HoneyyBeeBby wants to be a Karaoke Champion…



    imagine her slowly lowering them onto your face

    then imagine her growing bigger her lowering them onto your entire body

    growing even bigger and dropping them onto your house

    bigger still, dropping them onto your hometown

    still growing? yep. dropping them onto your state/province/region. hell, your entire country is on its way to be buried by her

    you think we’re stopping at planet size? lol. lmao even. two flesh planets slowly descend upon the earth. RIP


    it can get to a certain point, where you’re so big, you can’t tell anymore.

    maybe you are getting bigger, but who cares? what’s another inch here, another inch there, maybe you go up a cup size (again). meh, it all balances out in the end.

    your clothes are always going to be tight. your chest is always gonna be in the way. you’re used to it by now

    it’s worth it for the unlimited attention, love, gifts, money, favors that they bring. the only part that gets annoying sometimes, is all the questions.

    “what size are you?”

    “are they real?”

    “does your back hurt?”

    “will you shrink me to the size of an ant and stuff me in your bra?”

    you’ve learned to block it out most of the time. some days you just wish they grew big enough that you dont have to hear it anymore. just to be a big wall of tits. you are like, halfway there anyways