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    This is true but I will admit after the fact I struggled with guilt and it was close to overwhelming me. Then it happened again by luck or it was fate, and the pleasure completely overwhelmed me and I knew I was a changed women. I am not going to lie and say all women( or men) can cheat and it will make their lives better, we all are built differently. But I will never deprive myself of this TRUE pleasure and experience again. The risk is worth the award to me. 


    The guilt gets a little less each time... 


    You both wanted an adventure on this vacation. Your wife agreed she would begin cuckolding you here. And now as she wades into the resorts bar pool with a drink in hand, sunglasses on her head wearing her sexiest bikini, she is armed and dangerous. You need only hang back and let nature take its course delighted in that little boner in your suit. 


    What a perfect vacation for both of you!


    "I said they come all the way down, Brian Daniel Smith! This instant!

    I know you've already been spanked on that naughty bottom of yours today, but you're being an absolutely arrogant little asshole to the entire family here for Christmas!

    I warned you, and I thought giving you one short but sharp spanking would make you think about your actions, but noooo.

    Those crocodile tears aren't fooling me for an instant, young man!

    You're going to be spanked again, over my knee, with the hairbrush...NOW!"


    Pulling your underwear back up over a freshly spanked bottom hurts so much more than when you pulled them down!