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    Mafia Itzy having sex with their girlfriend in their office for the first time

    Fandom: Itzy

    Idol(s): Hwang Yeji, Choi Jisu, Shin Ryujin, Lee Chaeryeong

    Warnings: Mafia theme, smut, sex, fingering, sex with a strap on

    A/N: Itzy absolutely taken over me lately!!!

    Hwang Yeji

  • It happened during one of her the most stressful times
  • She had a lot of problems with their rival mafia who decided to prove that they're better when they're clearly not
  • Yeji is a superior to them all
  • All that stress plus the fact that she didn't had enough time to take you out on a date or have any sort of intimate contact with you in your bedroom made her pounce on you when you surprised her at her office
  • It shocked you at first but you soon relaxed and let her have her way with you like she wanted, to help her with all that stress
  • Plus you missed her a lot too
  • Yeji was sitting, looking through all the reports that she got about the mafia that started causing problems lately. All these situations and paperwork that was pilling up for her because of this were really stressing her out.

    Yeji was snapped out of reading when she heard knocking at the door that opened after her quick and brief "come in".

    "Hi, sorry for coming is so suddenly but I forgot my bag and I need it today. I'm just going to take it and get out of your hair so you can work in peace" Her head snapped up when she heard your voice, eyes softening when she saw you but they were quickly replaced by desire.

    Her eyes roamed your body and she felt herself getting more and more worked up. You always had this effect on her, you could just be sitting on the couch and she would already be dying to fuck you..... just like now.

    Yeji stood up and when you were practically out of the door, she took your wrist in her hand and pulled you back into her office while closing the door and pushing you against them. Her lips immediately attaching themselves to your neck.

    You were surprised but you could tell that Yeji was stressed lately and you both weren't intimate for some time now so you decided to just go with it.

    You started moaning and grunting lightly, encouraging her to work on your neck even more while her hand went under your shirt to squeeze your breast. You both were getting more and more lost in each other and before you knew it you were sitting on her desk, legs spread while she pumped her fingers in and out of you.

    Your moans were filling the room except for a small breaks when she kissed you, still pumping her fingers. Yeji was determined to make you cum and keep giving you the pleasure.

    She loved it.

    When Yeji felt that you were reaching your climax, she fastened her pumping making your moans even louder. At this point you both stopped caring about people outside hearing you, too lost in each other. It didn't took long before you cummed on her fingers.

    Yeji took her fingers out and putted them in her mouth while looking deep in your eyes making you gulp.

    "If you think that I'm done with you then you're seriously wrong. It's only the beginning"

    Choi Jisu

  • Lia was a smart and cruel person
  • Especially smart
  • She knew that if anyone found out about you being with her then they would threaten your life
  • So Lia only gave you affection at home, the same with sex
  • But lately she was staying in her office a lot more and if she wasn't there then she was attending some important party making her frustrated sexually, the only thing that she could think about was touching you
  • When it comes to coming to her office, you couldn't do it a lot since Lia didn't want to risk people finding out about your relationship
  • She wants you to be safe
  • But she never expected to lose control like that when you came to give her the jacket that she needed that evening
  • "Hi baby, I have the jacket that you needed" You said and showed her the clothing in your hand, completely missing the way Lia gripped the pen in her hand. She felt like she could pounce on you any second.

    And she did the moment you came up to give her a kiss on her cheek. Lia pulled you on her lap and started ripping your shirt open making you let out a surprised moan which didn't help clear Lia's messy mind. It riled her up even more.

    She did the same with your bra and had one of your nipples in her mouth in no time while she worked on the other with her hand. Her other hand founded it's way into your pants, slowly rubbing your clit in a teasing manner.

    You whined in her ear making her smirk, no matter how much she wanted to give you all the pleasure in the world she loved teasing you too.

    "Baby please, don't tease me" You whined and Lia stopped making your eyes wide. She sitted you on her desk and took your pants and panties off of you. When you thought that she's going to give you what you want, instead Lia slapped your clit making you yelp from the feeling.

    Leaning down to your eye level and while looking into your eyes Lia said "So impatient. Maybe we should teach you how to be more patient hmm?" and nippled on your ear.

    Lia was going to make you go insane but you still loved it.

    Shin Ryujin

  • Ryujin loved having sex with you, is it a surprise?
  • She loves you for you but she loves her intimate time with you too
  • She always had this fantasy to take you in her office, on her desk but she never bring it up but she finally broke when you came to her office dressed up to go out with your friends but still wanted to tease her a little before you go
  • And in that moment she knew that she wasn't going to let you just go when all she wants is to take you right there and then
  • Plus it seemed like the perfect moment to use that strap that she had hidden at her office
  • Ryujin took a deep breath the moment you walked in all dressed up. Her eyes shamelessly roamed over your figure, a lot of dirty scenarios already forming in her head.

    She slowly stood up and walked up to you while she putted her hands on your hips, pulling you against her front. Her lips were close to your ear while her hands couldn't seem to stay in one place.

    "Are you really going to just leave to see your friends after you just turned me on like that? I don't think so" She whispered before she started guiding her hand under your dress making your breath hitch. She nippled your ear and finished her sentence "You'll have to change your plans tonight because you're not going out. I have a lot of plans for you here".

    A little while later, Ryujin had her strap on deep in you. Her thrust were fast and merciless, planning to keep you screaming her name.

    The sight of you splayed on her desk, legs wide open for her and taking her so well turned her on even more and she wasn't sure when would she stop since she already made you cum 2 times and she still wanted more. "Ryujin!" With a loud scream of her name you came for the third time that evening but Ryujin's pace didn't slowed down, still thrusting into your sensitive pussy.

    "I'm not stopping anytime soon baby, maybe next time you'll think before you decide to tease me like that"

    Lee Chaeryeong

  • Yes, Chaeryeong is a merciless and scary mafia boss
  • But you're the only person she's soft with
  • She loves you a lot and always wants to show you this through every way she can
  • Words
  • Presents
  • And making you feel the best she can during your intimate time
  • So when you showed her that you needed her during your visit at her office, Chaeryeong wasn't hesitating in leaving her work for later
  • Chaeryeong looked through the stack of papers that layed on her desk while you sat next to her and watched her working. Chaeryeong wasn't so sure about you being here because she was sure that it would be boring for you but you insisted on staying. She was never good at saying no to you.

    Not long after, you started feeling a little needy for her attention on you in a little more intimate way so you putted your head on her shoulder. She smiled at you, thinking that you were just being a little clingy but when you whined softly in her ear and placed her hand on your thigh, she knew that it wasn't it.

    Chaeryeong turned her attention on you and kissed your lips softly before pulling away and whispering "What do you need baby? she didn't waited long for an answer "Your tongue please" You mumbled and she nodded before letting you sit on her desk without caring about her work and pulling your pants and panties off.

    Your girlfriend got to her knees to be face to face with you clit and started kissing your thighs and leaving love bites. With every kiss she got dangerously closer to the place where you needed her the most and when she finally got there, it seemed like she couldn't wait to taste you because the moment she got close to your clit, she pounced on it like an animal.

    She licked and sucked on it with only your pleasure in her mind while your soft moans were encouraging her more. When she felt you getting closer to your climax, she putted in her finger and started pumping in and out before adding two more.

    The feeling of her fingers and tongue at the same time made you come undone in no time.

    "Would you mind giving me another one? You looked so sexy coming on my fingers and tongue"


    This is a list of stuff I’ve written. Some of it is only on AFF and I’ll be looking to port those over after I edit them.

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    NSFW challenge: Position


    This is a list of stuff I’ve written. Some of it is only on AFF and I’ll be looking to port those over after I edit them.

    Gfriend & Viviz

    Gfriend magazine Part 1 (Yuju) - AFF only

    Gfriend magazine Part 1.5 (Yuju)

    Gfriend magazine Part 2 (Yerin) - AFF only

    Gfriend magazine Part 3 (SinB) - AFF only

    Truth or dare horny edition (SinB,Eunha,Umji)


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    No feelings, you remind yourself (Arin)


    NSFW challenge: Position

    Kinktober Day 5- Ryujin

    Consists of: Daddy Kink (But Fem), GxG, Fluffy Sex, Strap-on Sex, Brief Mommy Kink

    Ryujin and I haven't been fucking for very long, but it feels like she already knows my body inside and out. She just seems to know exactly what turns me on, yet what arouses her has thus far remained a mystery.

    Right now we're in my bed, me lying on my back with her strap-on deep inside of me as she mouths at my neck. Ryujin moves her hips in the exact right way, hitting my g-spot with basically every thrust. This is how things usually go for us; she fucks my brains out just the way I like it, and asks for nothing in return.

    "M-mommy!" I moan out as she hits my g-spot especially well, the smirk that is usually permanently plastered to her pretty face at times like this falls a bit. I can tell she doesn't want me to notice, but I do and I feel like I have to comment on it.

    "Ryujin?" I call to her quietly.

    "Yeah baby?" She looks up at me to respond, slowing her thrusts a bit to allow me to speak properly.

    "What turns you on?" I ask.

    "I don't know, normal stuff. What turns you on?" She asks with a soft smile.

    "You already know what turns me on. And what exactly do you consider "normal stuff"?" I say, making quotations with my hands.

    "You know, like hearing moans and stuff, being told that the other person is feeling good, things like that." She replies with a shrug.

    "So you like it when I call you Mommy?" I ask.

    She goes quiet for a bit, looking away from me in a way I'm sure she thinks is subtle.

    "Ryujinnnn" I call to her again, turning her face back to look at me.

    She takes a deep breath and I can see her neck move as she gulps, "Well the way I see it, you and I both know that I fuck you better than any man ever could, so maybe instead of Mommy you could call me daddyinstead?", she gets quiet at the end of her sentence and I can barely make out what she said.

    "Can you repeat that? I couldn't quite hear yo-" I start.

    "I said you should call me Daddy." She say sternly, cutting me off.

    "Ah, so that's what you like." I say with a teasing smile.

    "Don't make it a big deal." She says as she gets back to fucking me at her original pace, burying her face back into my neck.

    "Daddy! Oh Daddy!" I moan jokingly, making her chuckle against my neck.

    "See, this is why I didn't want to tell you." She says with a smile.

    "I'm sorry...Daddy." I say, holding back a laugh.

    "I hate you." She says as she pecks me on the lips.

    Ryujin starts to suck on my nipples, as she flicks over my clit with one hand, using the other to toy with my nipple on the opposite side. She's a very talented multi-tasker.

    At the same time as she's doing all of this, she starts to change the pace of her thrusts, now going all the way out before slamming all the way back in.

    "M-Daddy!" I scream as my body adjusts to her new strategy. Catching myself before I used the name I called her prior.

    She lifts up from my tits to show me her huge toothy grin and to place a soft kiss on my lips.

    After a while of being fucked like my life depended on it, I start to feel an all so familiar knot forming in my stomach, and Ryujin can tell just by looking at me.

    She smirks at me before saying, "Go ahead and cum for Daddy, I know I've been working your sensitive body for a while now. Don't be shy, just let it go. Daddy really wants to see how you cum for her, okay?".

    I nod my head as my bottom lips is being bitten harshly through my teeth as I try to work through my orgasm. I open my mouth as a loud, inhumane screech erupts out of my throat, one that's sure to make my throat sore later.

    Ryujin doesn't skip a beat, continuing to pound into me until I stop shaking on my bed.

    I desperately try to catch my breath, breathing harshly and attempting to regain my composure.

    Ryujin brushes my hair out of my face and places a kiss on my forehead, "Such a good girl," she says with a proud smile.

    I smile back at her as I pucker my lips for her to give me a kiss, too exhausted to lean up and take it. She leans down happily and kisses me lightly.

    "You're right, Ryujin, you do fuck me better than any man ever could. In fact, you fuck me better than anyone ever could." I say with a fucked out smile on my face.

    "That's what I like to hear." She says as her smile spreads from ear to ear.

    So, I finally learned what Ryujin likes, and it definitely wasn't what I expected. Even so, I think it will be very easy for me to become accustomed to calling her Daddy. After all, the term fits her well.


    Kinktober prompt from: @buckyownsmylife

    A/N: I've never written a fem!daddy imagine before so I don't really know if I did it right but yeah, enjoy.