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    Learning Languages and How to Make it Fun

    (gifs not mine, credit to the artist)

  • How does a child learns? Immersion
  • So you gotta dive deep
  • Find songs that you like. You don't have to understand, you just have to enjoy the song.
  • Listen them at least once a day. The idea is for you to get familiar with the sounds.
  • Once you have already heard them too many times (without getting tired of them) look for the lyrics. In their native language, not a translation.
  • If you can read in that language, then try reading them. Print them if you have to or write them down (this is better) and as you listen to the song try to sing.
  • If there's a word/sentence you like because it sounds pretty, mark it.
  • If there's a word you don't know how to/can't pronounce, mark it.
  • For example, I have a journal in which I write Japanesse Kanji that I find beautiful (whether is because of the meaning or the symbol itself is pretty)
  • Once you are familiar with the song look for a translation.
  • Check those words you have marked with the translation.
  • While looking for definitions it's better if you find images (so can have an idea of what that word is) instead of a definition in your language (unless is a long/complicated concept).
  • Movies, you must watch movies in that language. Better if they are from that country. (It can also be a doubled movie, perhaps you could look for one of your favorites)
  • Watch them with subtitles (in your language) once or twice. Then watch them again but this time without subtitles or with subtitles of said language. (You already know the plot, so you can still understand what's going on)
  • If you like to read, look for children literature. It's easy and fun.
  • Keep reading even if you don't understand a single sh*t. It doesn't matter.
  • Mark again those words you like, don't know the meaning or can't pronounce.
  • Write at least one sentence every day. It doesn't have to be right, it doesn't have to be long or poetic, you just gotta write.
  • If you still don't know much about grammar (enough to formulate a sentence on your own) then write a quote from one of those songs, movies or books you read. Again it doesn't matter if you don't understand what are you writing.
  • If you already know another language, try to learn the new language with that one. For example, I learn german from english instead of my native language spanish.
  • Videogames. In my experience this is amazing. You have no idea idea how much I learned english just from games.
  • You have fun playing, engaged with a story, while constantly hearing the language. You don't even have to pay attention at what they are saying, eventually you'll figure it out. It's very intuitive.
  • And because games, usually, requires that you spend many hours playing you will have a lot of practice without actually studying.
  • Some games, if you look on the settings menu, even have other languages instead of english. For example I played Assassin's Creed Brotherhood in italian and french and AsC III in russian and japanese (the voice actors are fantastic).
  • Seriously, videogames are freaking amazing for learning.
  • The idea of this, is that you can imitate the learning process a child does, while also having fun and enjoying it. Kids learn by making mistakes, by playing with words and by being constantly surrounded with the language. At first, kids have no idea what they are doing, they just repeat what they see and hear. So it's okay if you don't know what are you doing, take that pressure off. This is not school/college, this is just you trying to learn a culture. So be kind and patient with yourself.

    LEARNING SHOULD BE FUN, be creative with your methods and try everything (so you can find what you are comfortable with). It is scientifically proved that if you like what you are studying and having fun it will be 10x easier to assimilate and remember the knowledge you are acquiring.

    INFJ Traits, Social, Weirdness

    Naturally inclined to help others

    Natural diplomats because of the ability to see both sides

    Egalitarianism and karma are very attractive ideas to INFJs

    INFJs find it easy to make connections with others

    INFJs need time alone to decompress and recharge

    We can’t stop reading people even if we try

    Champions for the oppressed and downtrodden

    Often neglects to take care of themselves – putting others first

    Prone to exhaustion due to the passion of their convictions

    Gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive

    Self-Expression comes easier on paper than face to face

    Artistic and creative

    Struggle to adequately express ourselves

    Has a deep need to help people “sort out their stuff”

    INFJs are inclined to create order and practical systems in their outer world

    INFJs operate within themselves on an intuitive basis

    Knows things intuitively without knowing how

    INFJs are easily affected by other people’s emotions

    Have uncanny insight into people and situations

    Prefer deep conversations to surface topics

    Are protective of their inner selves

    Geared to improve themselves through personal growth

    Are rarely at complete peace with themselves

    Has “little use” for social norms and routines

    Always improving themselves and their surroundings

    Always testing people to see if we can talk about things that really matter (usually can’t)

    Can hold grudges for long periods of time.

    We are information addicts, INFJs are the most well-read of all the personality types

    Love’s variety in our romantic relationships

    We rebel, but also want to be accepted

    Losing/ Ending relationships is extremely painful

    The whole INFJ existence is bound up in hiding and concealing our true nature

    Have very high expectations of themselves

    Tendency to take care of others needs while neglecting our own

    Most likely of all types to cope with stress by seeing a therapist

    Is a naturally nurturing, patient, devoted and protective

    Hyper-aware of their surroundings

    Are the least able of all the personality types to be in a long-term relationship

    If the person we are talking to is too active, they will take a passive role, if the person we are talking to is too passive, we will take an active role.

    Mysterious nature

    INFJs know we are special and we revel in our rarity

    Highly reserved, quiet, thoughtful, and almost above all else – introspective.

    They make loving parents and usually have strong bonds with their children

    Prefers careers where they can becreative and somewhat independent

    Are very hard on themselves

    It’s common for INFJs to intuitively assess their vicinity, and modify their behavior accordingly

    To get an INFJ to open up, you must have some degree of depth about you and show that your view of things are not that dissimilar from their own

    Always looking for something new, rarely satisfied with the mundane or routine

    Not good at dealing with minutia or very detailed tasks in careers

    Are highly cerebral and reflective

    Wants to be alone about 75% of the time

    Very sexual in private, but respectful and dignified in public

    INFJs are quiet around you if; they don’t trust you, or they are completely comfortable with you.

    Have a natural affinity for art, and may excel in the sciences, using their intuition

    Are complex characters with a range of talents and abilities

    Has a limited amount of social energy

    INFJs are often mistaken for extroverts

    Would rather spend time with our creations than with people

    Keeps the majority of people in their lives at arm’s length

    Because of the high demands of people close to them INFJs frequently withdraw into themselves shutting out the world for a few days

    Loyal to those they trust

    Wonders why most people are idiots

    Does not take kindly to being ignored or interrupted

    Natural activists for causes but not for political gain or power

    Suffers fromemotional overload because of their inherent nature to be “givers”

    Has the clear insights into the motivations of others, for good and for evil

    Highly empathic – Can feel and sense what others are feeling

    Are natural counselors and healers

    Hates liars

    INFJs are the Archetypal “Loner” by choice

    Are moved to champion causes and activities that serve the greater good

    Has a strong sense of personal integrity

    Natural healers

    Are private and selective about sharing intimate thoughts and feelings

    INFJs are far less serious inwardly than they appear outwardly

    We like to have things orderly and systematic

    Use both sides of the brain equally


    It’s like two people who don’t exist are interacting


    this is a video of two people who accidentally find out that they’re both extraterrestrials after they realize they speak the same language unheard anywhere on earth and jimmy fallon realizes what is happening and he tries to put a stop to it because if the government finds out about it they’ll kill all three of them