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    It's been a while since the last sundagio picture, would that be OK? (or maybe all dazzlings can share). If you don't want to do other ships for Shim than the glim, I understand. Also, do some sort of ko-fi / patreon / paypal donation page maybe? People just (like me) ask you free stuff forever if you keep doing it, that's not fair.

    That’s very nice of you to say so.OF COURSE it’s OKI’m not that kind of a neat freak(is this word correct?)

    Now that you mention it,I do have this although it has never been used since I sign upI will put it on my description.Thank you !

    “I think The Dazzlings would have been an better choice to be redeemed by Sunset Shimmer than Sci-Twi. For one, Sci-Twi NEVER was evil in the first place, she was just manipulated by Principal Cinch. Like she said, she didn’t want any of the actions in Friendship Games to happen, so it doesn’t really make sense to write her off as the villain in the 3rd movie if she wasn’t a bad person at all. The Dazzlings were really evil from the beginning, but since they are normal teenage girls again, I think it will be easier to redeem them now (with Sonata being the easiest, Aria being in the middle while Adagio will be the hardest, but not impossible). I hope that they appear in the web series and get a chance at redemption (and if they do, I hope it’s not fast, unrealistic and cheap).“

    I’m so glad that the dazzlings are growing and reforming on their own as opposed to being helped by the main7 because that is what makes them such great characters— their depth and ability to adapt

    They’ve rediscovered their love for music and rather than struggling with a power dynamic like in RR we see Aria genuinely smiling and Adagio looking at her gem with fondness rather than being bitter about it

    They’ve come from being sirens, hellbent on conquering the world through song, to just using their music to bring happiness to people instead

    I just really love the dazzlings,,

    The Dazzlings lost their magic not just because their gems were broken, but because they were broken and simply lost. They’ve been living their entire lives with a single knowledge: their singing makes people aggressive, and that aggression feeds their magic. This is the most reliable and the only source of energy. And for the best effect, if you need to be responded with aggression, you need to act evil too. They believed in this sincerely and simply didn’t know that they can receive power in a different way, nobody has ever told them. They’re not ponies and not people, sirens live with their special rules. And they’ve never thought that it didn’t have to be like that, that they would be able to survive without aggression. But they did. After a long self search for a new meaning of existence, they came back to singing. Their voices were always fine, but not their state of mind. But now they found their peace, they accepted this new life, found the beauty of it and they were ready to accept themselves once again. Ready to accept new magic. Therefore, now their gems perceive not negative emotions, but positive ones, without mind-control, without any brute force. Now sirens can make others happy with their songs and therefore make themselves happy. The Dazzlings’ve come a long way, without any support from the others, without preaching about friendship and stuff, without “instantly getting their forgivness and becoming friends with the main characters”. They came to this on their own. And that, I believe, is the best character development we could give them