Gay Incest Fantasies

No - I haven't been sexually molested by any male members of my family - Although I secretly wish I had been. I am an adult boy/son and I am sexually attracted to my dad and cousins - but nothing happened at all - and it has been my inner fantasy since. So I'll release my fantasies on this blog - all the things I wished they have done to me and me to them. Though I am a fan of incest, I do not condone any sexual act towards children and anyone below the legal age, even if they were done by their family members. All photos and videos are not mine and are believed to have models 18 years and older.

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    Meeting a Daddy


    I received the following message. I’m keeping the boy’s identity private as he requested but thought this might be a good time to post a public answer as I get this question frequently.

    hello, sir.

    Ive grown up without a daddy my entire life but love the whole dad son role play in and out of the house. So my question is do you know any daddies (or you) that wouldn’t mind raising a boy right? disciplining me to teach me respect, ordering me to do chores and go to school teaching me be a man but always be the obedient boy I am. If not do you know any place I could look?

    Here’s my response.

    Hello, I received your submission to my inchargedad tumblr blog. Since you submitted by email, I can only respond by posting here. It’s always nice to hear from young guys who are interested in the Daddy/boy scene. About your question, I live in Los Angeles so you’d need to live in the area as well if we wanted to talk about me being your Dad.  Otherwise,  except for a few guys I know online, I don’t know any other Daddies personally.  There are lots of them out there though. The best place to look for them is websites that are about the scene.  Here’s a few you can check out:






    Recon is geared more toward the leather/fetish community bu there are lots of profiles looking for more traditional Dom Daddy/sub boy type relationships.

    There are some other sites out there too which you can find through searches. Remember though that not every Dad will be into what you’re seeking so you should be specific about what you’re seeking in a Daddy. I’d advise not jumping right into meeting. Get to know any potential Dad by talking to him and getting to know him. Ask about what he wants in a boy so you know if he might be right for you. Tell him about yourself so he can tell if you’re the right boy for him. Exchange pictures with him as you’ll both want to know what each other looks like. If you do find someone you want to meet, I also advise meeting somewhere in public at first for coffee or dinner. If things feel right, you can decide if you want to go further. Be careful too, don’t let anyone tell you there’s something you have to do. There are no rules to these kinds of relationships except for what you and your potential Dad both agree on. It’ll probably take some time and effort but hopefully you’ll find the right Dad for you.

    If anyone has any other sites to add to the list or thoughts on the subject, please feel free to reblog with those ideas.

    I went to the gym today.

    I was changing to my gym clothes when I eyed this handsome silver daddy.

    He's looks like an average silver daddy, silver hair, maybe in his late 50's , trimmed facial hair, stocky body type but pretty toned pecs.

    I know he is crusing, because he is just walking around the locker room naked, and his cock is half erect. He is obviously looking.

    His cock looks so attractive, it's about 6 inches, the girth is pretty wide, he is cut, completely looks like a sausage you just want to suck.

    I was torn, I wanna play with him, but I am already on my gym clothes.

    I thought fast, he went in the sauna.

    I hurriedly went in myself, still fully clothed in my gym wear... he's there all alone, naked, his leg spread apart so wide his cock is a complete main attraction.

    "It's pretty cold out, thought I will warm up here first before working out". I said. Gave him a small eye contact them looked straight at his cock.

    "I agree, with ya right there, it is cold out" he said, then he twitched his cock, obviously tempting me.

    I didn't even ask, I just grabbed it, it felt so good to touch.

    "You like that?"... He asked.

    "Yes... Daddy. I said.

    Then I put the tip of my tounge on his pee hole, then spit his cock wet, licked all over the head, before sucking him deep.

    "Ahh that feels great boy".

    He grabbed my cock from the outside of my gym shorts...

    "Why won't you go do your workout first, I'll just be right here. Think about my cock while you're working out". He said.

    That I did... I can't focus on my work out at all, I just wanna go back and suck him off again.

    I do calisthenics, see, so I did my 2 circuits, I usually go with a 3rd but, I am like, no. I gotta go back.

    That I did, I hit the showers first, and went back to the sauna.

    And sure enough, there he is.

    I wanna be intimate at first, so I held him close, I wanna kiss, but he doesn't seem to want to, so I licked and smooched his neck while I press my body unto him.

    "Daddy" I whispered.

    He reached over and grabbed my hard cock and jerked me off real fast.

    "Ahhh" I moaned with pleasure.

    I proceed to suck his cock, but since I am taller than him, he can't play with my cock with his hands.

    So I crossed my legs on his left leg, my cock pressing near below his knee, and humped him like rabbit as I suck him off.

    "Oh that is a good boy"...

    I let myself loose on his cock, licked it, spread it all over my face, sucked it , and while he's inside my mouth, my tongue will play with his cock head, this seems to really pleasure him as he will moan loudly.

    I kept doing that to him...

    "If you will keep doing that I might cum"....

    I looked straight in his eyes and kept going...

    "I am gonna cum" he said... He put his hand on my head, initially I felt like he wanted me to stop sucking so he can cum outside.

    But I want to taste him.

    I shook my head no and kept sucking with my tongue playing on his cock head.

    He understood and relaxed.

    "Okay, you cock bitch, He I cum... Here I cum...Here I cum.

    And that he did.

    His cum tasted like red wine, he had multiple squirts, 2 big ones.

    I kept going, he is shaking, I love that.

    "Okay... Enough" he said sternly as his cock got too sensitive.

    So I stopped.

    Then he motioned me to sit.

    He stood up, was just walking around the sauna.

    I started jerking off, give him a show...

    Afterwards he stood in front of me, then sucked me roughly.

    His head goes up and down pretty fast, he doesn't do any tricks like I did, just bobbled his head on my cock up and down.

    I haven't been blown for a while so it still felt so good. Being inside his mouth.

    Feeling good, I placed my hands under my head as he sucked me fast.

    He looked up, saw me with my hands on my head, he seems to like that visual.

    He stopped sucking, stood up. Then slapped my cock.

    I grunt in paid, but I kept my hands where it is.. I wanna submit.

    he went to town and slapped my cock all over.

    then he used his other hand to play with my nipples, which he will twitch very hard.

    He will switch between slapping my cock and jerking it on one hand while the other is feeling my pecs and twisting my nipples. All the while I kept my hands under my head to show my submission.

    "I am Daddy's toy" I said in between breath.

    "Yes, you are" he confirmed.

    "Can I cum, daddy, please?" I asked.

    "That's alright"

    He stared jerking me off faster, and then I cummed.

    He kept jerking me, I shook as I got too sensitive.

    He won't stop.

    "Yes... that's how it feels... remember earlier you won't stop? now I'll do the same".

    He kept jerking I am shaking, I think a little pee came out but he didn't bother.

    Once he's done, he spread my cum all over my chest and nipples while giggling maniacally.

    After enough rest... there's just silence. I went to the showers, cleaned up, and just went straight home.

    Definitely will be getting a good night sleep.