Hollister Bondage

I do not own any of these pictures, I love Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle, some Leviā€™s and True Religion, especially button flys and skinny jeans.

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2020-11-24 20:32:37

    A hot young prep pledged Alpha Beta Omega, and they grabbed him up & liked his thick buff torso under his tight fitting white Abercrombie polo. Well built freshmen were their favorite to initiate through the sacred ordeal.

    YUUUM!!! This young man is so beefy! Justin had little time to react with both his hands behind his back being taped up with several strips of thick tape. He was wrapped up around his torso, and his pecs really bulged outward as they reached down his now unbuttoned hot shirt and felt up his breasts with a firm, tight squeeze. They taped him up hard around his head and made him walk in bondage across campus to all classes.

    Justin felt humiliated and embarrassed through his tense ordeal. They kept his body tightly bound and his classmates played with him all week long. Theyā€™re quite mean & love hazing the freshmen at this school! Even his professor kept young preppy Justin tightly roped and demonstrated to the class where each muscle was on his hot & tightly lashed up body & Mr. Fletcher loved pinching, grasping, and spanking the young boy throughout his kinky anatomy lectures.

    MMMMMMmmmppphhhHHHHHH!!!!!! My My Young Son, you do have some powerful vocal cords, lift your head & let us see your throat tense and moan heheheā€¦ MMMMMMmmmmppphhh!! Now twist your body left and right, so we can see how ripped your abs areā€¦ MmmmMMMPPPFFF!!! The professor grabbed up his bound legs and tightly squeezed them, showing off reflexes. Justin nearly fell off the bar stool, but his horny teacher caught him quickly, and held him tight in his grasp. Justin tried not to cry, but it was unbearable when all his class began laughing; he barely made it through his initiationā€¦


    Want this to happen to me


    I love the button fly Abercrombie and Fitch jeans and polo