The way this small mouse is playing with cat, we should exactly do the same in order to protect ourselves from tbis epidemic. The more you will protect yourself the more others are safe.You are not saving yourself rather you are saving your family, neighborhood, your area, district, state and last but not the least nation. Show our solidarity towards our nation and medical staff. On a lighter note, enjoy this video. (at South Africa)


    Mature aunty showing her skills

    Mature aunty is always ready for fun. In this video she is showing how much she is enjoying in the party. Her dancing skills, i must say..she is just wow. She is not even bothering about anyone. She is just enjoying. Everyone should be like her, don’t give a damn to this fucking word. Enjoy every single bit of thing which you just got. I wish i could get a chance to meet this lovely, lively lady.


    Your gf loves pool parties


    Hoola Hook Exhibition

    We want to feel secure in our inner union of masculine and feminine so that we can enjoy the play of polarities and discern when is the time to play in the feminine and when - in the masculine.

    We don’t want to get lost to games of competition, because it takes away our radiance.

    We want to own our power. We want to know how to make things happen. And we want to unlock our access to the real feminine gift of longing.

    Celebrating human heart

    Celebrating the human heart that knows so much sorrow and so much joy. It is incredible how such polarities can live within us, at the same time.

    The deeper I feel joy, the deeper sadness I discover. The deeper I let myself feel sadness... the deeper is my joy.

    It is all the same thing! How strange and beautiful. How strange and beautiful is this sunset, this moment, this existence, this Life.

    I celebrate You.

    Sunrise is my favourite time.

    It is rare that I get to be up so early.

    But today I was, having just driven through empty roads of this beloved island. I came home and went to my practice room from where I could see the first rays of sun through the window.

    Sunrise is a time of magical silence.

    How amazing that this silence is easily forgotten once the world wakes up and the sun rises high.

    How amazing that even the noisiest and darkest parts of us and events are arising out of this silence.

    How amazing that the real nature of this silence is love.

    How amazing that in reality neither silence nor love ever go away.

    Everything else goes. But silence stays. But love stays. .

    Telugu actress Sri Reddy protest against casting couch. 1

    I shared all three parts, which she shot with help of her friend. Hats off to her that she took such a bold step, don’t know whether her demands gonna be accepted by the cinema or not and after such incidence what would be her future. She give a loud shout to all those who suffered from such incidence ever in their life. 

    Girliyapa sam-chod

    One of my friend that this movie clip is from Russia. By the way it has nothing to do with the clip as we are no more concern with that, lol. I am getting jealous with these two fellows who are getting all size, different shape and all age pussy and that too girl are coming and without any delay jumping on bed from hard and nasty humping. That’s wonderful. :) 

    Small gift in big package :)

    Ha ha ha, small gift in big package. Lol. After seeing such packing from outside this girl must have thought tonight would be her memorable night. :) This fellow really made her night one of the unforgettable night which she would never forget ever in her life. :D Fellow is riding on her as if he gonna tear her apart..:) When i saw this clip i too was getting surprised that how she is bearing this alpha plumpy male...but climax was in end. :) I hope you all got my point.

    Reason of Shridevi’s death :P 

    As you can see in this hard sex can take your life. :P Reason of shridevi’s death is this, due to hard sex in bathroom that too in bathtub in this position was unbearable for her in that age. :P Though she looks young and was handling many dicks but still her capacity somehow was deteriorating due to her age and this sex become last sex of her life. Disclaimer: It has nothing to do with Shridevi. Just for fun, i wrote this here. 

    Hanging pose, different angle

    Worth sharing. Guys, most of few might have not seen such video ever in their life. Even i myself saw such video last night only. For pleasure they are not hesitating trying new things in bed and wherever they are feasible. In this video girl herself decided to go for this pose and the guy responded on her command. Mostly guys are inventing but this time girl use her brain for her pussy. :P 

    Plumpy Mama, Milf

    One among sexiest mama, is not hiding her sexiest body from her laudator. She has perfect combination of body with huge ass. In video it is reflected by the cameraman. Her ass is shaking by the hand of this lucky dude. I know most of my friends gonna like and share this video with their friends. Do share, guys..this video is specially for you all. Have fun, enjoy. 

    Gay, gate...tearing, pain 

    Guys, i have never uploaded such videos on my Timeline as i am straight and i neither endorse nor like such videos. Reason behind uploading this video is, the way the top is dominating this bottom was really commendable and i know few of my friends appreciate such videos. You can see how the top is dominating and when this bottom was unable to bear his jolts in his ass he pushed him away from himself.