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    Your little blonde girlfriend loves the gym. A few nights ago, she loved it even more when one of the bodybuilder types took her to an empty room and let her suck his massive cock. She’s been looking for him again, and been disappointed every time. Until tonight, when he walked in just as she was finishing up her last set of squats.

    He walked up behind her to admire the view. She saw him in the mirror, and they greeted one another with big smiles. She finished, dropped the weights, and turned around. “That’s it for me” she said. “Time for a shower.” He shook his head, slowly, and replied in a growly voice “I want you just like this.” She felt a tingle between her legs, because she wanted the same thing he did.

    She quickly grabbed her bag and walked with him to the door, following him to his big SUV that was parked in a dark corner of the lot. He opened a back door, and they both slid inside.

    He was all over her, all at once. Her tight workout attire was peeled off of her in about a minute, and she felt his hand slide between her firm thighs. Without a thought, she spread them and gasped as a finger slipped into her already moist pussy.

    She wanted him inside her, but needed another taste of him first. He had no objection as her strong hands tugged his shorts down, and her tender mouth engulfed him again. She felt him grow, and stiffen, and soon both were ready for what came next.

    He laid your girl down on the bench seat, and ran his tongue up her glistening slit. He sucked on her engorged clitoris for a few seconds, eliciting a moan as she pressed herself up to his face. And then he was on top of her, mounting her, and they shared their first rough kiss as he pressed the bulbous head of his cock to her slick pink lips. He paused, just for a second, and she heard herself groaning “fuck me, fuck me”. With an arrogant grin he pressed forward, and she felt that big cock split her. He was considerate, feeding her ravenous pussy slowly as she accommodated his considerable girth.

    It didn’t take long for him to be sheathed inside her, completely. She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around his hard, muscular body and met his thrusts with athletic moves of her own. He was fucking her, and she was giving as good as she got. They were both fit, and their sexual stamina matched their physical capacity. Your girl came, with another loud moan, but neither of them slowed their pace. On and on, he jackhammered his steel-hard manhood into her, her pleasure building into a continuous, delirious peak. Later, when you asked her how long, she genuinely couldn’t say. It was like time stopped.

    Eventually, though, and with no warning, he buried himself one final time and she felt his massive cock pulsing and twitching inside her as he filled her with his seed. She squeezed even tighter with her arms and legs as she felt each spurt fill her with a satisfying warmth. He stayed there, for a minute, gasping and covered in a sheen of hard-earned sweat, before he slowly pulled out of her thoroughly satisfied pussy. One more kiss, a more tender one, and then they both sat up and felt around on the floor for their abandoned clothes. “Damn, girl” was his only comment, and then they both laughed as they pulled on their workout gear.

    Your girl loves the gym, always has. But she’s never loved it as much as she did the gym parking lot on this summer night.


    Your cute girlfriend loves to flirt, which is a kind of foreplay, really. And the very word “foreplay” implies that something comes after. Tonight, at the gym, it was somebody who came after…in her pretty mouth.

    She visits the gym often, usually later when it’s emptier. She did her regular flirty thing with the guys there, even as she as taking selfies like this one to send to you. One of the guys offered to take a picture for her, and she used the chance to pose as an excuse for even more flirting. He snapped a couple, and then took her to an empty aerobics studio and told her the mirror-covered walls would be a good place for some more photography.

    At his prompting, she stretched and bent in poses that seemed ever more like positions for lovemaking. Picture after picture, compliment after compliment, the flirtation became bolder and bolder and bolder. Until her amateur photographer took bolder to the next level.

    He grasped his stiff cock through his workout shorts and said “damn, girl, look what you’ve done to me.” He was rigid, thick, long….it was mesmerizing for her to watch his hand gently, slowly stroking that impressive, fabric-covered manhood that seemed to be growing yet still. Too shocked to speak, your girl just stared…but made no move to leave. Her staring and her stillness emboldened him, and he began to push the front of his shorts down, inch by gradual inch.

    Her “oh my god” when his cock sprang free was heartfelt and genuine. Pointing straight at her, bobbing up and down heavily, beads of precum forming on the purplish bulbous head…it was an awe-inspiring sight. She finally stopped staring and glanced up at his face, and saw his big grin as he was watching her. She thought his grin a little presumptuous. Or she did, until she realized that she was unconsciously licking her lips.

    He took a step toward her, and she sank to her knees on the floor. Almost like she was in a dream, she saw her hand come up and wrap around his girth. She stroked, firmly, and he just waited. He knew before she did that she would take him in her mouth. Lips stretched, tongue swirling, she took him as deep as she could and instantly realized that she’d never take it all. Instead, she worked feverishly on the few inches she could manage, and that seemed to have quite an effect on her companion.

    He held out for an admirable time, but in the end was no match for her. She felt him stiffen, felt him pulsing, felt the jets of his jism as they splashed off the roof of her mouth and coated her tongue. She swallowed furiously, trying to stay ahead of him, surmising correctly that his pendulous testicles were full of ejaculate. She succeeded, and swallowed every drop he had to offer.

    She’s always been a flirty girl, your cute girlfriend. Tonight at the gym, she found out that flirting isn’t always just flirting. She’s unconsciously licking her lips again, driving home, and she’s wondering how that cock is going to feel when she lets her new friend bury it deep inside her. She’s already crossed the line…and she’s not looking back.


    So hot! 🔥😏