Fat Gala
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2022-08-13 13:50:37

    Same person. Two different lifestyles


    Same person? Hardly. The fat pig on the right ate the man in the left, robbed him of his fitness and work ethic. Now all he can do is submit to his gluttonous desires and grow and grow and grow…


    I’d love to see you post more exercise attempts fat boy! Wanna see how pathetically out of shape you’ve made yourself 😈

    Yeah… I so out of shape I can’t even run for a minute 😓


    I can’t imagine this…you used to be a star athlete, a runner, competing for a chance to run at university

    …and now you’ll can’t even run one minute! Not even one mile, ONE minute. Fuck you’ve wrecked yourself 🐷


    Can you try doing exercise. Like sit-ups or push-ups

    I guess I’m more out of shape than I anticipated


    Damn…that was embarrassing!!! Crazy how 7 years of unrestrained gluttony can just ruin a jock 😈


    Must be hard to buckle that belt with that big, soft belly in the way 😏


    Do I have that EX JOCK status… clearly I have just let myself go.. what used to be tight six pack abs has been replaced by this ever growing bump!!! Jersey barely fits.. spandex pants are tighter then my back door… I have no business running out on the field.. coach will officially bench me.. I guess my days of two hand touch are over 😝😈🤣 📸@cococubster


    Looks like you have the appetite of a jock…just non of the physical characteristics