she/her 🕊 eighteen

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2021-01-14 22:07:07

    I long to run through a hedge maze, chased by my betrothed. We are still getting to know each other and for the first time cutting loose, getting messy, and laughing with wild abandon. I pick up my muddied skirts as I hear thumping footsteps behind me. I may not be as strong as the prince, but I’m more nimble and I know the maze better. I’ll lead him to a secluded spot where I can hide and then sneak up behind and scare him.

    Perhaps sneak a few kisses before people get suspicious

    sometimes i think about how constellations are an entirely man-made construct and don’t actually exhist inherently in nature. i mean, the universe just gave us stars, and we saw art and myths and stories in them. the capacity that humans have for seeing purpose in the incidental makes me realize just how lonely we are on this planet, desperately searching for meaning elsewhere in the universe.