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    She’s definitely more flirty! Loves to tell me about all the ways she’s teases and flirts with guys!


    👨 We share this blog together so if you are reading this she is the one who posted it from drafts.

    It has been my fantasy for years. I brought it up during a sexy conversation. We often talk about it now and have flirty sexy conversations about it. We role play the scenarios. We have used blindfolds which is very sexy and takes the fun to another level.

    We have decided to meet with a guy she knows from tumbler and has cautiously met twice before we were introduced by a mutual friend, the plan is for the three of us to talk and see what we all think. She is the love of my life without a doubt. Nothing will break bother or change what we currently share together as we have been through enough in life, finding each other had been a major blessing and we never thought it could be possible to be this happy. This potentially happening is for added pleasure for us both.

    These thoughts and hotwife fantasies possibly becoming a reality will hopefully add to the pleasures we share together and enhance our sex lives which is already beyond amazing. I am hoping she can relax and find comfort and courage from within to go through with it, first and foremost for her pleasure since this is the main goal and then obviously for our pleasure together.

    I love the idea of her having a guilt free pre approved and encouraged “forbidden pleasure” with another man that most would never attempt. Fantasizing about it is easy, this next step holds a very interesting dynamic to us obviously. I see it as an additional way for my Baby girl to experience the sexual pleasures we all enjoy. Starting off slow and hopefully- Guilt free fun and exciting sex.

    Now that we have spoken with each other about it possibly becoming reality, an actual real conversation. Not what if’s or maybes. I now seem to be more at peace with it happening for her/us. Just knowing she was able to hold a conversation as we sat together without being in the moment or either of us nudging or pushing for it. Just simply talking together.

    Right after we finished talking about it we roleplayed her giving him a blowjob and I can promise you he is in for a lovely treat. 🔥🔥


    👨 We will be meeting him to say hello on Tuesday.

    💕This is so true! It took me awhile to understand this. When we first got married I found out My husband likes me to come to bed topless. So I do. This was easy for me. He likes me to dress sexy - so I do. This was easy.

    As we were married for awhile he talked to me about his sexual fantasies. That was an eye opener. He started sexting me daily. He started to buy me outfits to take sexy pictures of me. Soon I was taking topless and nude pictures and couldn’t believe it lol.

    Then he actually wanted me to go topless at a pool in Vegas- So I did. It was awkward at first but I relaxed and enjoyed it and we’ve been back since. He told me he wanted to go to an adults only resort - I paused. He said he wanted to go to a nude beach - we did.

    He wanted to set up an online profile on a swingers site. He did. He was chatting with a guy online and asked me if I thought he was hot. I said yes not knowing what the site was. He told me and he wanted to send the guy a topless photo of me. YEAH! Holy smokes. He did. The man said things he wanted to do with me. I found it arousing ( not that I would ever do that but reading it was like an erotic story).

    It led to us having some very passionate sex. I became uncomfortable with continuous top less photos being sent so I asked we not - he said okay.

    What I learned was his fantasies kept growing - they all involved me. Which was sweet. So we played some dare games - I go into a store with just a bikini on. I wear something very sexy and revealing.

    Soon I realized this was a living daily part of him. I knew I needed to be involved. We talked and set some boundaries. I was fearful he’d be mad but he made love to me and said thank you. He just wanted me to be involved with this part of him.

    So We sext each other quite often. Little fun texts, sometimes naughty, sometimes I send him a sexy selfie. He likes to talk about fantasies - like a lot. So I listen and ask him if he’s not sharing - often. It leads to us having more sex than before for sure. Which is great!

    I would never actually do most of his fantasies. But he doesn’t care about that. What he cares about is being able to share his fantasies with me, that he’s having them and not having to hold back. I kiss him- letting him know I love him.

    He cares about being able to have naughty fun with his wife. Dares are so fun for a couple, doing crazy things only you both know why you’re doing.

    I’ve found it very erotic and so sensual and bonding to be able to share that part of him. It wasn’t easy though! In fact quite difficult. I had to go through many very difficult out of my comfort zone experiences to get to this point.

    In the end I’m so happy I did. My values are not compromised and my husband is open with me. He’s more attentive, helpful, loving and sweet. We truly have connected and bonded in a way I always cherished I would with my husband. I had no idea that the key to that bonding wasn’t through a mans stomach - but by him being able to freely express to his wife his desires, passions and dreams. Often. Like daily or every other day often. It never stops. That’s what I never knew.

    I’m so thankful he not only talked to me but kept encouraging me to go through some uncomfortable steps so I could truly understand him. Our love is stronger, we talk more, cuddle, touch, kiss, date much more often. He seeks me. He seeks us! After 17 years of marriage I’m so happy and blessed.💕


    Our first time...

    The planning and talking between the two of us and the three of us went so well. We set a time and a day, the anticipation was at a sexy high. We talked about it every day and it became easier and more comfortable each time. As we talked, more and more our nerves calmed until it was as natural as talking about the weather. We decided on a steak and seafood place convenient to us all and out of the way enough that we wouldn't see people we knew. With the time and place set, all that was left was to wait. We teased about what she would wear and decided almost unanimously on a skirt, panties optional. 😏

    The day finally arrived and it was nearly impossible to get through the work day. As I arrived to pick her up, the sexual tension was high. We were both very excited and ended up having some pre-dinner fun. Kissing and groping each other until she got on her knees and suck my cock eagerly. We talked excitedly in the truck on the way there anticipating a very fun evening, me hard and her wet. Musing about what we hope will happen. Reassuring her I’m OK and WE are very OK, so she can be free to fully enjoy the experience.🔥 We arrived first and chose a corner table. He arrived shortly after and after a hug for her and a handshake for me we started chatting. She was nervous at first, but as they started reminiscing about how they met, she relaxed and conversation flowed easily. She was right, he was a very nice guy and was very genuine. They shared some memories from previous conversations and had some good laughs. They definitely have an admiration for one another. A few times during dinner and chatting, I noticed some sexy glances were shared. Very exciting to see they were both happy to be sitting across from one another. When we went to leave, he and I shook hands in the parking lot at the truck. It was dark out and we were luckily parked in the back of the lot. I was in the driver seat and they were at the passenger seat with the door open which hid them from all but me. They embraced and started to kiss passionately, her hands wandered as did his. They were kissing and touching each other with a growing intensity. She was caressing his cock and later told me he was so hard. He was feeling her tits, then his hands dropped to her hips, and he slowly lifted her skirt which made her softly say “oh my God” he then pulled down her panties licked his fingers while looking at her and started to finger her right in front of me. She began to moan so sweetly and the sounds she made were beautiful and sexy. As he continued finger fucking her she started to look for something to hold onto I could just see her reaching for something to hold herself up. Her hand ended up on the seat with the other on the door. Her moans grew louder and began to intensify until she had the sweetest orgasm right in front of me. This made me very excited for the three of us. He pulled his hand from between her legs and licked them clean🔥. They kissed again and we all said goodby. All the conversations and the role play leading up to this paled in comparison to the real thing. It was so fucking hot.

    As she got in the truck and we watched him drive away, we almost head butted each other going in for a kiss and grabbing at everything we have like we were virgins. We then left to go to another, more private parking lot and kissed, touched, sucked fingered and caressed each other for an hour. 🔥WOW! Over the next couple days, this amazing experience was all we could think about. It was as if we were both (all three actually, as it turns out) were in a constant state of arousal since that night. We have already started talking about when we can meet again. The two of them have been texting about what they will do to each other next. The after effects of this are intense, even 5 days later. We definitely look forward to the next time.

    To be continued...🔥😏


    Congratulations @ournewworld21 !!!  What a hot first experience... it’s only going to get better from here.  Are you ready to watch your wife return the favor the next time you meet and make him orgasm, maybe with her mouth?  Can you see her on her knees in front of him??