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    “...is that guy missing an arm?”

    <>Carl the Animator: “Huh? Naaaaah.”

    <>Ted the Animator: “You sure?”

    <>Ted the Animator: “Because when he has to move again…”

    <>Carl the Animator: “Hey, man, I know my magical arms.”

    *10 minutes later*

    <>Ted the Animator: “…”

    <>Carl the Animator: “…”

    <>Ted the Animator: “So, he already had his arm, did he?”

    <>Carl the Animator: “Hush. I gave him a third arm just ‘cause I wanted to.”

    Seeing that a character has no lower body is one of the coolest easter eggs *ever.*

    It’s this great moment of seeing something never intended to be found, thanks to non-analog TVs…

    …and though this is far more minor than most…

    …check it out<>. They quickly threw some grey under Fred’s floating torso, just to make sure it wouldn’t be disembodied.

    Across the years of SDM, <>I don’t know that weve ever seen that before!

    <>Carl the Animator: “…whatcha doin’ painting a grey blob under Fred? His pants are blue.”

    <>Ted the Animator: “Just ensuring he won’t be a floating torso.”

    <>Carl the Animator: “That’ll prolly get hidden by TV overscan, though.”

    <>Ted the Animator: “But what if some day, TVs don’t?”

    <>Carl the Animator: “…hmm.”

    <>Ted the Animator: “And some git in the future likes to find weird moments in classic animation, and deliberately looks for this stuff?”

    <>Carl the Animator: “Good point. Show ‘em who’s boss!”

    Oh noes! The gang is trapped in a dungeon!

    And no… 


    <>thats not Shaggy with a kicky mustache – they meet a detective from Puerto Rico… 


    …whos totally not Casey Kasem doing a tiny bit of an accen–

    …Fred? How…


    <>how are you even doing that?

    Sometimes, I wish real life worked on cels, and occasionally we’d just fall through chairs and such because we weren’t on the right layer.

    Ok, so... my air conditioner is *definitely* possessed.

    This is the cursed appliance in question.

    A couple days ago, it stopped listening to the remote<> while it’s turned on.

    No, it’s not that it stopped working.

    It started to obey the remote, exclusively…

    <>when the device is completely off.

    AC off? Remote works perfectly, even transmitting settings. Once remote turns it on?

    Nahhhhh, mate, <>that remote don’t exist.

    I attempted everything. New batteries, multiple resets…

    …time off… every single button… tons of research… no one else seems to have ever had it happen.

    Then it said “lul just kiddi<>n” and started working perfectly out of nowhere exactly 72 hours later.

    <>Because that makes sense.

    I’m just gonna not touch anything and start offering bi-weekly sacrifices to hopefully appease it.