Artist unknown


    Two boys, one fifteen and his brother seventeen. 

    Their new stepmother is one of those women who doesn’t believe that “they Are too old to be spanked”. 

    She’s also very adept at delivering a spanking that won’t be forgotten easily. In fact, the pain she imparts was known to persist for days, to one degree or another. 

    And, unfortunately for the brothers, This is how she Will address behavior problems for the foreseeable future, bare bottom and all, ignoring their feeble arguments and protests.

    In addition they know she has little patience with poor behavior whenever it is detected/discovered. And as they will sadly find out, she remains a firm believer at correcting bad behavior *on the spot* of it occurrence, No matter where, or who is present, just like the first time.

    They got some insight [preview] into her philosophy of child rearing, when their father was dating her and their marriage was imminent.

    They all went to dinner with their father and their soon to be mother, and failed to listen to their father’s repeated requests to behave. It bordered on beseeching them.

    She asked her soon to be husband, if she could “lend a hand”. He, exasperated, gave his blessings

    She authoritatively *took charge*, and ordered both boys to “stand up” and “accompany her” to the ladies room. Taken off guard, at the strictness and the tone that they were unaccustomed to, the boys stood with alacrity, and were herded off to the restaurant’s ladies room. 

    In there, in the open area of the rest room, two pair of pants came down, along with their underpants. She slapped away at their hands and ordered them to, “leave them where they were” And “Stand At Attention”.

    She lectured them about their “abominable” behavior, with a finger wagged in their faces. She ended the lecture with a *dire* warning, “should a second visit be necessary, the miscreant taken in here Will Not Leave Until he [Or They] has had his bare bottom spanked and reddened until he or they will not be able to sit down for days”! She then told them that they may now pull up their pants and she led two [now well behaved] chastened, red faced young men back to the table, the older holding back tears, while the younger boy was visibly crying. 

    She ordered both boys to,Sit. They did so and quietly and politely said “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am when questioned about how they were to behave and waited for the next command. Their father seeing this, and how well they seemed to listen asked, “What did you do in there”? She replied, “I simply spoke to them and set limits, didn’t I gentlemen”? “Yes ma’am” they agreed, showing an unmistakable sign of fear.  “And we won’t Have to make That Second Trip, will we”? “No Ma’am”, the response followed, oh so, quickly.

    The meal and the evening went without any further incidents. But upon arriving home, she ordered both boys to “get ready for bed”. The older [just] sixteen years old, balked and said, “it was too early for him to go to bed”. That *insurrection* was quickly put down with her *informing him*, “that the second visit to the ladies room was still in affect”. “And although there was no separate ladies room in this house, the living room or his bedroom would serve her purpose just the same”.

    He looked at her face and was convinced that this was no bluff. He turned to his father for support to countermand her orders; and received no such backing, in fact all *the backing* went to his future bride. “I’d do what she says, if I were you”, seeing the narrow eyed look his oldest son was getting from his future mother. 

    “You will learn in time, Not to play one of us against another young man”. “Now off to bed, And I Do Mean Immediately”!  as he climbed the stairs defeated, he made his dissatisfaction quite noticeable. A move towards him by her, caused him to scramble quickly up the stairs to wash and prepare for bed; just as he was ordered.

    Downstairs the father chuckled. “What kind of threat did you give those boys”?  “Nothing that a concerned, caring mother wouldn’t issue to misbehaving boys”, she answered, matter-a-factly. “I told our sons, that if I didn’t see an immediate change in their behavior and attitude, I’d pull down their pants, and put them across my knee”. “You’d spank them, as old as they are”? “For as long as they live under our roof”. 

    “Alright, You’re in Charge of discipline in this house”. “You’ll not hear a word of interference from me”.  “Now let’s prepare for bed young lady”. “I’d thought you never ask”, she giggled. “I thought, I would have to threaten you with a trip to ladies room, but there seems to be a firm side to you, after all; I only have to bring it out and develop it a little”. “That’s one of the reasons I’m marrying you”.  “I love your *firm side* darling, we’re going to have a great marriage”.