High cut heaven

I'm a guy (obviously not me in the avatar) that loves women in High cut: tan lines, thongs, leotards, bodysuits, bikinis, swimsuits, teddies, panties, etc. I don't care about race, ethnicity, body type, or nudity - if there is any sign of a high cut being worn I'm posting it. Women are unquestionably more attractive in high cuts. I came to that conclusion when I couldn't quite put a finger on why a woman in a swimsuit would look more attractive sometimes. That's when it hit me and it all made sense. Men and women don't realize this, but all things being equal in appearance within a group of women, we will undoubtedly think the one in the high cut is the most attractive one. That the one in the high cut oozes more sexuality. That's because high cuts accentuate the female figure. They give the appearance of a smaller waist, bigger hips, a bigger butt and longer legs. At the same time if you put that same woman in a regular mid hip swimsuit or regular bikini all those attributes wouldn't be accentuated and she wouldn't look quite as attractive. Now I noticed that the perfect high cut has to cinch in at or very near the waist to truly do the job.

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