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    Forced Escorting - Part 2

    What the hell was I doing, I should’ve never knocked on the door. I should’ve never gotten caught by my girlfriend in the first place. I mean, the initial outfit was embarrassing enough, now I had to wear this guys wife’s lingerie?! Lucky all I’m here to do is keep him company. 


    I took off my outfit and starting putting on the items laid out for me. I have to admit, it was sorta turning me on a little bit, putting on another woman’s intimates. 
    I rolled the stockings up over my smooth shaven legs


    Next I took the lace bra, clasped it around my waist, and pulled it open over my chest. The realistic breast forms my girlfriend glued onto me were super convincing. I couldn’t tell they were fake. They were a lot bigger than I would have chosen, but after a little adjustment I was able to fit them in the cups of the bra.


    The black lace garter was sexy, this guy’s wife must be a bombshell, why the hell was he paying some girl to just sit around like this for conversation?
    I pulled it up over my waist, and it actually fit perfect. I was really starting to look and feel sexy in this. My girlfriends wardrobe never had anything this glamorous


    Alright, now for the heels.

    I took the the strappy black high heels off the counter and started to put them on. They fit my feet perfect, which I found a little odd. I guess some women do have big feet, but they were sexy as hell, and surprisingly really comfortable for how tall they were..

    After I had finished putting everything on, I took one last look in the mirror to make sure everything was secured properly. Blonde wig, breast forms, belly button piercing my GF made me get last week, stockings, heels


    Jesus, I look like a stripper. This panty doesn’t even cover any of my ass! 
    What am I, a prostitute? I mean, I knew this was sorta like being a call girl, but why did I have to wear such ridiculously revealing clothes just to keep this guy compa


    I leaned over the counter and could feel my ass just fully exposed. I checked my makeup to see if any of it got rubbed off while I was changing. Putting the rest of my stuff back in my bag, I headed out of the bathroom. I couldn’t help but take one last look at myself, I looked like a complete bimbo. 
    “Okay, just go out ther
    e…,” I kept telling myself.
    My senses were going crazy. On one hand I was a little turned on wearing another woman’s hot intimates, but on the other, I had never intended to be with another guy dressed
    like this.

    I exited the bathroom to go back to the main lounging room, but when I came out John was already lying down on the bed.


    -Oh hey, though I would just wait for you in here. GOD DAMN you look sexy, come on over here.
    Uh.. yeah Okay 
    I wanted to turn around and cancel this whole ordeal, but my head was racing, and I felt like I was just on autopil

    I walked over to the bed and realized I had forgot to fasten the garter belt to the stockings.


    Oh shoot, I forgot to fasten these, just a sec.
    -Nah, no problem, come over here, I’ll give you a hand. My wife always has trouble with those damn things too.
    oh.. yeah, okay sur
    He rolled over and motioned for me to come up on the bed so you he could help. I just sorta obeyed, it just seemed, I don’t know, just wanted to have as little delay as possi

    -Turn around baby, I’ll get the one’s in the back


    I turned around so he could fasten the final two straps. Every time he called me baby and gave compliments, I got more nervous, but I also felt a little sexy and confident too. I took the opportunity to make sure the breast forms were firmly in place. Then tingles shot through my body as his hands rubbed against the back of my thighs. 

    -God damn you have a nice body! I think you even look better than my wife does!
    Oh, I don’t know about that~
    Alright almost done, but that butt of yours is definitely distracting. I love curvy girls that are in shape.

    I didn’t know what to say, and the words just sorta came out, just had to play my r
    Oh thanks~ Yeah, I do yoga and some light worko


    -Mmmm can’t wait to get a piece of you and that ass!
    What? What was he talking about? I’m just here to be his eye candy. Why was he so focused on my body, I mean I know what I am wearing but… he’s ma
    *Giggle* Yeah, look but don
    t touch~
    good one.

    End of Part 2

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    Forced Escorting - Part 1

    I knocked on the door, and didn’t have to wait long before it opened. A man opened it, and he was a quite a bit more muscular than I expected. I was feeling super nervous, but there was no turning back now, I was already here…


    Hi~~~ I’m Krystal.
    -Hey, I’m John. 
    Wow! This is a really nice

    He shut the door behind behind me. I still couldn’t believe what I was wearing, and felt really exposed. I could sense him checking me out as I walked further into his room. “I can do this,” I kept telling myself. 


    -So the bedroom is back that way.

    He seemed really eager to get started, but I didn’t want to be hung out to dry, so I asked for the money first.


    Umm~ well first lets talk business.
    Oh yeah, haha, the money, here. 
    Thanks~ and um, where’s the bathroom
    -Oh, sure just use the one right there
    Alright, I’ll be righ
    t out.

    “Alright, just double check to make sure it’s all here.”


    The money was all there, so I just needed to make a quick phone call.

    I had to call my girlfriend to tell her I was here and that I had received the money. It was all her idea, and I didn’t really have a choice. If only I would have never been caught dressing her in stuff. Now, here I am being blackmailed with the photos she took.


    I got the money.. Do I really have to do this? There has to be another way
    -It’s fine, don’t worry, this guy just want’s to spoon a little, and have some company while he is on his busines
    s trip. 
    Okay, but you better not be lyi
    ng to me.
    -Trust me, he just want’s some eye-candy fo
    r an hour. 

    I came back out of the bathroom, and John was sitting over on the couch, he motioned for me to come sit on the chair, so I took a seat.


    -Wow, you are absolutely gorgeous. Fuckin sexy actually!
    Hehe, aww thanks~

    He seemed like a nice enough guy, and it did make me feel more comfortable knowing that he wasn’t aware I was actually a guy. My girlfriend really did do a good job on the makeup.


    -Stand up for me Baby, I want to take a closer look at you.

    As I stood up, he grabbed on to my waste, and pulled me over to him. I wasn’t prepared for it, and it’s instantly sent a little shock through my body. I started to feel really nervous again.

    He started rubbing his hands up and down my legs and up my thighs, I panicked and sat back down on the chair.


    -Alright, well as sexy as you look in that tight dress, I want you to do something.
    Umm okay.. depends on what it is.
    I want you to put on some of my wife’s lingerie. It’s in the master bath in the main bedroom.

    Yeah, okay su

    I got up, walked through the main bedroom and into the bathroom. I shut the door and looked over on the counter. How bad could this be, I’m sure it’s just a nightgown or something.


    The only thing on the counter were some high heels, bra, panties, a garter, and lace stockings. Whatever, just put it on and get this over with. All I need to do is play the role of this guys wife for an hour or so in her lingerie and leave.

  • End of part 1
  • Part 2 coming soon!
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