Any chance I can ask you a question? I know your commissions are closed at the moment, but I wanted to ask something since I am interested in perhaps commissioning if you open again. The '+Strip Package' thing? How does that payment work? Is it +$25 per image change, or $25 is a base cost idea for a couple of pages?

    Thank you for your interestA strip pack is + 25USD / packDoes not depend on number of imagesNormally, I would do 9-18 shots pack if you did not give any detailsBut if it is too much like 25-30 pictures, I would have to charge more.


    Fortunately I’m still here, idk what’s happening but a lot of fellow nsfw artists’ blogs are gone. Hopefully they get them back, but in the mean time here they are. Feel free to message/ask/reblog/respond to this with more if you come across them!




    https://twitter.com/SoyNutts - thensfwfandom







    https://twitter.com/Mothyx2 - their tumblr isn’t gone, but they now have a backup twitter just in case!



    Please go follow them!


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    quicky spiderman concept for this month on Patreon, Im not gonna get to finishing it for a minute so im posting the sketch incase you are interested, my patreon is NOT pay upfront so are not charged right away like other creators. This month Ill have a solo set of Spidey and there will be another sequence with venom having his way with him :P 

    If you’re interested, check out my patreon
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    Just like a Dream isn’t it? Took a swing at including some text in a gif was very excited when ma boy came home, yeah yeah I beefed him up a little bit but look at him he ain’t no twink! Like what you see? You should check out my commissions! I would love to do something like this for you guys, please reblog and share

    Pleasant Glows and Pleasant Tastes

    Daymn straight! P: As usual when I put dark charaters into a corner of a picture - that other dude and dick can belong to whomsoever you want them to belong to :D Just a placeholder because I wanted Acnologia to have something to do~

    For my Art Project!

    Fun patterns though, very pleasant when blurred a bit. xD I decided to NOT place those additional line patterns onto his jaw (you can see them in some - but not all?- of the artworks with him) - they looked out of place because they didn’t conform to the elegan swirly flowy nature of the other patterns. Call it artistic license :B

    And call that dick a fucking weapon of (m)ass destruction becaues that’s what it is xD I’m sure it has a fancy taste, too, why don’tcha give it a lick. P:

    I know Acnologia isn’t really meant to be a frosty type dragon, but the theme lent itself well to that idea so yar. UwU Delicious popsicle.

    Check my Patreon Page for more info about what I’m doing if you feel this might be something you’d like to support. Also: You can now pledge on Patreon using Paypal :D That means if you don’t have a credit card and couldn’t jump aboard because of that, now you have every opportunity to do so!

    Anyways! ENJOY!

    Acnologia is © A-1 Pictures ? Still no idea who holds the copyright to dat stuff

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