One glimpse

Second submission from the same follower for all my followers. 

One glimpse of a wide, hair-matted chest, the merest hint of a jutting arousal was all she had before he planted his hands very deliberately alongside her body. Fionna smothered a sound of disappointment. Maidenly honest be damned, she'd wanted to see for herself the part of him that- The thought was cut abruptly short when he stretched out above her. Skin against skin. Breasts against chest. Belly to belly. There was not an inch of her body that wasn't engulfed by his. Had he not propped himself up on his elbows, his weight would have been intolerable. He kissed her again, and she sensed his struggle to keep his desire in check. A little playfully- no, perhaps naughtily- she ran her toe up and down the knotted muscles of his calf. Aidan lifted his head. Now he was the one who gave a hoarse laugh. "Do you toy with me, you little witch?" The shift in her leg had also made her breathtakingly aware of the steely erection that lay thick and hard against her belly... as well as the twin fullness that lay below.”