Fat Gala
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2022-08-11 17:10:33

    I’ve gained weight so fast I keep bumping into shit all the time cause I have no idea what my dimensions are 😅

    My shoulders belly and ass all stick out so much further than they used to.

    I just smashed my shoulder exiting my bathroom.

    Guess I’ll go smoke some more weed and drink my 3rd mtn dew of the hour to feel better ❤️‍🩹


    spoiled twink stops caring about looks during quarantine and let’s the freshman gains get out of hand



    Breaking news: In a shock to absolutely no one, this porker could not put down the fork and has continued to balloon, now tipping the scales at 320 pounds and we’ll on his way to TRIPLING his starting weight of 130. Good god. What a fat fucking balloon of a man.

    aurelio petrucci