Fat Gala

I was put here to fatten you up 🐷

My submission box is always open to pig who need humiliated 😈

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2022-08-11 17:10:33

    I’ve gained weight so fast I keep bumping into shit all the time cause I have no idea what my dimensions are 😅

    My shoulders belly and ass all stick out so much further than they used to.

    I just smashed my shoulder exiting my bathroom.

    Guess I’ll go smoke some more weed and drink my 3rd mtn dew of the hour to feel better ❤️‍🩹

    This feels so fucking good 🥹 If you’re on the fence about gaining, not sure if you’ll enjoy it or if it’s right for you, I very much suggest giving it a shot. Gain whatever you feel like, and see how it feels to you. Might end up bringing you a lot of joy. And if not, it’s something you can change back. But in my humble opinion, it’s very much worth a shot. 🥰