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    69 Ideas To Make It Humiliating

    • Have him shower in ice cold water and take a photo of him.
    • Tell one of his friends about his masturbation problem and your solution - his locked penis. 
    • Command him to drop his pants so you can check your penis or cage if he is locked. For added humiliation inspect his asshole for chaffing or whatever.
    • Insist he pee sitting down like a girl and he also must wipe. 
    • Make him buy panty liners and wear them, explain him that the reason is that he’s leaking precum in his underwear.
    • When he’s at work, text him the word “verify”. At that point he has 5 minutes to go to the nearest bathroom and send you a photo to verify that his penis is locked up / that he’s wearing panties / completely shaved smooth / wearing a butt plug etc.. 
    • Attach a dog shock collar zapper around his balls, this is a great way to discipline him. You need only press a button to send a little zap to his junk.
    • Making him do a naked boudoir photo shoot.
    • Wear the key to his chastity cage on a necklace. When people ask about the key reply “Sigh. My husband has a masturbation problem and the only way to stop it is to lock his penis in a cage.”
    • Have him tenderly licking a dildo covered in fake cum and watching himself in the mirror while doing it.
    • Have him wax him self in the area he can reach. Either you wax the more sensitive areas and laugh at his pain or have him shave. 
    • Demand that his pubic hair is shaved smooth but have him leave a heart shaped pubic area, which should be beach and dye bright pink. That will be a nice reminder of your power over him in the following weeks.
    • Put cheap heavy whorish make up on him. Red lipstick, mascara and eye liner that runs when he cries. Have him open his mouth and lie facedown with hisface on a white pillow case. Fuck him with a strapon dildo, so his make up rubs off on the pillow case - make him cum while you penetrate him. When you’re finished hang the pillow case on the wall as proof that he is a ‘Pillow biting slut’ and he liked it because he came. The big circle of red lipstick on the pillow case should be priceless.
    •  Put hot Habanero sugar in a condom and give him a handjob till he cums. This will be soo painful in a new way for him. For added pain push some of the sugar down his urethra.
    • stress positions and predicament bondage, where he is screwed either way. 
    • Have him on all fours between two posts or chairs. If he leans forward, he gags on a dildo. If he leans back, he impales himself on another. Spank him so he moves. 
    • Tie him half standing over a chair. If he sits, he sits on a dildo or plug. If he stands, a rope around his balls won’t let him extend his legs. 
    • Have him kneel with arms stretched in the air and make him hold lit candles in both hands. As the wax melts and drips, he’ll want to lower them. 
    • Making him wear a used condom inside out on his penis for two days, cut of the tip of the condom so he can pee without taking the condom off.
    • Can he wear the strap on? If you do the denial until this weekend (I’d recommend a chastity cage but they’re more expensive and can be a hassle) and not at all during the weekend, then 
    • Put a strap-on above his penis and ride him while he’s spread eagle. Getting to fuck you while he feels absolutely noting can be quite a mindfuck when he’s been denied for awhile.
    • Waxing off all his bodyhair as an early act would be good. Shaving his head is extreme but super degrading. 
    • Tie him up face down in the bathtub then pour in the piss and fake cum. 
    • Raise the liquid level enough her has to straight his neck to stay above water. I think a gimp hood for total anonymity would help with the webcam stuff. If you know anyone trustworthy in the scene invite them in unannounced, even if he is hooded and they don’t do anything but look. When you need to wash him hose him down with cold water, outside.
    • Every time you enter the play room make him fear it by doing something he hates or that is painful, like spanking him hard, make him gag on a dildo etc.
    • Stress positions and confinement/sensory deprivation whenever you’re not using him.
    • Spit all over his face and don’t let him clean it off. Send him out to run an errand with his face still covered by your dried spit.
    • A darkened movie theater is a great place for him to lick the soles of your shoes clean, especially after you’ve been walking that dirty floor.
    • Have him plugged all the time. small plug or vibrating plug when he’s out and big plug home. 
    • Tie his balls to something heavy and make him drag it. Or to something immovable and sit out of reach and demand a licking. Or with a very short rope to his ankles and make him crawl. Or an almost long enough rope and make him attempt to stand/walk/do chores.
    • Put Tabasco sauce on your strap-on dildo or his buttplug.
    • He has to go to a supermarket and buy a cucumber, condoms, and lube. 
    • Use mirrors - they always helps break him down while humiliating him.
    • Have your him invent a new tool for spanking, an example, a spatula with thumb tacks pushed through the holes and duct taped behind.
    • Make him sleep in a dog cage.
    • Prevention of allowing him to touch his penis at all for a week. Not just sexually, but literally. 
    • Prevention of allowing him to touch his underwear at all for a week. Not just sexually, but literally. 
    • Make him sleep in a large trash can, use the can for household waste, such as coffee grounds, banana peels, etc. while he is in there. 
    • Do not allow him to use the bathroom in the house, all bathroom tasks must be done outside. 
    • Do not allow him to close the door when he uses the bathroom. And he must ask permission to use the bathroom. Be sure to withhold permission from time to time.
    • Put him in locked chastity cage, and go out to a restaurant or bar. Make a point to leave the key behind at the table, and have him go back to ask the waitress if she found a key. Bonus points if the key is on an embarrassing key ring.
    • When you allow him to cum, he has to masturbate while on the phone with a close friend or a family member.
    •  Ask your partner on camera if he wants you to be in charge of him sexually, and when he agrees - order him to then get undressed. On video, have him masturbate. When he cums, ask him if he still wants you to be in charge. If he says yes… have him swallow his own cum. On Camera. When he’s done, turn off the camera and tell him he’s yours now and will do whatever you say. 
    • Do a online shopping together -have him pick out some pretty panties or lingerie and before you order it, ask him what size he wears informing him that the panties (or lingerie) is actually for him. Then tell him that the day his new sexy girly things arrive, he will be your bitch… and and also, not get sex until then. Have him choose how fast the shipping should be too. 
    • Have your partner strip naked and sit on the floor. Let him know these rules; No talking, no touching and no cumming for him. Let him service you with his mouth and tongue until your are satisfied. You don’t need to tie him up because a good sub will listen and do as he is told. 
    • Have sex, don’t do anything Dominant, just do what you normally do and when he cums surprise him by making him clean you with his mouth. Tell him that from now on you expect him to lick you clean every time you have vaginal or anal intercourse.
    • Require your sub to make a blog and keep the world updated on his new submissive lifestyle. He should document what he likes, what is genuinely hard to do but he does it for you anyway, and what he would like more of. It can all be done anonymously of course, but photos him in humiliating positions is a must.
    • Choose a weekday where he pampers you with no expectation of a reward all day and use up the whole day for to worship you. Could include cleaning the house, prepare your favorite meal or shave your legs.
    • Make him wear panties under his regular clothing. Could be wearing them to work or when he has a guys night out. 
    • Pick a day to and let him know that something special will be happening in bed that night. Tease and make promises about how fun it will be, really play it up. When it’s time for bed, give him a pair of panties to wear and he will do what he is told. When you are both in bed, rub his penis through the panties and tease him, but never touch his penis. Roll over and go to sleep making sure he knows he’s not allowed to play with himself. 
    • Plan a girls night out, let him know the usual details but don’t let him know when you plan to be home. Let him know that when you do walk in the door that you want him showered, shaved smooth, his ass cleaned, smelling good and ready for fun. What you do with him when you get home is up to you.
    • When you are in play mode he should always keep his eyes averted from your gaze unless you tell him otherwise.
    • Make it a rule that whenever he is about to orgasm he has to look deep into your eyes to show his love for you and his gratefulness for being allowed to cum. 
    • Deny him orgasm for at least a week. Reward him with a nice blowjob, or if you want to make him do the work just catch it with your mouth as he masturbate. Slowly, very slowly, work your way up his body and give him a big kiss. The longer it takes you to touch his lips, the more his libido will have subsided. Once your lips connect, push his cum into his mouth as fast you as you so he can feel the amount his is about to swallow for you in an instant.
    • Make a scoring system where he can earn the right to cum by gaining points. Not just by making you cum but by doing things like keeping up with his blog posts, eating healthy for an entire day, losing weight, or gaining it if he is too skinny. Don’t forget, bad behavior can lose points! 
    • He must spend time on the internet finding porn that best fits a punishment he has earned for doing something wrong. 
    • Pick a sex toy shop that is not too close to home and go for a drive. Your shopping list will consist of two things, an appropriate sized buttplug (for him) and lube. Find some sales help and them for help in picking out buttplug for a man. 
    • Surprise him with a dildo dinner - when he walks through the door greet him wearing something sexy and ask him to strip naked before he comes any closer. On his chair have a buttplug and lube ready for him. He must sit in the seat, and wearing the buttplug for the whole meal.
    • Punish him by requiring him to keep the plug in his ass throughout an entire social function, having friends over for dinner, barbecue etc. Under his clothes he’s gonna have a secret and only you will see him squirm when he sits down.
    • Buy a strapon… for him to wear while fucking you. Why should you have to suffer not having a good fucking just because he hasn’t earned a place inside his Goddess? 
    • The concept of pegging your sub may be the ultimate in male submission. One thing to keep in mind is that most men really enjoy it when a dildo massages their prostate, so make be sure to keep reminding him of how girly they look with a dildo up their bum.
    • Randomly, when you are alone, maybe once a week or more, get behind your sub and bend him over a piece of furniture and hump him from behind just to show your dominance. 
    • Randomly, grab him by the crotch and ask him who his genitals belong to. When he answers that they belong to you, you let go.
    • At random times demand that he show you his erect penis. You can set a time limit on how long he has to get fully hard, or leave it open ended so that he has to keep trying till it happens. On the occasions where he cannot perform you will be open for some humiliation play.
    • Binding his penis inside his pants with the string end available to tug on.
    • Every now and then reward him, with a night of genuine passion and great sex. Take the lead, of course, but make it amazing and fun. Tell him how handsome he is, how lucky you are to have him. Let him tell you what position he’d like to do… it gives him something to compare the rest of his sex life to.
    • Shave him or order him to do it himself, but exercise control over his private area (and other places if you like) but detailing how you want it to look at all times. You can make him shave a heart in it, shave it bald or a landing strip.
    • Tell him that you want a a tattoo session set up for a slutty tattoo on his ass. 
    • If he wants you to fuck him with a strapon dildo, he needs to prove it to you by show you his virgin asshole while in doggy style position. You can make him do this several times before you actually peg him.