“Wakey wakey sweetie!”

    “Kate!?! What's going on? How are your- they’re so bi-.. but your sister..”

    You frantically crawled to the corner of the bed. This was a trap, it had to be, Michelle was behind this and-

    “You can calm down cutie! Michelle is.. well .. gone. ..Oh don’t look so forlorn she was such a bitch to you! Always has been a bitch to be honest but the way she was talking to you last night! After she sent you to bed she kept going on and on about how she took a bunch of your height and musclemass for her new curves and how you were so obsessed with her boobs you'd do whatever she says and she stole all your money and she wouldn’t even let you touch them and blablabla. She was a pretty sloppy witch so it wasn't hard to tweak the spell, I just had to-"

    “Michelle's a witch?!?”

    “..Well yeah... of course she is. Or was, anyway, I sent her away and I'm not totally sure where. It was definitely somewhere hot though! ..Probably one of the Hells... I drank quite a lot last night so I can’t be totally sure. Short version is you’re never going to see her again.”

    Grief and intense relief flooded through you at the same time as you heard this. Kate moved slightly and you found that any sadness disappeared as your eyes were drawn to the huge, jiggling tits of her younger sister. You couldn’t quite believe it but she was even bigger than Michelle had been.

    “I don't think she would have used her breasts to control you if she knew someone could take them but.. well.. the bad news is that Michelle made it so you can't live without her tits.. you'll get depressed or go mad or maybe die.. I'm not totally sure about that either..”

    "..Oh god.. so I'm going to.."

    "Ah! No don’t worry! It's fine! Y'see her boobs own you right?"

    "..R-right" You reply instantly and involuntarily. You shudder.

    "Sorry to make you say it hon’ but it's the easiest way for you to really get it.. Anyway her tits are mine now so that means you’re mine as well! I mean  Michelle might have been a bitch but she did make you really cute! Especially with that look you get whenever you look at her-I mean my rack..l.. yeah that’s the one. So you can stay here with me instead! It’s gonna be great! You’ll have some humongous tits you can bury your face in while we sleep and I’ll have a cutie to snuggle up with when I watch TV! Sound good?”

     You weren’t sure what she’d said after the word “rack” and you started staring intently at Kate’s cleavage. You definitely heard “tits” and something about burying your face somewhere so putting two and two together (kind of) you nodded dazedly. Kate beamed.

    “Great! So I was thinking maybe today we’d hang out, get Chinese and I’d maybe try and see how many times I can make you cum. Does that sound okay to you sweetie?”


    “Of course we’re not watching the men’s game, little bro, it’s too slow! All the guys that used to be good are in relationships with Affected women and don’t play anymore and the players left are so slow and silly. The pheromones coming off the audience of Affected women really do a number on ‘em. I mean it’s kinda funny to watch them try to play with boners but it’s not really sport.

    The women’s games are always so fast paced and exciting now, too.  And there are so many more goals! Our bodies are just stronger and faster, I mean you look at my chest often enough and you’ve tried to keep up with me on runs. You know that this is what peak performance looks like these days.”

    She lifts her huge tits from underneath before dropping them with a jiggle and a grin.

    “Anyway, it’s nearly starting so you should take off your boxers. You know that when the Valkyries score I get really excited and my pheromones go into overload and... well... it makes you cum, doesn’t it sweetie? But I’ve thought about it and I think instead of feeling embarrassed cumming in your shorts and twitching next to me on the couch you should cum directly on my tits instead. I’ve heard that’ll make me grow faster too! 

    There’s just.. one thing. I don’t like it when you look at some big-titted athlete as you cum so you’re going to keep your eyes on me instead of the game. If you can spend the whole first half without even peeking at the screen... well.. then I’d be so happy I’d have to give you a treat at half time... and an even bigger one at full time... if we win.


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    “Do not forget this, Winston — always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a giant boob mashing into a man’s face — forever.”


    “So, little bro, how do you want to spend the week now mom’s gone?” she purred the moment the front door closed. You sensed a trap, your younger sister had only been a child when the Change occurred and you knew from your short failed attempt at finishing school in a woman’s world that young women were particularly dangerous. 

    “... ...W-well we could-“

    *Pffft* Gotcha! Mom put me in charge, silly! Even though she lets you pretend to be independent and that boys aren’t just cute little, boob obsessed idiots these days. Mom’s soooo old fashioned about some stuff. Ms Durham at school taught us that the Change should be embraced and that boys should do as they’re told.”

    She grinned at you, waiting to see if you would argue with her. You didn’t.

    “Mom’s not really doing you any favors by keeping up pretenses. I’ve seen you hiding boners while watching her do the cleaning or “accidentally” coming into the bathroom while I’m showering. It’s okay, if mom was more with the times you wouldn’t even be allowed pants in the house and you’d be showering with me every day. Wouldnt that be nice?  her tits were at eye level even as she leaned forwards to give you a full view of her awe-inspiring cleavage.

    “Uh...” was all you managed. She giggled.

    “See! You’re just a dumb, horny boy! So this weekend you’re not allowed to wear pants, obviously, boxers either” without thinking about it you started slipping your pants off and she smiled at you as your cock sprang to attention.and we are going to shower together every day! Ms Durham also says that if I make you cum often enough I’ll get even bigger and prettier! Can you even imagine?” your already throbbing, swollen cock twitched involuntarily. Her smile broadened.

    “Ooh and you’ll be sleeping in my bed with me of course! I bet by the end of the week I’ll have you begging mom to let you sleep with me every night. That way your balls will be drained whenever you need it and I’ll be one of the hottest in class before you know it. ..I guess she might want to share if I’m bigger than her by the time she gets back but... ah well, at least I’ve got you to myself this week.” she glanced down again at your cock before looking you straight in the eye with a predatory look.

    “I think it’s showertime now, sweetie. Time to make your big sister’s boobies all soapy and sticky and huge.”


    “Sooooo… you’re saying you needed to interrupt my run to tell me that you found a magic app that lets you alter reality. Doesn’t that sound sort of crazy to you too?

    Lisa> Subject will become as excited to have Master PC work on her as User is.

    “..Crazy awesome, that is! We should go try it out right away at my place! It’s pretty close by. C’mon, jeez, let’s go already!“

    -20 minutes later-


    “Christ I am loving these big tits! You found a really sexy middle ground between huge and humongous… but wait a minute.. was I about to do yoga anyway when you made the changes or am I doing yoga because that’s what Master PC is making want me do?”

    Lisa> Subject will forget about Master PC but remain excited about any changes made. Subject will become easily distracted by her own breasts and loves looking at them.

    “Do I even know how to do yoga? Seems like I’ve mostly just been bending over and jiggling in your direction for the last couple of minutes… not even sure if I’m jiggling because you made me want to jiggle or if that’s just what you do when you suddenly develop huge tits. They are really fun to watch so…”

    As if noticing them for the first time she stares transfixed at her boobs as she shakes them from side to side.

    Lisa> Subject will become more attracted to User the more she looks at her own breasts.

    “… hey are you even watching?” she asked pouting “I’m fairly sure I’m not crouching here and jiggling for my own benefit. The least you could do is put down your phone.”

    Lisa> Subject will not notice User using his phone.

    “Huh… what was I just saying? Guess I was just showing you my new exercise stuff. None of my other clothes fit. I really can’t believe how big they’ve gotten recently… should probably be worried but it’s just been too much fun! Plus you’re really cute and seem to be into them and… just watch them go…”

    She stares down at her own shaking tits again, occasionally glances up to grin at you, and then looks down again.

    “So what do you think?” she asked breathily, eyes snapping back up to you with a grin “I feel like most guys would have taken the hint by now but I can tell you’re not like most guys… “ she gazed at your face with a dreamy look of adoration for a few seconds before her eyes began darting between her still swaying jugs and your face. After a few seconds of this she seemed to snap out of it and looked at you more sternly “but seriously dude if you keep those pants on a second longer I’m gonna rip them off and burn them. Might do it anyway unless you promise to stay the weekend.”


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    “That’s right baby, I’m bigger, and you’re even smaller.”  Your girlfriend Kaitie took a ground-shaking step towards you, causing her massive breasts to jiggle decadently in her robe.

    She giggled down at you, marveling at how small you are, how weak you’re becoming.  “You can’t stop me anymore, can you?” she asks, smirking as she notices the huge tent you’re pitching in your boxers.  Casually, she lets the robe fall to the ground, letting you see her luscious curves in their totality.

    “Don’t you want me to be bigger?” she purrs, sinking to her knees, crawling towards you, her massive tits rubbing heavily along the ground.  You back up, but quickly hit the wall behind you.

    “I know what you want,” she coos, reaching you after a few more moments.  You shudder as her breasts cover your legs, her full lips centimeters from your rock-hard bulge.  “Just cum for me…and I’ll be even bigger for you…I’ll be the woman of your dreams and fantasies…”  Her lips wrap around your cockhead, and she starts to suck…deeper…longer…until you can no longer hold back.

    With a greedy gulp, Kaitie sucks down every drop of cum, chuckling as her body pulses and swells larger, her eyes twinkling with delight as you shrink another foot.

    “See you tomorrow, love,” she growls, jiggling and bouncing from the room.


    “See! You are still boob height when I go like this... yeah I guess I am still getting taller. Another couple of feet and I’ll go see a doctor, I mean it’s fun and everything and my tits are huuuuuuuuuge but I already keep bashing my head on stuff.

    On the plus side I think I’m more flexible now, the news did say something about the changes being different case by case. I mean I don’t think I could have had a conversation in this position before. 

    You do look pretty cute upside down... want to help me figure out just how flexible I am, hon?”


    “Come back to bed! Momma’s looonely…” Candy crooned. 

    That wasn’t her real name, but he was used to that. They never used their real names. She leaned more heavily against the door frame, her leg muscles growing taught, and she slid her hand along the robe that now only came down to the top of her thigh. Her nipples were showing, peaking through the tight white cloth that strained to cover her huge tits. Many women would have been content at this point and stopped. Still, she was eager now, and confident, luxuriating in the sex that she oozed. But he’d seen bigger.

    She blinked and pouted, and her eyes lowered to his member, furled in his tight boxers. Her tongue moved forward to the edge of her lips, displaying genuine hunger, and she bit her lip to try and stop herself. “Candy”’s massive rack was drawing her into a whole new world, and she was beginning to realise it. 

    Still, he could never resist further fulfilling their inner desires. It was a good thing she had the doorway to support her as he hardened, pushing out against his boxers. Her chest heaved in anticipation as he moved closer, and a small moan escaped her lips as she let the robe fall open, exposing a canyon of cleavage to his grasp.

    “M-m-make me bigger. Please.” she whispered, her smouldering act crumbling into the blaze of her desire.Much bigger.” she continued, a groan escaping her as his mouth found a nipple. She sank to her knees, spreading her wobbling legs. “Oh yes, I want to be… enormous!” she moaned, still demure but her passion rising. Her nipples were hard against his hands, and her soft chest throbbed against his hard muscles. He kissed her neck, and felt a wetness against his legs, where she now began to writhe.

    “Ahhh… I want you inside me, I want your b-big hard cock!” she gasped, her hand gripping his shaft and trying to guide him downwards. He continued to nuzzle her neck, moving up along her jaw and cheekbone, while his hands made circles across her boobs. “Please!” she begged.

    “Please, what?” he replied, his voice rough and grinning. 

    “Fuck me!” she cried out. “Pump my tits bigger- bigger than beachballs…” he began to lower his body, his cock slipping out of her hand and sliding up her thigh. His fingers continued to kneed her hot titflesh. The air thundered with a carnal ozone which intensified with each quiver and moan. “I- don’t want to stop!” she squealed, as he filled her tight pussy. “Just keep me growing forever!”

    He idly wondered if she really meant it. The idea excited him, and he felt himself get closer to the edge…


    “Jeez how big am I going to have to make them for him to finally notice?” she thought to herself, scrubbing the already clean table in the hopes that the sight of her huge, jiggling tits would finally provoked some response from you.

    You had noticed some time ago of course, you just figured if ignoring her was only going to make her more desperate and make her jugs even bigger what was the rush in telling her?


    I wanted to send you an ask on your Mind control blog but they're off! When I thought of the premise I knew I had to get it to you to consider- Think of it like writing exercise :) Premise to follow the brainwashing of a proud, almost stuck up girl who's annoyed by her BF's foot fetish to someone who feels kinda hot occasionally throws him a foot job on special occasion, into a completely submissive sex slave who only gets pleasure from her masters orgasm, by any means necessary (foot means)

    Oh yeah thanks for pointing that out, I’ve turned the asks on for @mindcontrolcaptionsfornoone as they weren’t off by design. As for the request I couldn’t do it justice I’m afraid as foot stuff just isn’t my thing.


    Shhhhh, love. There are some things I need to tell you and it wouldn’t do to have you interrupting. I worked out what you were doing hon’, now stay right there sweetie, it’s rude to try to run off when mommy is talking.

    Between the creepy house full of creepy knick-knacks, falling in love with a complete stranger, the changes to my body and the creepy library I put two and two together. I found your special book about 20 minutes after you left.  I know you told me to “stay sexy and horny” for you but I guess you must not have realized I could read and masturbate at the same time. Such a silly boy.

    I’m not going to pretend I’m not happy with what you did to my body, I just love how big and firm my tits are and my complexion has never been better. The sex has been great too and I do just adore you. Unfortunately, sweetie, you must not have realised that my adoration doesn’t exactly stop me from being really pissed off at you for abducting me and magically altering my brain and body. I guess it’s just lucky that you’re not very good at it.

    So onto your… hmmm… let’s not call it a punishment, let’s call it penance. I am going to be a goddess to you from now on after all. Firstly I’m going to have to insist you defer to me in all matters, that means you’ll do as you’re told, sweetie. 

    Secondly I’m making some changes to your body too, those tattoos were a little ridiculous and you went a little overboard with your height and muscles when you altered them. It just wouldn’t feel right for you to be able to look down at me so you’ll be nice and slim and looking up at me adoringly from now on. There! Well don’t you look ever so sweet and lovely?

    You’re also going to be nice, naive, kind, generous and obedient. We wouldn’t want you trying any more funny business now would we?

    Now don’t worry I won’t make any changes to your cock, I wouldn’t take my sweetie’s favorite toy away from him and that at least you did a good job changing… hmmmm speaking of which cock up.

    Good boy.