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    Three new features for posting from the mobile app

    First, you can add images to reblogs. You asked for it, you got it.


    Second, new text styles for your new text posts. Headers, lists, serifs, fancy cursive, serious typewriter. Look:


    Lastly, intriguingly, you can drag paragraphs and images around to reorder them. Witness it:


    Have fun with all this, Tumblr 😘


    User friendly tools 

    Very good move by Tumblr for it users. As per changing time they should innovate something new to hold its users. After such a long time i am seeing such changes in this site. Very useful changes which gonna help all. I am Re-blogging it for all my followers and fans..so that they too could get aware of such changes and they can use it optimally. Thank you Tumblr for such changes.