💙💙 Mike, Aaron, Jeremy and Kayden - Our Family 💙💙

Last update
2020-09-30 23:53:52

    The boys ......

    The boys are back with us today. Some roads are still closed and the fires are still active but we were not evacuated and they seem to have gotten a handle on the fires closest to us. It was scary seeing them lighting back fires up in the hills by us but it seems that it worked to slow the fires by us. They have told us that it’s not over but the winds have died down which is helping them. Our pool and yard are a mess from large ash and debris from the fires. We have been pretty lucky but no swimming. The pool guy is coming today to start the clean up in the pool but it’s definitely not safe to swim at this point. Air quality is better today but still bad. Looks like we may have dodged a bullet on this one. Unfortunately a couple of our friends didnt. 🙁

    Fire Update

    Hi guys, thanks for all the caring messages. We still have not been evacuated but are on an evacuation warning. It’s been a very stressful day! Thank god I have such an incredible husband and family! 💙 It’s been so sad to see so many lose everything, well not everything, they still have whats most important, their family!


    Green eyes ,even rarer. Are you gingers too? So Jeremy although adopted. Looks like you? Lucky break, saves explaining

    You haven’t seen Aaron’s eyes! He has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen and he’s of asian decent with jet black hair! I still melt when he stares into my eyes! We are not gingers although I’ve always loved me a cute ginger boy, that is before I met Aaron anyway! As for Jeremy, quite a few people still ask if we are brothers, we actually do look alike, it was meant to be! You have to remember, me and Jeremy are only ten years apart in age. As for Kade, he is biologically mine or Aaron’s, which makes him OURS! 💙💙💙💙