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    To the mistresses who always have resting bitch face

    It makes me laugh….. I sincerely cant help, but smile and giggle any time I subject my sub to anything. I’m making him do this for me, even if it’s a punishment. I’m a bitch, but I suppose you can say I enjoy myself. I’ll bet that a majority of the pictures I see with angry dommes are just getting paid to torture the guy. I mean, at least try to do something that you enjoy.

    Smiling bitch face :)

    Sometimes I wonder how I could ever boss a sub around when I blush & smile so much because they’re so cute????? but then I remembered its gentle femdom and I don’t have to dress in leather (though it it’s A Look) and look bitchy and like I could kill with a glance and act all tough, and I get all warm inside and happy and just wow I love GFD and cute sub boys so much

    girl’s reflection after my February visit, written 2.6.18

    Last week my Ma’am came in to town to visit me. W/we had a unique and special opportunity to share a home just the two of U/us for the week as my husband was away on business.

    W/we attended lifestyle events, spent time in vanilla settings with O/our families, spent time with Her leather house and had a lot of one on one time which is cherished in a long distance dynamic. Having a dynamic that fits comfortably and wholly in my life, not just one piece, allows me to be my most authentic self and is a blessing. Going in and out of different life settings also requires frequently changing protocol and having an opportunity to do that strengthened my protocol.

    i am always actively working on my submission and the first year of O/our dynamic has been a huge learning experience for me and i have struggled. my Ma’am is very in tune with my needs and my well being, even more than i am. W/we started this trip tackling one of my other Dominants- trauma. She did something only She could do and returned with me to my most painful places and W/we processed through them. i shared with Her what occurred, how it impacted me and She helped me release it. i want to give the disclaimer that Dominants are not therapists. She was not and does not act as my therapist. But She is my Dominant and She was sharing Her property with trauma and it was time to fire trauma as my other Dominant. What W/we discussed is very private to me, but i will share the outcome. i felt free. Less influenced and hindered by my past. It’s still my story, it still colors my world, but it is no longer my Dominant. i do not have to allow it to control my life.

    During Her visit i was quite the lucky girl. i was given several service opportunities, a never ending scene, lots of affection and special gifts.

    Service is something i greatly enjoy. my Ma’am allowed me to serve Her more because She saw my growth and increased capacity. Serving my Ma’am is such an honor and is fulfilling beyond words. my Ma’am works hard and being allowed to ease some of Her stress or help Her is the best feeling. Without so much of a hindrance from my anxiety and depression this trip, i was more present and performed better in my duties.

    my Ma’am and i have a 24/7 CNC agreement which impacts O/our scenes. Having a week together allowed for a never ending scene. my Ma’am took me in and out of many scenes anywhere and everywhere. Pre-care and aftercare were always operating in between and having so much time with Her while also being more open and deeper into my submission allowed for me to fully experience the ecstasy of Her controlling my pleasure.

    Work and play always have to balance out and as much as W/we played, W/we also worked during Her stay. W/we held O/our monthly munch for OPSE and discussed consent. W/we also attended OPSE Bar Night at the Eagle in Atlanta and Her leather house (House of TREI) had an NCSF table set up and discussed and passed out information about consent.

    O/our week together was unforgettable. It’s hard living so far apart, but my Ma’am never feels far away. i will look back on this week when i need some extra sunshine and i am counting down until the next time i see Her.

    Thank you for reading!

    ~a very happy girl


    TBH I’m so turned on by sweet and calm sadists.

    Like, no matter how much of a brat you are no matter how much you cry and beg and struggle they just smile down at you and stroke your hair and continue doing whatever the fuck they want to do.

    As someone who generally is very good at pushing people’s buttons and enjoys winding people up until they react, the person who just ignores it all and continues to completely and openly enjoy my pain and humiliation without feeling the need to so much as raise their voice? Very very hot.


    I enjoy hurting you too much to frown when I’m doing it.

    Soon after I got onto Twitter and started interacting with black kinksters (WHAT? I thought this shit was for white people?!) I fell further and further in love with this part of my life that often left me bruised and smiling. I had never felt so comfortable with my body and the things it wanted until I started exploring kink. I had never felt so happy with the things I thought and even happier with the fact that I began to be comfortable with verbalising them after years of, “Jeez, Tshego your mind is disgusting”. I adored reading about kink and learning from other people, absorbing everything I could. I relished at the thought of masturbating and was affirmed every time I could guide someone to lead me to orgasm because I knew what my body liked. I loved being able to laugh in the faces of people who called me a slut and ADORED being able to watch their faces collapse when I agreed with a smile. Man.

    (ViaMelanin as Love)

    The BDSM I know has wide, exuberant smiles on the faces of the bottom, and mischievous grins on the faces on the tops. The BDSM I know has laughing and giggling, the contented sighs and moans of extacy. The screams of pain followed by grateful expressions of relief. That is the BDSM I know, and I've never seen a porno with that in it.

    (Via Vir Cotto's BDSM Blog)