Happy BDSM
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2018-11-04 17:00:24

    Rope makes me happy as a clam. If you do it right 😟 I've had bad and good rope experiences, lessons to learn, and injuries that need to be resolved. Rope is not always fluid, can hurt and be uncomfortable. However with the right person, those things can be navigated and hurt turns into the best stress relief ever. Rope is not always pretty and rainbows. I'll admit that 🙈 #shibari #kinbaku #ropebottom AND if your body can't handle TKs, its okay. Riggers should be versatile to work with your body and if not, they ought to work on it. I've struggled with this for 2 years now and luckily have been able to work with riggers that accomodate. You have choices!🦄

    (Via tiedupcat’s Instagram)