Fat Gala
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2022-08-15 15:50:50

    When I demanded an ice cream cone, he decided to tie me up and force feed me 3 pints instead. Lesson learned. 🥴


    You gotta learn by now a single ice cream cone is NOT a serving for a pig of your stature. Lean back and suck it all down fat boy


    Same person. Two different lifestyles


    Same person? Hardly. The fat pig on the right ate the man in the left, robbed him of his fitness and work ethic. Now all he can do is submit to his gluttonous desires and grow and grow and grow…


    I rarely post actual vids, but I’m proud of this conquest, even if I was having an existential crisis at the end 😅

    Also, I was trying not to laugh at “you wanna be the biggest boy?” It’s a really stupid Family Guy reference and he was trying to get me to fck up!

    Full 7:00 clip HERE.


    VERY impressive! This is a good, obedient hog. He will become a total blob, no doubt in my mind 😈

    I’ve gained weight so fast I keep bumping into shit all the time cause I have no idea what my dimensions are 😅

    My shoulders belly and ass all stick out so much further than they used to.

    I just smashed my shoulder exiting my bathroom.

    Guess I’ll go smoke some more weed and drink my 3rd mtn dew of the hour to feel better ❤️‍🩹