His Father's Son

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2021-11-30 22:56:43

    Mom’s new boyfriend likes when I come in their room and wait for him let’s get out of the shower. I can always spot the ones that like a nice ass no matter what. He climbs right on top of me and sinks his cock in me and pounds it until he comes. I don’t even check if he’s wearing a condom, I want him to deposit his load in me.

    “Fuck me mark, it feels so good,” I moaned.

    “Call me, Dad. Your mom and I are getting married, didn’t she tell you?” He said so casually as he pounded my ass.

    “Fuck yeah, Dad. Use your boy, we’re going to be family now, I’m yours to use,” I moaned.

    “That’s a good Son. I have a feeling you and I will be bonding a lot.”