There's no stopping now.

I'm far too fucking big.

I can't even go a few steps without being winded.

I'm so heavy... I just don't want to move anymore.

I need to be stuffed.

To be pushed.


I need someone to help me reach my goal.

So I have an excuse. Someone to blame other than myself for my mindless gluttony.

Someone to fill me passed the turning point. I'm tired of moving.

My body is so heavy with fat already it's exhausting.

I just need to gain another hundred pounds or so to be done with it. Done with getting out of bed. To be purely immobile.

It's my dream to suck down food 24/7

To be a large, wobbling, pile of flesh.

Greedy and fat.

It's tiring walking even to the fridge to fill myself, which takes a lot now.

I need somebody to feed me. To force food into me so I'm bound to the bed by my own weight.

Held down my hundreds of pounds of sloshing fat. Only waiting to grow bigger.

I want to be propped up so I don't suffocate with so much weight on my chest.

Heart pounding with every slight adjustment.

Hell, I don't want to even be able to move my arms and legs. Just a huge blimp of a human, barely alive. Being stuffed to death without mercy.

So make sure you are dedicated to ruining me, it's for my own good. I'm too goddamn fat to turn back now.

I need this so badly. Rub me and use me as your big soft pillowy fuck toy.

Feed me and fuck me at the same time.

As long as I don't have to move anymore.

I just need to be filled for you.




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