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    I LOVE YOUR TOMIONE AND ITS A LOWKEY DREAM TO HAVE YOU WRITE A ONESHOT WITH SASSY HERMIONE LIKE “if you were on fire and I had a glass of water, I’d drink the water.............. arsehole.”

    (i turned this into a high school au and it somehow morphed into more or less pastel!tom and punk!hermione who AM I!!!????? lmao)

    Hermione knew she was a bit of a cliche.

    She had always been an abrasive child, too bossy and too loud and too rude to make many friends. What her parents had always brushed off as an intelligent precociousness that would serve her later in life was perceived as poor character by her peers at school. She thought maybe this was what cultivated her into what she was today, the conflict of what her parents had taught her–to be herself no matter what the cost–and what her teachers attempted to teach her–to censor herself in order to make herself more marketable to the public.

    So as she grew up, left middle school and was separated from her only two friends in the world–Harry and Ron went to a high school nearer to the center of town, while Hermione’s high school was just up the road from her house–Hermione more-or-less accidentally crafted an image for herself that was so cliche she almost offended herself.

    An outcast. A leather wearing, smoking, anti-social punk, more or less.

    She had taken up smoking for purely practical reasons, those reasons being she didn’t like being amongst all those people in that new school and needed an excuse to stand outside by herself. She started smoking because it was the only explainable way to slip outside between classes or during her lunch period without looking as if she was running away from something. No other freshman smoked, and by the time a few select peers(not many) had taken up smoking, she had already crafted a place for herself as an outcast, and still no one approached her. 

    Smoking in and of itself would be one irrelevant hobby if it weren’t for the fact that she had also taken to wearing her father’s old leather jacket that he had abandoned to the back of his closet thirty years ago. She wore old ripped jeans that she found in thrift stores and her shirts were mostly t-shirts that Harry or Ron had left at her house over the past years, and she wore the same pair of combat boots every day. If the image wasn’t cliche enough, she also made a habit of smarting off to her teachers and any fellow classmates that deigned her worthy of a glance or a comment.

    She couldn’t help it. She just hated everyone in that school so much, and the teachers were idiots, and she had not at any point in her life cultivated the art of censoring herself for even a moment.

    It leveled out her Junior year, people started to leave her alone, her teachers accepted that her presence in their class was a quiet one–Hermione had been kicked out of enough lectures that she learned some measure of restraint–and she had become a well-and-true outcast. 

    But she loved school.

    More accurately, she loved learning. She was always reading, always searching for answers, and if she ever seemed dismissive in class it was only because none of these teachers knew what the fuck they were talking about. She liked to think of herself as a stereotypical-punk-but-with-depth. If she wore leather and smoked cigarettes around the school and may-or-may-not have punched Draco Malfoy in the face Sophomore year , it was not because she was trying to perfect the image of some 1950′s greaser with parental issues. She was just being herself, unapologetically and without restraint.

    Well, some restraint. She just didn’t like getting kicked out of class. She enjoyed the lectures too much.

    But if she was a cliche, then Tom Riddle was a fucking fairytale.

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    i would really love a tomione oneshot that has tom saying "I thought you were supposed to pure?!?!?!?!?!" to idk anybody and tom feeding crookshanks so much he gets fat so hermione gets mad and makes him walk crookshanks lavya

    i would really love a tomione oneshot that has tom saying "I thought you were supposed to pure?!?!?!?!?!" to idk anybody and tom feeding crookshanks so much he gets fat so hermione gets mad and makes him walk crookshanks lavya

    i would really love a tomione oneshot that has tom saying "I thought you were supposed to pure?!?!?!?!?!" to idk anybody and tom feeding crookshanks so much he gets fat so hermione gets mad and makes him walk crookshanks lavya

    This is so ridiculous i LOVE it


    Hermione really had no choice in the matter.

    She couldn’t leave Crooks in a vet because she didn’t like the idea of him being in a cage all day. She couldn’t leave him with Harry because Harry would kill Crookshanks (likely on accident, but still) She couldn’t leave him with Ron, because Crookshanks would kill Ron (on purpose, most definitely) Ginny steadfastly refused to look after Crooks ever since ‘the incident’ And…

    Well, that was it actually. Hermione didn’t have many friends she was close enough to ask this of.

    So it had to be him, unfortunately.

    Tom Riddle was a work colleague. They were the two youngest members of the faculty at Hogwarts University, although he has already finished his PhD in Microbiology and she was still finishing her final year of her PhD in Bioinformatics. He kept to himself mostly, but their offices were next to one another, and they had exchanged pleasantries now and then. They had talked about cats a couple times - She knew he had a sphinx named Voldemort, which she thought was a ridiculous name - and she was sort of, a little bit, just a tiny bit familiar enough with him that it made sense to just ask him.

    He agreed without an argument, which was somewhat surprising, considering she had heard his occasional rages he had against colleagues in his office. And so she brought Crookshanks in his carrier to her work, handed him over to Tom, and then left.

    She would return in two weeks from her travels, and collect Crookshanks to bring him back home.

    It would be fine.

    It was not fine.

    Upon her return to the UK, Tom texted her his address so she could pick Crookshanks up straight from his home. It was easier this way, he said, he didn’t think it would be a good idea for a stranger to try and corral Crookshanks into a carrier, it would be better if she came and did it herself, because in his words, it would be ‘better for Crookshanks that way’ She liked that, the fact that he thought about the comfort of her cat.

    She knocked on the door of a very nice flat, and Tom promptly opened it.

    The first thing she noticed was he wasn’t wearing shoes. It made her feel very uncomfortable, for some reason.

    “Take your shoes off at the door,” He ordered, and promptly turned and walked back into the flat. She hurriedly kicked her shoes off and followed, walking down the short hallway that gave way to a large sitting area. Crookshanks was sat on the top of his couch and he was… Uh…

    “Why is he like that?” She asked, eying the absolute mass that had become his fur. It was brushed, and shine, and so goofy she could barely see her cat’s face among the absolute monstrosity that was his fur.

    “I had him groomed.” Tom intoned, as if that was a totally normal thing to do with someone else’s cat.

    “You what?” She managed to tear her eyes away from the monstrosity of fur on the couch to look at Tom to see his own cat jump from the floor into his arms.

    “Groomed.” He repeated, didn’t even look in her direction, just stroked the head of his bald cat and opened the fridge to pull out two tins of cat food.

    “He—“ She looked at her cat again, lounged contentedly on the leather couch. Could he even see? “He looks ridiculous.”

    “No,” Tom disagreed, “He looks groomed.”

    “Why did you do that?” She walked over to Crooks, her hand practically disappeared in his fur when she pet him. She went to pick him up, but was thrown off by how heavy he was. “Oh my god—How much have you been feeding him?”

    She turned to face Tom, whose cat was perched on his shoulders. He quirked an eyebrow at her as if he thought she was being ridiculous. “As much as he wants.”

    “As much as he—are you crazy?” Crookshanks started squirming in her arms when Tom popped the top of the cat food tin. She dropped him and Crookshanks darted over to stand beside Tom. “How much have you fed him today?”

    “Twice.” He answered, dishing out the cat food into little bowls.

    “Twice?” She realized she was getting shrill, but this was truly ridiculous, “It’s noon!”

    “He was hungry.”

    “He is always hungry—Look at him!” She gestured emphatically toward her cat, who was rolling on his back and meowing for food, “He’s fat!”

    Tom actually had the audacity to roll his eyes. “He’s not fat.”

    “He is fat, Tom!” She repeated, “You’ve fattened my cat!”

    “He is a perfectly acceptable weight for his breed,” He answered, kneeling down to put a bowl of food in from of Crooks, and another in front of his cat when she jumped down from his shoulders.

    “What breed?” Hermione snapped, “He doesn’t have a breed, he’s a stray!”

    Tom looked up, looking for the first time like he was listening to what she was saying. “What?”

    “He has no breed!” She repeated, “I found him in the rubbish outside my house!”

    His brow twisted in confusion, and he looked back to Crooks as he devoured his food. Hs scratched the puffball’s head, “I thought you were pure…” He muttered, speaking to her cat.

    “For god’s sake,” Hermione muttered, and marched forward to snatch up her cat. Crookshanks yowled, overdramatic, but otherwise let her hold him in her arms. “Put that away.” She ordered, nodding to the food.

    “He’s hungry,” Tom protested.

    “He’s overweight!” Hermione screeched “This is ridiculous, your cat isn’t fat, why are you fattening my cat?”

    “Your cat,” Tom said slowly, as if she was an idiot, “was hungry. So I fed it.”

    “Ugh!” She looked around the room, saw Crooks’s carrier in the corner and stomped toward it. She reached in, and under the fuzzy rug and had left a leash, which Tom obviously had not bothered to use. She marched crookshanks back over to the couch, adjusting her grip when he squirmed to try and run back to his food.

    She sat down and got to work keeping him in her lap while she put on his harness.

    “What are you doing?” Tom’s voice was much closer than she expected, and she jumped and nearly let go of Crooks in the process. She turned, and Tom was leaning over the back of the couch to eye the harness that was currently being swallowed up by Crookshanks’s fur.

    “The real question is,” Hermione said, attaching Crooks’s leash to the back of his harness, “What are you doing? And the answer to that is,” She stood and promptly thrust Crookshanks into Tom’s arm, “You are taking him for a walk.”


    “I will look after your cat,” She gestured to his cat who was licking her paw after finishing her meal, “And you will take me newly fattened cat,” She gestured to Crookshanks to was rubbing his face against Tom’s. No that was not cute. “On a walk.”

    “You walk your cat on a leash.” He deadpanned.

    “Only when arseholes make him fat!!” She snapped.

    “Obviously not,” He said, “Or you wouldn’t have already owned the leash.”

    She thrust a finger in his face, “Fix your mistake, Tom Riddle.”

    He stared at her for a long moment, glancing between her eyes and the finger she still held in his face. Crooks sniffed her finger and then dragged the side of his face alongside her hand.

    Tom sighed, a sound that sounded like it came from the depths of his very soul, and then set Crookshanks down on the floor. He tugged on the leash, “Come.” He said, and Crooks understood and darted toward the door.

    It was only after he left, and she stood a moment feeling very proud of herself, that she realized she was now stuck in the flat of a near stranger while he took her cat on a walk.

    Voldemort rubbed up against her leg. “This is mildly uncomfortable,” Hermione said to the cat, then spotted a cat bed with a little sweater in it. “Are you cold?” She asked the cat.

    She meowed, and Hermione took that as a yes.


    Hey! I'm looking for a fanfic where you were really sad when it was over. Where you still kinda lived in the fic even tho it was already over. First fic that comes to your mind? :)

    I can’t speak for others, but for me, these did it for me:

  • All I Want by blue movies
  • Bed of Roses by littleladydani
  • Broken Heart by superscar
  • Building Sapphire Skies by anondracomalfoy 
  • C’est La Mort by strawberrykait
  • Charon’s Gift by Philyra912
  • Cold Comfort by Kyra4
  • Cold Like You by Angry-Little-Kitten 
  • Finite Incantatum by etoilefilante (WIP)
  • Graveyard Valentine by Bex-chan
  • Hope by Punkindoodle
  • Hush by Lia
  • If Given The Chance by MiHnn
  • In Their Garden by Lady Cailan
  • Kiss Me Goodbye by Twilight to Midnight
  • Love Like Winter by empathapathique
  • My Only Love Sprung From My Only Hate by JadedDragon4
  • Of Teacups and Raindrops by Muslim Barbie
  • Pieces by Kyra4
  • She by Blackestfaery
  • Smoke by Dormiensa
  • The Sea by attica
  • The Spring Turnover by Scumblackentropy
  • These Stolen Lights by MiHnn
  • Tradition by MiHnn
  • Two Ships Passing In The Night by lisa e (WIP)
  • Unanswered by Kyra4
  • We were the Kings and Queens of Yesterday by Winter Midnight
  • While He Waits by Elysium66
  • What are some you would recommend?

    - RZZMG

    <>“Tom, are you going to help me or are you just going to sit there? Because you know, I can do this by myself… but it would be finished much sooner if you helped me.” The bushy haired girl asked, as she took vial with dark liquid in it and started measuring it quite precisely before pouring it inside the cauldron.

    <>It was clear that the potion, whatever it was, was not something for the average twelve year old to make, but she wasn’t your average twelve year old, was she? (Parenthetically, it should be said that given someone was watching the girl make the potion, it would look as if she had done it a million times.) She, then, started to stir the cauldron twice to the right, then once to the left - which she repeated thrice before she let it rest.

    <>“It was your idea,” she paused, blowing away a strand of hair that had fallen to her face. “to make this potion in the first place. Wouldn’t you want to help make it?“ 

    <>“Hermione, shhh!” Tom whispered fiercely, looking at the door. Hemione opened her mouth to comment on how rude he was being, but Tom continued as if he didn’t notice her reaction to his statement. “I think I hear someone coming down the hallway." 

    <>Hermione’s eyes widened and stopped breathing. She started to panic - she did not want to get into trouble, but at the same time, she didn’t want to waste the time and effort she had put into this, and of course, the ingredients that they had "borrowed” from Professor Snape.

    <>Tom, on the other had, started laughing at her reaction. “Gotcha!” He said, falling to the bed as he laughed. Hermione’s mouth, at this point, had fallen open and she couldn’t believe what Tom Riddle had done.

    <>“I can’t believe you fell for it! I’ve been waiting to do that all morning. No one ever goes here, remember?” he said, as his laughter ceased and he sat up. “And plus we, or well, I  made sure that no one would bother us.”

    <>It was true that their plan was full-proof. After all, Tom had made the arrangements while Hermione got all the ingredients. They would, in fact, not get into trouble nor be caught. And their personal records would remain clean for the rest of their stay in Hogwarts.

    <>“Shut your mouth and help me, Tom Riddle!” Hermione snapped. Her face scrunched up to show her anger. Tom smiled at the use of his whole name and stood up to move towards her. “And how dare you scare me like that!”

    <>Tom sat down beside her, and cracked his knuckles, knowing that it would disgust Hermione. His smile widened as she cringed away from him. “Now,” he said, smirking at her. “Let me show you how it’s done.”

    <>Hermione rolled her eyes, though a blush revealed her true feelings. “Always the show-off, Tom. A little humility could do you good.” Although if it were her choice, she wouldn’t have changed a thing about little Tom Riddle.

    Note: I didn’t even get to edit this because I /have/ to stop looking at it. alsdkjaldsjkasd You have no idea how big my smile was while I made the graphic and quick-write. Like I couldn’t stop myself from giggling because LOOK AT THEM! They’re both so precious and I definitely think that they would have made the best of friends - turned lovers when they’re older. Ugh sweet Merlin, I think I’ve gone crazy with Tomione. 

    sorry but if your bed isn’t against at least one wall you’re not valid

    I used to think this post was stupid because most people like both sides of the bed free but then I realized some psychopaths put their bed like this so not even the headboard is against a wall and this post is about these animals.

    A single person’s bed is generally against 2 walls, a couple’s bed is generally against 1 wall, and people with 0 walls have no fear of the dark/unseen with direct access to their head, and therefore cannot be human.

    ok the bed just out in the middle of the room is bad but have you considered: only the footboard end against a wall

    no i hadn’t. why would you put that image into my head?

    Okay, but how is this

    I’m at a loss for words

    This was the bed of Thomas Jefferson. 

    STay out of my study unless you intend to have sex with me

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    THROUGH A RAPIST’S EYES” (PLS TAKE TIME TO READ THIS. It may save a life, It may save your life.)

    An Article from Neena Susan Thomas

    “Through a rapist’s eyes. A group of rapists and date rapists in prison were interview…ed on what they look for in a potential victim and here are some interesting facts:

    1] The first thing men look for in a potential victim is hairstyle. They are most likely to go after a woman with a ponytail, bun! , braid, or other hairstyle that can easily be grabbed. They are also likely to go after a woman with long hair. Women with short hair are not common targets.

    2] The second thing men look for is clothing. They will look for women who’s clothing is easy to remove quickly. Many of them carry scissors around to cut clothing.

    3] They also look for women using their cell phone, searching through their purse or doing other activities while walking because they are off guard and can be easily overpowered.

    4] The number one place women are abducted from / attacked at is grocery store parking lots.

    5] Number two is office parking lots/garages.

    6] Number three is public restrooms.

    7] The thing about these men is that they are looking to grab a woman and quickly move her to a second location where they don’t have to worry about getting caught.

    8] If you put up any kind of a fight at all, they get discouraged because it only takes a minute or two for them to realize that going after you isn’t worth it because it will be time-consuming.

    9] These men said they would not pick on women who have umbrellas,or other similar objects that can be used from a distance, in their hands.

    10] Keys are not a deterrent because you have to get really close to the attacker to use them as a weapon. So, the idea is to convince these guys you’re not worth it.


    1] If someone is following behind you on a street or in a garage or with you in an elevator or stairwell, look them in the face and ask them a question, like what time is it, or make general small talk: can’t believe it is so cold out here, we’re in for a bad winter. Now that you’ve seen their faces and could identify them in a line- up, you lose appeal as a target.

    2] If someone is coming toward you, hold out your hands in front of you and yell Stop or Stay back! Most of the rapists this man talked to said they’d leave a woman alone if she yelled or showed that she would not be afraid to fight back. Again, they are looking for an EASY target.

    3] If you carry pepper spray (this instructor was a huge advocate of it and carries it with him wherever he goes,) yelling I HAVE PEPPER SPRAY and holding it out will be a deterrent.

    4] If someone grabs you, you can’t beat them with strength but you can do it by outsmarting them. If you are grabbed around the waist from behind, pinch the attacker either under the arm between the elbow and armpit or in the upper inner thigh – HARD. One woman in a class this guy taught told him she used the underarm pinch on a guy who was trying to date rape her and was so upset she broke through the skin and tore out muscle strands the guy needed stitches. Try pinching yourself in those places as hard as you can stand it; it really hurts.

    5] After the initial hit, always go for the groin. I know from a particularly unfortunate experience that if you slap a guy’s parts it is extremely painful. You might think that you’ll anger the guy and make him want to hurt you more, but the thing these rapists told our instructor is that they want a woman who will not cause him a lot of trouble. Start causing trouble, and he’s out of there.

    6] When the guy puts his hands up to you, grab his first two fingers and bend them back as far as possible with as much pressure pushing down on them as possible. The instructor did it to me without using much pressure, and I ended up on my knees and both knuckles cracked audibly.

    7] Of course the things we always hear still apply. Always be aware of your surroundings, take someone with you if you can and if you see any odd behavior, don’t dismiss it, go with your instincts. You may feel little silly at the time, but you’d feel much worse if the guy really was trouble.


    1. Tip from Tae Kwon Do: The elbow is the strongest point on your body. If you are close enough to use it, do it.

    2. Learned this from a tourist guide to New Orleans : if a robber asks for your wallet and/or purse, DO NOT HAND IT TO HIM. Toss it away from you…. chances are that he is more interested in your wallet and/or purse than you and he will go for the wallet/purse. RUN LIKE MAD IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!

    3. If you are ever thrown into the trunk of a car: Kick out the back tail lights and stick your arm out the hole and start waving like crazy. The driver won’t see you but everybody else will. This has saved lives.

    4. Women have a tendency to get into their cars after shopping,eating, working, etc., and just sit (doing their checkbook, or making a list, etc. DON’T DO THIS! The predator will be watching you, and this is the perfect opportunity for him to get in on the passenger side,put a gun to your head, and tell you where to go. AS SOON AS YOU CLOSE the DOORS , LEAVE.

    5. A few notes about getting into your car in a parking lot, or parking garage:

    a. Be aware: look around your car as someone may be hiding at the passenger side , peek into your car, inside the passenger side floor, and in the back seat. ( DO THIS TOO BEFORE RIDING A TAXI CAB) .

    b. If you are parked next to a big van, enter your car from the passenger door. Most serial killers attack their victims by pulling them into their vans while the women are attempting to get into their cars.

    c. Look at the car parked on the driver’s side of your vehicle, and the passenger side. If a male is sitting alone in the seat nearest your car, you may want to walk back into the mall, or work, and get a guard/policeman to walk you back out. IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY. (And better paranoid than dead.)

    6. ALWAYS take the elevator instead of the stairs. (Stairwells are horrible places to be alone and the perfect crime spot).

    7. If the predator has a gun and you are not under his control, ALWAYS RUN! The predator will only hit you (a running target) 4 in 100 times; And even then, it most likely WILL NOT be a vital organ. RUN!

    8. As women, we are always trying to be sympathetic: STOP IT! It may get you raped, or killed. Ted Bundy, the serial killer, was a good-looking, well educated man, who ALWAYS played on the sympathies of unsuspecting women. He walked with a cane, or a limp, and often asked “for help” into his vehicle or with his vehicle, which is when he abducted his next victim.

    Send this to any woman you know that may need to be reminded that the world we live in has a lot of crazies in it and it’s better safe than sorry.

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    This is so fucking unfortunate that we need this

    it just makes me angry that women need this.. but we do and if you see this, PLEASE REBLOG. it doesn’t matter if you are a male or a female. by reblogging this, you might save someone’s life.


    Don’t scroll past this, it’s so important


    nothing to do with what my posts are normally about but this is SO damn important!! don’t scroll past without reading and / or reblogging!

    this is fucking important. Idc if your blog is perfect, fucking reblog this. It may save someone.


    Reblog please. You could save someone


    Snamione recs (smutty ones) pretty please?

    I went through my history and my favorite fics and here is a list I have compiled.  I believe majority of them are pretty smutty and the rest are good too but they have more of a plot.  Every single one is rated a M or E so readers 18+.  Also they are all finished pieces.  ENJOY!!!! :D

  • <>Memories of Deception By professorflo~<>Hermione wakes and finds herself given to Snape as his prisoner. He has
    been tasked with breaking her and finding information about Harry, but
    Hermione cannot remember anything from the past year. Why does she keep
    blacking out, and where are these strange feelings for her captor coming
    from? Eventually SSHG Complete
  • <>Getting Personal By
    Hermione places an anonymous personal ad in The Daily Prophet. Snape is
    looking for a new lease on life. Will they be what the other needs, or
    will the past be too much for them to overcome?
  • <>A Fine Life By SlytherPouf<>~
    <><><>Twenty years after the War, Hermione Granger is the Minister for Magic,
    and Severus Snape is Hogwarts Headmaster. Neither are looking for love
    but it finds them anyway, although they soon find themselves fighting an
    unexpected battle to protect the life and family they have made
  • <>Ginny’s Ambition By RavenHairedPrince<>ss~
    What happens when erotic Snamione fanfiction appears at Hogwarts, and
    how does it happen? Ginny Weasley takes Hermione on a whirlwind of
    emotions, and poor Snape gets dragged along for the ride
  • <>The Harpy’s Mistletoe By AlwaysObvious<>ly~
    Hermione Granger and Severus Snape are stuck together under a mistletoe.
    Unfortunately - or should I say fortunately - it is a special kind of
    charmed mistletoe with very specific requirements
  • <>Guilded Petals
    By: ArabellaFaith

    Down-on-her-luck Hermione is working at a brothel in Ireland eight years
    after the final battle. One night an unexpected customer makes her an
    offer she can’t refuse. But what will happen when they discover each
    other’s true identiti
  • <>At the Headmaster’s Discretion
    By: Desert
    <>C ~
    500 points from Gryffindor! The largest single point deduction in
    Hogwarts history. Headmaster Snape is determined to make Hermione
    Granger earn the points back … the hard way. But the big question is
  • <>Doing it for the Order
    By: DesertC
    The Order asks Hermione Granger to lay down for Severus Snape.
  • <>Fulfilling Duties
    By: muzkbox <>~
    What if Harry wasn’t the one who spotted the doe that night in the forest of Dean?**A/U story that follows DH story line*
  • <>When Sorrows Come
    By AmandahLeigh
    Hermione Granger is twice divorced, three times a mother, hiding a
    shameful secret, and falling apart. Severus Snape fell apart a decade
    ago when the war ended, but self-imposed solitude is taking its toll.
    Out of sheer desperation, Hermione puts an anonymous ad in the Daily
    Prophet offering to do “almost anything” for 10 Galleons an hour. After
    intercepting it at the newspaper office, Severus, suppressing his own
    secret shame, begins to wonder if the insufferable know-it-all might be
    exactly what he needs to help him rejoin the land of the living. But
    when an old enemy threatens to break them apart before they’ve even
    managed to come together, suddenly much more than just their shaky,
    blossoming friendship is at s
  • <>Teaching Miss Granger By<> OracleObscured<>~
    Hermione is caught out after curfew. Her punishment turns her world upside down
  • <>The Exception By RavenHairedPrincess<>~
    Hermione Granger becomes a sexual healer after graduating Hogwarts, and
    Severus Snape requests her help. She is determined to help him, but will
    she be able to remain professional?
  • <>Angels to Fly
    By SlytherPouf
    Forced to give Hermione Granger private lessons, Snape soon finds
    himself desiring something he cannot have, and it begins to consume him.
    He looks to escape, but the Endgame has been Seen and there is nothing
    that Severus can do to change his fate. Is there?
  • anonymous

    What are your 10 top favorite SS/HG fanfics?

    Gahh! Sorry for the super, super long wait for a response >_

    • <>Second Life by Lariope - Hermione’s character development in this… omg. Character development is my kink.
    • <>The Twenty by Leyna Rountree - Helllooo strong Hermione…
    • <>Pride of Time by Anubis Ankh - I love time turner fics. And strong Hermione. I just love myself a strong Hermione!
    • <>The Dissolution Law by mia madwyn - I have a love-hate relationship with this fic. Love it because it’s soo good but the angst… my heart is too delicate for the angst.
    • <>Who Needs a Hug? by cathedral carver - Please see above.
    • <>The Professor’s Discretion by Twelve Years in Azkaban - Honestly, it’s been a long time since I’ve reread this but the ending is one that I have fallen heads over heels for.
    • <>The Spoils of War by Bambu - Broken!Snape and Caretaker!Hermione. Yum
    • <>Getting the Hang of Thursdays by Hayseed - Honestly, I don’t think I’ve read this more than two times because angst but it’s still sooo good.
    • <>The Marriage Benefit by miamadwyn - This quote: 
    • “…And I also know that any one of those witches would mince you and feed you to the owls if they knew what you tried to do. We fought a war together,” he growled. “You have no idea what that means, no fucking idea because your parents made sure you kept clear of it, from the time you entered school, and you carried on the tradition by pursuing one meaningless course of study after another, as long as it kept you away from what Hermione Granger Snape was fighting from the time she was twelve years old! You ran from the world you were born into and waited until it was safe to return. She walked into it as a naive girl and devoted the next seven years of her life to defending it! And you have the fucking nerve to waltz into this school and set out to humiliate one of the finest, brightest witches to walk these grounds in centuries!”
    • <>We Were Ghosts <>by <>Ausland - Just the descriptions of the impact the war had on everyone—on children. I can’t…

    <>So, I think, everyone should send us the titles of your favorite fics ;) that way we can totally add to our fic recs :D

    — Kairou ♡


    Um... I need fic right about now. It's late and I'm not getting any (serious) studying done so I might as well see what's up. And don't be shy with the ratings! The more explicit, the better.


    Warning: Most of these epic masterpieces are novel length. Expect level of sleep to nosedive.

    OKAY: For The Potion Master’s Amusement (E): You must start here. Must. I insist. Especially if you asked for explicit. Any Snamione rec list involving smut and you’ll find this fic on it. It’s that good. One of the best BDSM stories I’ve ever read hands down.  Will make you feel feelings you aren’t even entirely sure about yet.

    Pet Project (M): *dinosaur noise* This one is another one of my favorites.

    The Problem With Purity (M): I just finished this one, actually. It’s long and parts of it get a little complicated, but it’s so well written and worth the read. Introduces a lot of cool new ideas about the magical world.

    Within the Wilderness, an Orchid Blooms (M): One of the more popular, thank the heavens because I LURVE IT, tropes in the Snamione fandom is marriage law. Snape and Hermione are thrown together because of the MoM’s meddling and it’s GLORIOUS. This one is one of my favorite marriage law fics.

    Chasing The Sun (M): *SOB* READ IT. RIGHT NOW.

    The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Hermione Granger (M): This is one of the shorter ones, by Snamione standards, but so good. And I’m a total sucker for hurt/comfort fics.

    Before The Dawn (M): One of those that made me snuggle my iPad when I was finished with it.

    This is a “mini-list”, but each one of these are in the realm of more than 200,000 words, so ENJOYY!! :D

    And let me know when you need more. ;)