Have you wound up gaining or losing any weight during quarantine so far? Would you say your diet is different now than it was before?

    I’d say maybe gaining? Or neither? I haven’t lost weight and I have more snacks in the house then normal.

    The only thing different with my diet since quarantine started is I’ve actually been ordering out less. I have been craving fast food recently and other things that I don’t make at home so I have been ordering maybe every other week, but I use to order at least once or twice a week before this.


    Are you doinig Custom Vids?

    I’m not doing them at the moment unfortunately. Due to covid my husband has been working from home since March and it’s hard to find time/privacy to film so I don’t want to take on customs and not be able to fulfill them the way I’d like to. Hopefully I can do them again soon!