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    Ok, look, now I know a lot of people are making fun of Boba Fett’s adopted street urchins and their brightly coloured bikes but consider this:

    The bright speeders of the street gang display these colours as an act of rebellion.

    Look behind them. The colourless city of Mos Espa surrounded by a desert full of monsters and criminals. A city full of a slavers and murderers fighting for a planet they aren’t afraid to burn down in order to call theirs. But this is normal, because it’s Tatooine; a planet where you’re told you’re a worker in a city where there’s no work and even when there is, no one wants you because you’re disabled. Imagine growing up in that bleak a world, wouldn’t you want to cling to any semblance of hope for a better world? So this gang paints their speeders the brightest colours they’ve ever seen. They paint them to rebel against the hopelessness of a colourless city that would wallow them while if given the chance.

    This isn’t a story of knock-off powers rangers teaming up with Boba Fett.

    It’s a story of a group of young amputees fighting tooth and nail to survive, and displaying colours brighter than the planet they live on to prove that they will survive on a planet set on devouring them.

    Instances where I felt Danganronpa was a more accurate lawyer simulator game than Ace Attorney (from the perspective of a law school student):

    1) Danganronpa actually has a jury. It’s a fucked-up jury system, especially since the vote doesn’t have to be unanimous, but they got the general gist of it. 

    2) Monokuma actually tried to stay neutral and maintained control over the discussion. Like, it’s kinda sad that a talking, animatronic bear was a better judge than the judge in Ace Attorney.

    3) More emphasis in authenticating the evidence, rather than just accepting the evidence as the truth at first glance. It seems like the hearsay rules don’t exist in Ace Attorney since Phoenix can just present any piece of paper and the court will accept it without verifying its authenticity. Meanwhile, Danganronpa dedicated a whole segment to verifying whether Kyoko Kirigiri was a ghost or not. As silly as that scene was, there is some truth to it. 

    4) Danganronpa’s depiction of self-defense was actually not that bad, better than Ace Attorney’s depiction in my opinion. Leon Kuwata tried to claim self-defense since Sayaka attacked him first, but Celestia pointed out that he had time to cool off and killed Sayaka anyways. That’s a core tenet of self-defense in that if you have time to cool off and collect your thoughts, you lose the right to claim self-defense. Meanwhile, Ace Attorney claimed that self-defense was basically committing murder. I know Japan’s laws are different, but this still made me physically cringe. 

    5) The cross-examining in Danganronpa feels more realistic than the cross-examining in Ace Attorney. I can’t fully describe it, but I like how Danganronpa goes beyond just presenting evidence and testimony. For example, Kyoko picks up on Mondo making it a habit to call men “dudes” and women “chicks”. Not only does she call him out on that, she presses him on it. That’s totally something a real-life lawyer would do, especially if they’re looking for ways to impeach the witness. 

    6) Making a clear distinction between investigating and the trial. One thing I despise about the Ace Attorney series is that characters can just bust out new evidence after the trial has started. While Danganronpa isn’t perfect, at least the evidence is collected before trial begins. Less emphasis on surprise evidence reveals, more emphasis on deciphering what the evidence means to the case, which is way more realistic.

    7) The Danganronpa trials don’t care about the motive behind the killing, they just want to find the killer. I don’t know why the Ace Attorney games make it such a big deal to decipher what the killer’s motive is, especially since it doesn’t matter to prove the charge. Yes, there are technically motives in Danganronpa, but motives aren’t really a secret and aren’t a point of contention in deciding whether or not someone is guilty. 

    8) The “CONSENT” segments are kind of silly, but I like how that’s a core element of the gameplay. Being a lawyer is all about convincing people that your argument is the winning one, so I like the emphasis on getting people to agree with you and vice versa. 

    9) This is a minor note, but I like how Monokuma clarified that there can be only one blackened, meaning that accomplices don’t get the credit of the kill. That’s a bit true to life since the charge of “aiding and abetting to murder” is treated differently than being directly charged with murder. In real life, it can be treated equally to the murder charge, but it’s still a separate charge on its own.

    10) In general, I like how Danganronpa is more focused on debating the evidence, especially with V3 introducing scrum debates. For the most part, Ace Attorney doesn’t really get into the nitty gritty of arguing and debating over the evidence, which is disappointing since making arguments is what lawyers do best.