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I'm sleepy but not asleep. I post stuff I like dreaming about and other stuff that catches my eye. Maybe. Most of it may be a bit naughty. I don't know. I also post boring stuff that's of no interest to anybody at all. New blog: https://honestlysleepy.bdsmlr.com/

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    The next build of the Dum Game is available.

    It’s currently up on the Patreon.

    It features:

    + live online rankings (Top 100)

    + new profile page and customisation

    + more in-depth game with growing difficulty

    + greatly improved performance and battery life for mobile devices (performance option in the settings menu)

    + rewritten codebase

    + very important warnings at first launch

    + improved graphics

    + options to skip introduction or abandon the round

    + improved sound

    + there’s a slider with a power icon on it - when in low position it allows for better battery saving

    It’ll be released publicly when this post reaches 1200 notes!

    We will also be looking for a limited number of playtesters on the Discord server.  https://discord.gg/GFenT4Zy7h

    (image sourced with perms from Dolly Mattel, check her out here:https://twitter.com/theIRLbarbie)

    GAME RELEASE : Dumb Game

    Dumb Game is an actually playable bimbofication game for your PC or Android phone.

    It is currently up on the Patreon (minors DNI) :https://www.patreon.com/posts/49799530

    It’ll be a FREE RELEASE when and if this post reaches 1000 notes.

    It takes bimbo vocal samples, adds graphics, and creates hours of fun for your favorite bimbim.  No matter how dumb you are, you can start winning right away.

    Voices are female.  No audience sex or gender prescribed.  "Feminine" aesthetics.

    Programming credit goes to Pandoramail. You can support their further efforts HERE: https://www.patreon.com/pandoramail


    Kat Planchette https://www.patreon.com/katplanchette


    Bliss https://blink-blank-bliss.tumblr.com/

    Korrupted Innocence https://korrupted-bunny.tumblr.com/

    Ring of Kees https://ringofkees.tumblr.com/

    The Thembo Fairy https://www.tiktok.com/@rainb0wfa1ry

    Super important!

    I now I’m very silly, so I made a post on my bdsmlr asking for people to like explain stuff to me. And I got two asks there from guys who told me about something that’s actually super important for all girls to now it because it’s really dangerous!!!

    I’ll copy both of them here because this is so important and I hope a lot of people will see it!!!

    Anonymous asked:Did you know that girls can only orgasm so many times? When you cant tell how many orgasms you have left. But once you have your last orgasm your clit loses all feeling basically and no matter how hard you edge it and touch it you dont feel anything. So be careful and make sure not to cumI had no idea!

    Wow! 😲 That's so important to know, everybody should now that! Thank you so much for telling me! I need to be much more careful about cumming and not do that as much as I can. Not feeling anything even when I touch would be so awful, I can't even imagine it... 😧 Really! This is so important, every girl should now about it! I can't believe I hadn't even heard about this! 😰 Thank you so so so much! 💕 I hope a lot of people read about it hear too!

    Anonymous asked: That ask about having a limited number of orgasms is true, but it's a teensy bit more complicated than that. You lose all sensation in your clit after your last orgasm, true, but you can also lose it if you go too long without touching your clit at all. You need to rub yourself often to keep it from going numb over time. That's why edging is so good for you - it keeps your clit sensitive without wasting any of your precious orgasms. I hope this wasn't too complicated, I know you can be a silly little ditz a lot of the time but don't worry if it's making you all confused. Basically, you should be edging as much as possible, is that simple enough to understand?

    Thisi s so complicated! So even not touching at all is dangerous?? 😰 But is is actually like okay for me because I like touching myself alot and edging is super fun too so I think I'll be fine as long as I don't cum anymore! I think there's like girls out their who don't touch themselves enough though, so I'm kinda worried about them... This is all really important stuff every girl should now! Thank you so so much for telling me about it and like making it easy enough that I can understand it too! 💖 I'll make sure and edge like alot every day! 😄


    I kinda moved over to bdsmlr, but tumblr still seems to be kinda alive. The tone and everything between both places is pretty different though. The other place feels like harsher. But it’s still fun.

    When I arrived there the site stilll had a bunch of like problems, but it’s really been improving.

    But really, like, looking at my dashboard, tumblr’s purge isn’t very effective...




    Fact: People like me for my body.


    Fact: Being Smart is useless. It’s better to be a dumb slut.


    Fact: I am happier when I can’t choose. It makes me wet to obey.


    Fact: Exposing myself gives me Male attention. Male attention gives me value.


    Fact: I am just a silly little fucktoy.

    Now reblog, go back to the top, and do it again.


    This… I can’t agree more.


    Good dummi


    What more to say than what Iam told?

    P.S.A: please re-blog: Spread the word


    They are struggling with the amount of traffic they are getting at the moment, as they had no warning tumblr was dropping this shit on us all, so please bear with them.  The site will be up and down like a fucktoys head at a blowbang while they find more hamsters to peddle more wheels to provide power.  They are actively on it though, and making announcements and keeping people informed, so I find that encouraging. Yes, I’m sure there will be teething troubles for few months, but that will happen whereever we all go It is a direct clone of tumblr though, layout, icons, posting, everything is the same, so it’s going to be the best option for me.  


    Other sites have been unsuitable for the way I write my guides/post with photo’s between the text, as a lot of them are like facebook, so I can’t set my posts out the same.


    Alternatives to Tumblr if Yahoo goes any further

    • Soup.io - well-known alternative to Tumblr. Reblogging, post types, themes, collab blogs, dashboard, artsy, great community already there.Soup can auto-import everything you’ve posted on Tumblr.
    • TypePad - Includes reblogging. Dashboard and post types similar to Tumblr.
    • Jux - Artful posts, beautiful blogging experience

    Reblogging cause one day it just may be neccessary.


    It became necessary


    WordPress will also import Tumblr blogs.


    i’ve gotten a lot of suggestions for pillowfort and mastodon and even newgrounds, but here are some other alternatives.

    The end

    I’m not sure if anybody reads my posts, but if you do:

    So Tumblr decided to put an end to porn blogs on the 17th. If you have a blog with adult content, you should go to your blog’s settings. All the way down, there’s an export button. If you press that, Tumblr will make an archive of all your posts and let you download it after a while.

    Please do this. I hope you will be able to rebuild your blog that way somewhere else.

    Where? I don’t know. I feel kind of lost. I never really considered myself to be a blogger here, I just posted sometimes. Still, losing this blog will make me sad.

    Thank you for all the unexpectedly naughty things you have taught me, all you people whose blogs I followed and read.

    I feel sleepy. Honestly.



    Become a better bimbo with a better bimbo body because busty bouncy bimbos become better brainless barbies!

    This track is a complete re-imagining of a hypnotic workout song I created a long time ago! If you’re into dance music, fitness and bimbofication, this track for you!

    This file took a lot of work, I’d really appreciate reblogs and comments. Tell me what you think and what you’d like to hear in the future!

    I release a lot of files for free, but they take time to produce, you can help ensure they keep coming and also get access to premium files by becoming a patron at:https://www.patreon.com/chaosdoll/


    Don’t forget to work out after you’ve gotten properly stuffed this holiday season!


    I’ll stop you right now. This isn’t Photoshop, and this isn’t implants. This is a one-in-a-million case of breast hypertrophy. This is an actual, well documented medical condition that causes otherwise petite girls to grow hilariously oversized, spine-destroying tits. This is my white whale and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll probably go my whole life without ever bringing one down, but everyone needs goals, right? Girls, a white whale is a reference to a book called Moby Dick, that’s about an old timey sea captain that obsessively hunts for one specific white whale and his quest eventually destroys him. Girls, books are like magazines, but they’re a lot longer and don’t have pictures. You should avoid them.


    Being a hyper trophy sounds both kind of nice and pretty tough. It must be hard to carry those around.

    I really love the explanations too. I wouldn’t have gotten the thing about Elton John and Stevie Wonder in that other post at all without it.


    Cumslut Affirmations!

    Ladies! Do you feel like deep-down you exist to serve cock? Do you need a little help releasing your inner slut? I was inspired to make this file after spending time on the discord server belonging to@cumslutallie

    Listen and repeat these powerful affirmations to yourself, before too long you’ll be the dumb submissive cumslut that Men deserve!


    You can treat me like all the other toys Because I exist to please the boys On my knees where I obey I must do the things you say

    You show me what I should be When you cum all over me You can do it on my face or tits Because I am just a stupid ditz

    Make me dirty, make me wet I am just your mindless pet Cover me in all your seed I’m a slut it’s what I need

    Girls are cumsluts, one and all We exist to drain your balls So much better pleasing men No more thoughts, just giving in

    If you like my work and want to hear more like this, please consider becoming a patron on:https://www.patreon.com/chaosdoll (every pledge helps keep these files coming!)


    This is incredible I’ve had it on repeat for four hours now


    Free release!

    You delivered, and - now that we’ve recovered fully from SoundCloudgate, I did too!

    This is the full, free version of Mind Eraser Zero.   I know the “reblog requirement” is a little hokey, but that’s how it works.  It takes about 30-60 hours (at least) to put these together, so exposure is pretty much how creators justify free stuff for people of more limited means.  At about 2k notes, it’s worth it for me to make more stuff free, so hopefully it’s a positive cycle.  SO SMASH THAT REBLOG BUTTON.

    Here’s the description:

    This audio is one of the Mind Eraser series, designed for repeated listening for those pursuing bimbofication (whether temporary or permanent.) It includes ASMR whispers, suggestions of hyperfemininity, conformity, IQ reduction, and remolded self image. All recordings presume that the listener has already worked out their suggestibility to hypnotic suggestion, and aren’t really for novices.


    oh my god yes!!