It started as a joke. You saw the cow print bikini pop up online while you were looking for something else and it was only a few dollars extra to add to your order. At the time you were only in your second month and you thought it would be a funny Halloween joke in a few months time to poke fun at how much of a fat, disgusting cow this pregnancy was temporarily going to make you.

    But as your body started to really change you were surprised that you didn’t feel gross or disgusting at all. Rather it seemed like all the weight you were gaining was going straight to the parts of you that were already curvy to begin with.  The way your belly was growing and rounding in front of you wasn’t fat, it was feminine, the mark of a real woman who had been good and properly knocked up by her potent man. When you put the bikini on the first time you were shocked, and more than a little turned on, by how good it made you look. Your swollen breasts stretched the top, which had probably been the correct size before you’d gotten pregnant, to it’s bursting point while the bottoms continued to scrunch up and disappear between your widening hips and thickening thighs.

    Every couple of weeks you would pull the bikini out and try it on again, marveling both at how much tighter it became and also how much better you looked in it each time you did so. And each time you did, the though of being a human cow seemed less insulting and more arousing. Was it so bad to enjoy having a big, feminine belly and heavy breasts filled with milk? Now that you too are knocked up and making milk you can now see the appeal.

    That night you waited in the bedroom for your husband, once again wearing the bikini. You’d long ago given up pretending to wear the outfit ironically, and you’d even stopped wearing lingerie because the bikini was by now your favorite sexy outfit. As you sat there eagerly awaiting his return, you caught a glimpse of yourself in the full body mirror. The sight of your heavy, ultra-feminine body crammed into the tiny outfit was enough to make one hand move to knead a heavy breasts,  while the other drifted down from your round belly to play with your already-wet cunt. Softly, quietly, you let out the fainest little “moo” and your first orgasm came crashing down.


    Another day, another pregnant girl who couldn’t resist dressing up as a cow.


    I would so do this too