Soft cock and soft heart

We tend to think that lovemaking requires a hard cock. As soon as the man is no longer erect most couples end the lovemaking. Of course if he ejaculated he will have the refractory period as there is a loss of energy. But if he didn’t ejaculate and the cock is soft - is it the sign to stop? My invitation is to reframe the idea that to make love you need to be hard. My invitation is to learn to trust the intelligence of the body. When the cock becomes soft don’t label it as a failure or end. Stay with it and find new ways of making love. Find the edge that this softness is inviting you to. Feel the vulnerability of it. A woman whose vagina is activated will be able to have a lot of pleasure from a soft cock. It feels a bit like having a man’s heart in your pussy ♥️ Of course it is not always possible to do if you have to use a condom... So do make your conscious choices. ♥️It is a soft heart that allows a soft cock.♥️ But can you handle the intensity of a soft heart?