When we were on spring break, there was this low-budget stage show called “Naughty Magic.” This fat old magician was famous for getting college students in the audience to volunteer, and then he’d convince them to get completely naked on stage.

    Our teammate Tim thought it would be funny to volunteer, but then he was so excited about it he had a full boner the whole time. I don’t even remember what the magic trick was–I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock.

    Sam Oldham Ice Bucket Challenge

    This weekend I reached over 3000 followers, which is absolutely brilliant! I’m completely amazed at how quickly this blog has grown since my first post just over a year ago.

    The best way I could think of to say thank you was to make gifs for you all of Mr Oldham in his underpants, his very moist underpants…

    It’s a shame Sam’s unique and arousing version of this challenge never caught on 😋

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