Gay Incest Fantasies
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    As a grown, adult man, all of my friends keep asking me when I will have a boyfriend and move out from my dad's place.

    I just shrug it off, they have no idea that my own father is my lover.

    And this is how we wake up in the mornings.

    First time in a Bathhouse.

    This just happened to me this afternoon after working out. I’ve been hitting the gym frequently lately and it also made me hornier than usual.

    I don't have any online hook up account.

    So far, The gym sauna and steam room was enough for me to get action.

    But it got boring for me cause, It's the gym and we can't go full all out.

    So I went to the bathhouse in town.

    Reviews aren't good, but I'm curious, so I still went.

    I paid for a room, it was small, enough to fit a twin bed, was only given one towel. Figures this is their way of forcing me to walk around half naked or fully naked.

    Walked around to explore the place, it was dark, mostly consisted of narrow hallways consisting of small rooms similar to mine, one end is a glory hole area, the other is the locker room, sauna and steam room.

    Most are really old men that I dont like, there's a few glory hole action, but that's not what Im after.

    A tall black man came to me and put me in the steam room, we made out, he has good chest from what I can feel, I sucked on his nipples, he started fondling me and I him.

    He asked to go out cause the steam room is getting too hot, temperature wise. I agreed.

    I lost him when I stepped out. So I walked around again, one room was left open, and I can see a hunk playing with himself, So I went in and asked if I can join in, He said yes. 

    I went in, due to his massive and ripped size I assume he’s the dom or the alpha, stereotypical me, but nope, he is very submissive, and proceeded with sucking my cock instead. 

    Pretty much upped my confidence, having this wonderful beast go down on me so hungrily, he’s really cock hungry and slobbered himself on my cock. 

    I switch between holding his head steady as I fuck his head and then caressing his muscular, ripped chest, abs and arms. 

    After face fucking him and a few face slaps - I had him stand up that way I can embrace his upper body thoroughly and hump him as I lick his nipples, we stayed on a locked embrace, his other hand holding both of our cocks tight as I hump, He came as I did that. Damn it, I wanna fuck him and is just warming up. 

    I guess like any one in the bath house, he invited me out soon as he came. Figures. 

    I was walking around again and found myself back at the steam room, this time there is a cute lad, I can see his face thanks to the light coming from a small tainted window, he looked like a young Josh Hartnett, with a massive erection, thick and long, uncut. Pity he ain’t as fit as the other guy, but he is cute and the cock is inviting. 

    Asked if I can kiss him, he said no, But I can touch the rest of his body and blow him. pity, he has kissable lips, but a no is a no. 

    Since I can’t kiss his lips, I started with the obvious, I licked his ears just to give him some tingle as I jerked him off.

    Then I licked his neck, saw that he has pierced nipples so I sucked them. 

    Then I blew him, I kept my eye contact, he was enjoying it, I made his cock as wet as possible, he moans each time I spit on it, lick on his piss slit, and deep throat him. 

    He really has good lips, so as I was blowing him I reached over and put two fingers on it, he did not hesitated and sucked my fingers.

    We stayed like that until he came, I swallowed. It aint that sweet, but whatever, his face as I swallow him is so adorable, I kept sucking just to enjoy the view.

    Like the first guy, he left afterwards, I’m like - what’s wrong with these men? Help a brother out, I need to cum too!

    I stayed where we were even after he left, then I saw a complete Daddy. 

    He’s shorter than me, He’s like, shoulder length. But, looks like in his 50′s, which I like, bald with beard, oh yes, bulky built, not aesthetically muscular/ripped as the first guy I played with, but, for the lack of a better term, he is like muscular but on a fat but not obese side. 

    Again, Total daddy look, I seriously got the hots for him. I wanna do him, 

    I winked at him, he winked back, I took that as a yes, I stood up and kissed him. 

    “I have a room, come with me” I said, I normally aint this assertive, but I know I want him, I just know he is what I was looking for. 

    Soon as we got to the room, we kissed hungrily, then I whispered 

    “I’ll be a good son to daddy”

    He picked up on the role play that I wanna do. 

    “Yes you are a good son” He replied. 

    “Daddy, No - This is wrong, please daddy, let me go” I cooed on my lowest, whispery voice that I can make. 

    “Yes, This is right, Daddy needs to teach his son how to be a man” He replied with a bit of angst. 

    He held me tighter, I pretended to try to get out, 

    “Daddy... No”. 

    He pinned me to the bed, he may be shorter than me, but damn he is strong. 

    “No? why are you rock hard, then Son? You like this, you want daddy like this” 

    I pretended to escape again, totally loving that he gets what I wanna do. I put my hands above my head, pretending as if I’m tied up, he picked up on it and he grabbed my hands by the wrist. 

    “There’s no way out now son” 

    “Daddy please...Mom will be mad...” 

    “Mommy will not know...cause you will not tell her..” 

    We kept going at this talk, in between kisses, I may be on my back and him on top of me, but by default I was humping him, due to his size I was humping near his ass. 

    “Ahh, what is my son trying to do? Sonny boy wanna fuck his own daddy?”

    “I’ll give you the taste of your own medicine” I replied back, I tried to put some anger in that line. 

    “Yeah, show me what you’ve got” he said as he reached over my cock and guide it in him. 

    Oooh he is perfect, not too tight but not too loose, he felt good and warm. 

    I was fucking him, still on my back, him on top of me, his hands still holding mine, then he sat as he fucked himself on me. Pity there is nothing to keep my hands tied together, so I still stayed in position as if my hands are tied. 

    “Yes Son, Give it to your daddy”

    I just can’t help it, so I punched his face, not too hard, but just enough to make the play hotter. 

    “That’s for raping me, your own son”.

    He punched me back, like mine, it’s not too hard, just really for the motion. 

    I signalled for him to punch me on the chest hard. he did, I love it, I punched his face back, then I put him down, now it’s my turn to be on top of him. 

    “You can’t deny you like fucking your daddy” he said. 

    I covered his mouth. 

    “Youre my daddy bitch” I said. 

    All this talk, his warmth plus the prior play is too much for me

    “I’m gonna cum”

    “Cum inside daddy”.

    So I did. I exploded. Oh yes, it’s lots of squirts. 

    “Such a good son, you are” he said. I’m still on top of him, we’re both sweaty, we’re head to head, I kissed him in between “Oh daddy” coos of mine. 

    I am still inside him, he is squeezing me from the inside, it felt so good. 

    Eventually I popped out as my cock softened.Then I rolled to the side of the bed. 

    Remembering how I felt earlier, I told him to put his back on my chest, as we cuddled I reached over his cock and jerked him off. 

    “You like this Daddy?” 

    I reached over to my cock and used my cum surrounding it as lube to jerk him further. 

    “Daddy is cumming son” he said

    “Cum daddy, show me what a man you are” 

    He came, I kept jerking him off as he shakes from his orgasm. 

    “Tell me I’m your boytoy” I whispered. 

    “You are daddy’s toy, be a good toy and clean up daddy with your mouth”

    So I did, all the while he was cooing the usual “That’s what made you, son” as I lick his cock clean. 

    We cuddled afterwards, then we headed to the shower. 

    After all the play, My self confidence vanished soon as my horniness did, I wanna get my daddy’s contact to see if he wanna go out, for coffee, whatever. But I don’t have the courage, he may just be after the sex and like the rest, no longer have interest afterwards. 

    We went out our way afterwards, I saw him go to his car, he drove by me and winked me goodbye. 

    Maybe I could have asked for his number? Damn it. 

    But anyway, I got my release, it’s the best sex I’ve had so far in months.

    I will definitely come back. Hopefully my pretend daddy will be there when I will.