The Curve in the Line
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    American Spiders and their Spinningwork. A Natural History of the Orbweaving Spiders of the United States with Special Regard to their Industry and Habits, 1889

  • Snare of Epeira strix among the lilies.
  • Nest and snare of Epeira insularis.
  • Snare of Epeira displicata. From a sketch by Mr. Emerton.
  • The dome-shaped snare of the basilica spider.
  • Typical orbwebs, Epeira strix.
  • Snare of Gasteracantha, to show the flossy tufts.
  • Labyrinth spider’s snare, to show the maze of intersecting lines above the orb.
  • Spectoral orb of young Zilla x-notata, woven under a basket handle. Natural size.
  • From Biodiversity Library