on the merits of my career, not because I sucked off my boss. Then again, it would be embarrassing to leave the interview without an offer of partner, my tail tucked between my legs. Who hasn’t sucked the proverbial cock of life to get ahead in this world? My decision was made.

    “That’s a boy,” Mr. Morehead encouraged as I dropped to my knees on the tile floor and took his hardening cock down my throat. “Yeah, work this cock. I’ve got a big load in these balls for you.”

    Mr. Morehead’s cock had enlarged to a massive nine inches and was soon abusing my tonsils as he grabbed the back of my head and began to face fuck me with abandon. “You like this cock, boy?” he inquired.

    “Uh huh,” I admitted with a quick breath before he shoved his cock balls deep in my throat again. I couldn’t deny that I was loving his big dick. I hadn’t smoked a cock since my fraternity days, but quickly recalled the thrill of being used by an alpha in need.

    “You sure know how to throat a dick,” he praised, his hand moving to the tile wall to brace himself as my head banged the wall with each thrust. “My bitch of a wife doesn’t suck me anymore, so I could use a dedicated cocksucker like you to keep my balls drained.”

    From the way Mr. Morehead was pounding my throat, I knew his balls would soon be drained. “Aww, FUCK. Here it comes,” he bellowed, his balls slapping against my chin.

    A warm, salty blast of cum hit the back of my throat. And then he did something unexpected, pulling his cock from my mouth and spraying my face with his load. One blast of cum narrowly missed my eye as his jizz went flying. His hand braced against the bathroom wall, his thick cock in hand, he let out a grunt as he finished glazing my face.

    With his cum streaming down my bearded chin, I looked up into his eyes and asked, “So does this mean I got it? I’m a partner now?”

    “Yeah, boy,” he laughed. “You were always going to make partner. We’re very pleased with your work here at the firm.”

    “What? I don’t . . . I don’t understand,” I stammered. “I thought you said I wouldn’t get enough votes to make partner.”

    “Nah,” Mr. Morehead chuckled. “I was just messing with you. Some good-natured hazing. I had bet the rest of the partners one-hundred bucks each that you’d let me spray my load on your face. Wait until they see I was right.”

    Just then the men’s room door opened and in walked the rest of the partners. Circling around me, they began to pull out their hard cocks.

    “Congrats on making partner,” Mr. Morehead boomed as a senior partner grabbed me by the back of the head and thrust his cock down my throat. “I think you’re gonna be a great success here, boy.”

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    I would take it.


    “Dude. Smell my pits,” my favorite, hairy, suck bud commanded while taking in his own heady aroma.

    “Mmm. I love it!” I exclaimed after going in for a deep hit of his manly scent.

    “Are you kidding?” he asked incredulously. “I’m nasty. It had to have been over a 100 degrees in the warehouse today.”

    “I love your man funk,” I assured him while unzipping his jeans and pulling down his briefs. His thick, 8-incher was already hard and nearly smacked me in the face. However, it was the intoxicating aroma of his full, hairy bush that slayed me.

    “It’s like a swamp down there,” he apologized as I begin to lick and suck his pungent, hairy balls. “I can take a quick shower, if you prefer.”

    “Are you kidding me?” I protested. “Your scent is raw man at its finest. I fucking love it.” I began to take his cock in my mouth, the taste full of musk, sweat, and pheromones. I felt nearly inebriated by the potent cocktail of his brawny smell and taste.

    “Aww, fuck you know how to treat this cock,” he growled as I began to work his thick meat with the rhythm and intensity that always makes him bust a huge nut. “SHIT, man. Keep going. Oh, FUCK … Keep going … I’m gonna bust, man … AWW, FUCK … DAMN.” He then grunted like a bear and flooded my mouth with his thick, warm load.

    “Damn, you know how to suck a dick,” he praised. “I love that you’re a dirty cocksucker. My wife never touches my cock if I haven’t showered first.”

    “If you think that was dirty,” I quipped, “maybe you should try sticking it up my ass and seeing just how dirty I can get.” He was an “oral only” guy and had never fucked me before, but his cock was instantly hard again at the suggestion of fucking my ass.

    “I oughta text my wife,” he said while fishing his phone out of his crumpled jeans, “and tell her I’m going to be about an hour late.”

    “Better make it two hours,” I advised, while reaching for my lube.

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    Sounds great to me